RCIA/AFF. Symbolon. Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults/ Adult Faith Formation. you are interested in joining please come to the meeting and

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Rite  of  Christian  Initiation  for  Adults/  

Adult  Faith  Formation  

RCIA/AFF meets at Casa St. John’s on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30. This week’s topic will be: “Why Do I

Need the Church”. All are welcome so please feel free to

join us.

For more information contact Karen Mathers at 972-816-0621 or e-mail at stjkdm@gmail.com


During the month of November please call Norma in the church office if you wish to keep the names of your relatives or friends in the bulletin Sick List. The first week in December we will start a new list.

_________________________________________________ Knights of Columbus


The KC will meet Thursday, November 12th at 7:00pm in

the Parish Hall.

Coffee & Donuts

Come join us for coffee and donuts after the 8:00am Mass in the Parish Hall.

_________________________________________________ Young Women’s Group

The YWG will meet on Sunday, November

22nd in the Parish Hall from 1:30-3:00pm. If

you are interested in joining please come to the meeting and join us.

Saturday, November 7

5:00 PM For all the Faithful Departed

Sunday, November 8

8:00 AM For all the Faithful Departed

10:30 AM †Thomas Henry Sifuentes – In Memory of his 28th Anniversary of Death by Mother, Brothers & Family

12:15 PM Pro Populo

Monday, November 9

8:00 AM For all the Faithful Departed

Tuesday, November 10

8:00 AM For all the Faithful Departed

Wednesday, November 11

6:30 PM Misa Novenario

Thursday, November 12

8:00 AM †Tom Glynn by Martha Kasper

Friday, November 13

8:00 AM Candice Thompson by Theresa & Libby Lyon

Saturday, November 14

5:00 PM Eugene Miller by James & Melody Zimmer

Sunday, November 15

8:00 AM Pro Populo

10:30 AM For God’s Blessing on our Parish 12:15 PM †Catalina Blas Lopez Int. de Flor Blas Sound Catholic practice encourages us to offer the Mass for the departed and for those in any need. To request a Mass to be offered, please visit the parish office or return to the office a completed Mass intention card. Available cards are located in the foyer of the church. _________________________________________________ Anointing of the Sick

Because of the Privacy Act, hospitals and nursing homes are no longer able to provide a list of the Catholic patients/residents for the Churches use in order to visit and administer the Sacraments of Holy Communion or Anointing of the Sick. Therefore, I need your assistance when you have a family


member who is hospitalized or in a nursing home. Please call Fr. Orosco at the Church Office at (972) 563-3643 so that I may be of assistance.

Prayer Requests

Richard Collier Nick Morales, Sr. Laurie Lisius Kinkaid Jack Sikors Richard Lozano Sr. Stella Childers

Amalia Ibarra Brenda Newburn

Mike Gonzales Raul Rivera

Kenneth Elliott Dorothy Newburn

Ma. Mercedes Sanchez Tom Boyd

Odilia Vargas Mason Gumler

Patricia Reyes Felipa Garcia

Stanley Ewaniak Joe Wages

Sylvia Stenda Donna Lain

Lee Wilde Margarito Soto

Rosario Rodríguez Colleen McNamara

Ma. Consolación González Laurie Rangel

Tommy Locour Mike Beaty

Jackson Patterson Olivia Nicole Yates

Mayra Anguiano Erica Vargas

Michelle Elliott Margaret Wages

Dolores Boyd Nathan Wright

Elsie Rittmuller Henry Taft

Claire Taft Dennis Kiger

Ida Gunstanson David Carmona

Soledad Valencia John Jones Steven LaPoint Claire Vargas

Bill Blankenship Ginger Guthrie Patti Sikors Garrett George Lyon

Don Coleman Sheila Wages

Bill Aloi Yamileth Martinez

Chris Stader Jerry Lain

Rebecca Elliott Warren Soto

Warren Terry Rosann Kinkaid

Cindy Kinkaid Edgar Reyes ________________________________________________

Ministry Schedule for the Weekend of November 14/15


Sat. 5:00pm Debbie Patterson/James Langdon Sun. 8:00am Jim Leeker/Marianne Marsden Sun.10:30am Cynthia Rosales/Shelilah Dean Ushers:

Sat. 5:00pm Gary Whalin*/Debbie P./Paul M./Michael G. Sun. 8:00am David Bendele*/Robert B./Wayne M./Rachel H. Sun. 10:30am Calvin Hammond*/Steve H./Dennis C./Eric R. Extraordinary Ministers

Sat. 5:00pm Rod Kinkaid/Joyce Salisbury/Rick Salisbury Sun. 8:00am Chris Probst/Dan Probst

Sun. 10:30am Shelilah Dean/Tammy Guerra/Bud McClure Melinda Sanchez/Martha Aranda/Bill Bedrick _____________________________________________________

Child Care

Child Care is available during the 10:30am Mass in the Parish Center for children who have not reached the age of 4. The child caregivers include Barbara and Wayne Meshell, Elvia

Valle, and Mary Robinson. Each caregiver has been screened through the Safe Environment program.

Child care is available only on the Sundays that Religious Education classes are held. Occasionally, Child Care is cancelled when the number of caregivers is not sufficient to provide the supervision required. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Monday, November 9

8:00 AM Novena Mass

1:00 PM Crochet meeting at Casa St. John 7:00 PM Grupo de Oración – Casa St. John

Tuesday, November 10

8:00 AM Novena Mass 6:30 PM R.E. evening classes

6:30 PM Pláticas Bíblicas para Adultos - Salón Parroquial

Wednesday, November 11

6:30 PM R.E. evening classes 6:30 PM Misa Novenario

Thursday, November 12

8:00 AM Daily Mass

7:00 PM RCIA meeting in Casa St. John

7:00 PM Knights of Columbus meeting in Parish Hall

Friday, November 13

8:00 AM Daily Mass


Last Week’s Collection: 6,499.57 2nd Coll. (Parish Improvement Fund): 3,365.44

All Saints: 269.00 Diocesan Coll. (Catholic Charities): 340.00 FY’15-16 Budgeted Average: 6,400.00


FY’15-16 Average Sunday Coll. thru 10/31/15: 6,148.18 Attendance: 1,034

Religious Education Classes for November:

• Sunday Classes: 8th, 15th, 22nd. There are no classes on the 29th.

• Tuesday Classes: 10th, 17th. There are no classes on the 24th.

• Wednesday Classes: 11th, 18th. There are no classes on the 25th.

Religious Education Classes for December:

• Sunday classes: 6th and 13th. There will be no classes on the 20th or 27th.

• Tuesday classes: 1st, 8th, and 15th. There will be no classes on the 22nd or 29th.

• Wednesday classes: 2nd, 9th, 16th. There will be no classes on the 23rd or 30th.


The Thanksgiving Food Drive continues through the 18th of

November. Students are encouraged to bring canned and boxed food items (no glass) to the Parish Center and place them in the containers provided. Everyone’s participation is greatly appreciated. All the food that is collected will be distributed the Monday before Thanksgiving to families of the parish who need a little help at this time of year.

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

The Confirmation students will host the annual Turkey Feather Pull in November. The students will create a large turkey on a bulletin board with lots of colorful feathers. Each feather will have a food item printed on it. Parishioners are invited and encouraged to pluck a feather from the turkey, purchase the item listed, and return that item to the church office no later than 9am on Sunday, November 22nd. Many of the

items will require refrigeration so it is best to bring those items to the parish hall on Saturday, Nov. 21st, or Sunday, Nov. 22nd. The food items will make up the Thanksgiving food baskets which the Confirmation students will assemble the morning of the 22nd. The baskets will be available for the families to pick up on Monday, Nov. 23rd.

Please contact the church office if you or a family you know needs a food

basket for Thanksgiving. Families must sign up no later than November

8th. Please contact the church office by November 8th to fill out a

request form.

Children’s Christmas Eve Mass and Pageant

The annual Children’s Christmas Eve Mass

and Pageant will take place on Thursday,

Dec. 24th, at 4pm. Children are encouraged

to sign up to be one of the characters in the pageant. The characters include Mary,

Joseph, the 3 Maji (wisemen), angels and shepherds. The children will dress in costume and participate in the pageant as an adult narrates the Christmas story. The children do not speak.

There will be two practices for the pageant, and the children must attend both practices. The dates for those practices will be announced in the next week. To sign your child up for the pageant, please contact Susan Warner in the Religious Education office.


Thirty-Second Week of Ordinary Time

On the Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary

Time, Mark’s Gospel has us listen to Jesus

contrast a scribe (the professional interpreters of the law in his day) who enjoys honors for himself, with a poor widow who donates to the temple poor box the little she has. The

woman’s generous heart must have moved him deeply. Monday is the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran

Basilica in Rome. Tuesday is the Memorial of Saint Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor of the Church and

Wednesday the Memorial of Saint Martin of Tours,

Bishop. Thursday is the Memorial of Saint Josaphat, Bishop and Martyr. Friday we remember the saint known

as Mother Cabrini, Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin. As we draw toward the end of the liturgical year, our first reading this week is taken from Wisdom, a book written to encourage a downtrodden Jewish community. The vivid imagery offers us a view of the glory and justice of the Lord. “The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.”

In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus turns his focus away from the Pharisees and back to his followers. “If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him.” He tells them the duties of discipleship, asking if a master should be grateful to a servant who does what is commanded. “So should it be with you.” We read of the curing the ten lepers - yet only one returns to give thanks. “Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.” He also tells us that we should not spend our lives looking for the coming of the Kingdom “for behold, the Kingdom of God is among you.” The Kingdom of God is coming, when we least expect it and, “Whoever


seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses it will save it.” We must “pray always without becoming weary.”


Sigue estos seis pasos:

1. Déjate querer. Recuerda que la venida de Cristo, su vida, su Pasión, su Iglesia, sus sacramentos…todo es obra suya para que tú y yo y todos tuviéramos su gracia y nos salváramos.

2. ¿Cómo se dice, niño? Si piensas en todo lo que Cristo ha hecho por tu bien, la conciencia te dirá: ¿Cómo se dice, niño?

3. Trata de darle una explicación. La conciencia no dejará de hacerte penosas comparaciones entre lo que Cristo ha tratado de hacer por ti y las dificultades que tú le has puesto. Algún amargor de boca te vendrá. Háblale de esto a Cristo. 4. Ya no lo vuelvo a hacer. También háblale de esto. De que ya estás de acuerdo otra vez en obedecerlo, sobre todo en eso en que has fallado y que prometes confesar, y dile que confías en su ayuda.

5. No confundas las cosas. No creas que por saber que tarde o temprano puedes fallar, ya por eso no estás arrepentido.

6. Dale “siga” a un amor sincero. Ofender a Cristo ya te duele en algún grado. Ahí está lo principal. Basta con decirle sinceramente que lo sientes.

La contrición, es decir, la pena o dolor que nos da el haber ofendido a Dios por ser él tan bueno con uno, es necesaria para tener el deseo de mejorar nuestra vida, y nos ha de mover a acercarnos al sacramento de la Reconciliación.

_________________________________________________ Anote: Durante el mes de noviembre favor de llamar a la oficina de la Iglesia si desea mantener los nombres de sus familiares o amigos en la lista de enfermos. La primera semana de diciembre se iniciará una nueva lista.

_________________________________________________ Pláticas Bíblicas para Adultos

Tenemos Pláticas Bíblicas para Adultos cada martes a las 6:30pm en el Salón Parroquial con el Diacono Mario Sánchez.

_________________________________________________ Hora Santa

Todos están invitados a la Hora Santa cada miércoles a las 6:30pm. Nos reunimos en la Iglesia para darle honra a Jesús Sacramentado.

_________________________________________________ Grupo de Oración

El Grupo de Oración se reúnen cada lunes a las 7:00pm en la Casa St. John.

Unción de los Enfermos Si usted o alguien que usted conozca está necesitado en recibir comunión o el Sacramento de la Unción de los Enfermos favor de llamar al Padre Orosco en la oficina de la Iglesia al número 972-563-3643.

************************************************* Clases de Pre-Bautismales

No tendremos clases Pre-Bautismales en el mes de diciembre. Tendremos pláticas comenzando en enero cada primer sábado de cada mes a las 6:00pm en el Salón Parroquial. Favor de llamar a la oficina (972-563-3643) para más información.


Calendario para el mes de noviembre:

Clases de los domingos: 8, 15, 22. No hay clases el 29. Clases de los martes: 10, 17. No hay clases el 24. Clases de los miércoles: 11, 18. No hay clases el 25. Calendario para el mes de diciembre:

Clases de los domingos: 6 y el 13. No hay clases el 20 y 27. Clases de los martes: 1, 8 y el 15. No hay clases el 22 y 29. Clases de los miércoles: 2, 9 y el 16. No hay clases el 23 y 30. _________________________________________________ La Campaña de Comida

para Acción de Gracias continúe hasta el 18 de noviembre. Se les pide a los estudiantes que traigan comida enlatada o en caja. La participación de todos es

apreciada. Toda la comida colectada será distribuida el lunes antes del Día de Acción de Gracia a las familias de la parroquia quienes están necesitadas.

Favor de llamar a la oficina de la Iglesia si usted o si conoce una familia que este necesitada de comida.

_________________________________________________ La Misa y desfile Navideña de Niños será el

24 de diciembre a las 4:00pm. Los niños están invitados a participar en este evento. Los personajes son los siguientes: María, José, los Ángeles, pastores y los tres Reyes Magos.


asistir. Las fechas para los ensayos serán anunciado la próxima semana. Los padres pueden inscribir a sus hijos para este evento en la oficina de la Doctrina.




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