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Amalgamation property in quasi modal algebras
Amalgamation Property It is known that the variety of modal algebras has the Amalgamation Property AP and the Superamalgamation Property SAP see [3] for these properties and the
Simultaneous approximation by a new sequence of Szãsz Beta type operators
Linear positive operators, Simultaneous approximation, Voronovaskaja-type asymptotic formula, Degree of approximation, Modulus of continuity.... and there holds the recurrence
A compact trace theorem for domains with external cusps
In [1] a different kind of trace result was obtained by introducing a weighted Sobolev space in Ω , such that the restriction to the boundary of functions in that space are in Lp ∂Ω..
A description of hereditary skew group algebras of Dynkin and Euclidean type
Λ[G] with G an abelian group and Λ an hereditary algebra of tame representation type The aim of this section is to describe all possible actions of a finite abelian group on an
Paths on graphs and associated quantum groupoids
Given any simple biorientable graph it is shown that there exists a weak *-Hopf algebra constructed on the vector space of graded endomorphisms of essential paths on the graph.. This
Drinfel’d doubles and Shapovalov determinants
The Shapovalov determinant for a class of pointed Hopf algebras is calculated, including quantized enveloping algebras, Lusztig’s small quantum groups, and quantized Lie superalgebras..
On semisimple Hopf algebras with few representations of dimension greater than one
In the paper we consider semisimple Hopf algebras H with the following property: irreducible H-modules of the same dimension > 1 are isomorphic.. Then M is the unique irreducible
Hopf algebras and finite tensor categories in conformal field theory
In more detail, one has the following Theorem: i The pair C, A, with C a modular tensor category and A a simple symmetric special Frobenius algebra in C, supplies all required
Global dimensions for Lie groups at level k and their conformally exceptional quantum subgroups
The previous equality relating global dimensions then follows from |Ak G| = |OE| and from the fact that, in the case of a quantum module E measuring a conformal embedding, the following
On twisted homogeneous racks of type D
Simple twisted homogeneous racks We now explore when Proposition 3.10 applies to a simple twisted homogeneous rack with L an alternating group An , n ≥ 5, or a sporadic group.. This
Triangular structures of Hopf algebras and tensor Morita equivalences
The author [25] also introduced a new family of tensor invariants of the module category of a finite-dimensional semisimple and cosemisimple Hopf algebra A by using the quasitriangular
On the notion of a ribbon quasi Hopf algebra
In this way, we arrive at the opposite and coopposite quasi-Hopf algebra Aop cop , which is again a quasi-Hopf algebra with respect to the following structure elements: Its counit and
Braid representations from quantum groups of exceptional Lie type
The goal of this paper is to verify one direction of this conjecture for a large class of braided fusion categories–namely, we will show that if C is a non-weakly-integral braided
Tensor categories: a selective guided tour
• We briefly mention one construction of an interesting braided category that doesn’t seem to fit nicely into one of our routes: While the usual representation category of a group is
Flatness and freeness properties of the generic Hopf Galois extensions
In Section 3 we show that the BH -module StH Θ is i a finitely generated projective generator if H is finite-dimensional see Theorem 3.6, ii faithfully flat if H is cocommutative see
Representations of finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras over S3
Representation theory of pointed Hopf algebras over S3 In this Section we investigate the representations of the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras over S3.. This algebra was
Some remarks on Morita theory, Azumaya algebras and center of an algebra in braided monoidal categories
Morita theory In Morita theorems for monoidal categories the associativity of the tensor product of modules over an algebra is needed in the formation of a Morita context, but also for
Balanced bilinear forms and finiteness properties for incidence coalgebras over a field
We determine all C ∗ -balanced bilinear forms on C, and we deduce that C is left or right quasi-co-Frobenius if and only if C is left or right co-Frobenius, and this is equivalent to
Examples of inner linear Hopf algebras
In this paper, we prove two general results that enable us to enlarge the class of Hopf algebras that are known to be inner linear: the first one is a characterization by using the Hopf
Conferences covered the main topics of research in the areas of quantum groups, classification of Hopf algebras and related objects, tensor categories and its applications to physics
Importance of Zak transforms for harmonic analysis
To say the least, such illustrations substantially change the perspective on Fourier transforms and suggest that introductory courses in real analysis should follow-up standard coverage
Porosity, dimension, and local entropies: A survey
Koskela and Rohde [21] dealt with the upper bound on the packing dimension of mean porous sets using a more general definition, in the small porosity case.. It turned out that the
Wiener’s lemma: pictures at an exhibition
We shall see that the essence of this kind of results is in the spectral invariance with respect to different Banach algebras or, more precisely, in the preservation of spectral decay
Five basic lemmas for symmetric tensor products of normed spaces
Since the dual s-tensor norm α′ is finitely generated, we can rephrase the Extension Lemma 2.2 in terms of maximal polynomial ideals and give a positive answer to the question for ideals
Sobolev spaces diversification
It was found in [6] that the right space that plays the role of a Sobolev space defined via derivatives in the Laguerre setting is called Laguerre-Sobolev spaces, denoted by Wαk,p y γ ,
Hardy spaces associated with semigroups of operators
Hardy spaces associated with Bessel operators Muckenhoupt and Stein [36] studied Lp -boundedness properties of maximal operators and Riesz transforms in the Bessel setting... In the
Julio Rey Pastor, su posición en la escuela matemática argentina
Las visitas de Rey Pastor a Europa en los veranos de Buenos Aires, y su deseo de conservar también una presencia en Madrid, donde la universidad le había mantenido abierta su cátedra,
Solution of Troesch’s problem using He’s polynomials
Mohyud-Din, Variational iteration method for solving fifth-order boundary value problems using He’s polynomials, Math.. Mohyud-Din, Modified variational iteration method for heat and
Property (ω) and quasi class (A, k) operators
More can be said: Weyls theorems and property ω for a bounded operator T are liable to fail also under small perturbations K, if “small” is interpreted in the sense of compact or
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the Schur harmonic convexity or concavity of the extended mean values