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Dear Brothers and Sisters of Holy Family Parish:

Happy Easter! Effective as of Sunday, April 22, 2018, our Daily Mass Schedule will remain. If reduction of priests assigned to parish occurs, we will make adjustments to Daily Mass Schedule if needed.

I thank you always for your support and prayers. Please continue to pray for more vocations to the priesthood for our diocese. Please also remember to pray for the health and well-being of the priests serving our parishes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel to call me at the Parish Office.

Your Servant in Christ,

Rev. Patrick Donohoe

Rev. Patrick Donohoe, Pastor

Mass Intentions, Sanctuary Light


The Mass Book is available, in the Parish Office, to make Mass Intentions and Intentions for the Sanctuary Light for the

months of May, June, July, and August 2018.

New Prayer List

Beginning May 1, 2018, a new prayer list will start. If you want to remain on the prayer list, please call the Parish Office during regular business hours. Thank you!

May - The Month of Mary

May is the Month of the Blessed Mother. In her honor, the Rosary will be prayed through-out the month on Mondays through Fridays at 5:00 p.m. in the Chapel and on Sundays at 4:30 p.m. in the Church. All are invited to join us in honoring our Blessed Mother!

Online Giving Cards

If you are giving online you can pick up card pictured at left before Mass, available at the entrance of the church, and place in the collection baskets during the offertory. Please, do not write on card. Sign up for Online Giving by visiting our parish website at and clicking on the link with the Online Giving logo. If you are giving online and would like to cancel your envelopes, please call the Parish Office at (361) 882-3245.

Health Awareness

by Holy Family Health Ministry

• Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) happens when blood glucose drops below optimal levels. A blood

glucose of 70 mg/dl or less is considered hypoglycemia.

• Hypoglycemia usually occurs in people who take

insulin or certain diabetes pills; although, it can happen to anyone with diabetes.

• Hypoglycemia may result from one or more of

the following: taking too much diabetes medication, delaying or skipping a meal, not

eating enough carbohydrate at your meal, exercising harder or more than usual, drinking alcohol without food.

If you have any questions about health, please call Health Nurse, Mary Helen Ortiz at

(361) 854-0724.

Graduation Mass of


We are having a Graduation Mass of Thanksgiving on Saturday, June 9, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. for all University, College, High School, Technical School and GED Graduates. All Graduates must arrive at the Church no later than 5:30 p.m. with their cap and gown. Please call Irene Anes or Julia Alvarado to register at the Parish Office at (361) 882-3245.

Thank You!

A Special Thank to everyone who supported our Spring Raffle. A Big Thank You to Al Carmazzi, Knights of Columbus Council 10931, Roberto Medina, Elena Medina, and Guadalupanas for helping us sell Raffle Tickets during the weekend of the Spring Raffle!


Queridos hermanos y hermanas de la Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia:

¡Felices Pascuas! A partir del Domingo 22 de Abril de 2018, nuestro horario de misa diaria se mantendrá igual. Si ocurre una reducción de los sacerdotes asignados a la parroquia, haremos los ajustes al Programa de la Misa diaria si es necesario.

Les agradezco siempre por su apoyo y oraciones. Por favor, continúen orando por las vocaciones al sacerdocio de nuestra diócesis. Recuerden también orar por la salud y el bienestar de los

sacerdotes que sirven a nuestras parroquias. Si tienen alguna pregunta o inquietud, por favor comuniquenze conmigo atravez de la oficina parroquial.

Tu siervo en Cristo,

Rev. Patrick Donohoe

Rev. Patrick Donohoe, Pastor

¡Muchas Gracias!

Un agradecimiento especial a todos los que apoyaron nuestra rifa de primavera. ¡Muchísimas gracias a Al

Carmazzi, al Consejo 10931 de Caballeros de Colón, a Roberto Medina, Elena Medina y

Guadalupanas por ayudarnos a vender Boletos de la Rifa durante el fin de semana de la Rifa de Primavera!

Intenciones de la Misa y

Intenciones de La Luz

El libro de Misas esta disponible, en el oficina parroquial, para hacer intenciones de la Misa y intenciones de la Luz del Santuario para los meses de Mayo, Junio, Julio y Ago-sto 2018.

Nueva Lista de Oraciones

A partir del 1 de Mayo de 2018, comenzará

una nueva lista de oraciones. Si desea permanecer en la lista de oración, llame a la

Oficina Parroquial durante el horario de atención habitual. ¡Gracias!

Mayo - El Mes de Virgen


Mayo es el mes de la Santísima Virgen. En su honor, el Rosario será rezado durante el mes los Lunes - Viernes a las a las 5:00 p.m. de la tarde en la Capilla y los Domingos a las 4:30 p.m. de la tarde en la Iglesia.

Tarjetas de Online


Si usted esta donando en línea, puede recoger la tarjeta a la izquierda antes de la Misa todos los Domingos, disponible a las entradas de la iglesia,

y colocar en las canastas de recolección durante el ofertorio. Por

favor, no escriba en la tarjeta. Inscribirse para Online Giving en

nuestra página web de la parroquia al y haga clic en el link con la imagen de Online Giving. Si usted esta

donando en línea y desea cancelar sus sobres, por favor llame a la oficina parroquial al (361) 882-3245.

La Misa de Acción de Gracias

para Graduación

Vamos a tener una Misa de Gracias para Graduación el Sábado, 9 de Junio, 2018 a las 6:00 p.m. de la noche

por todos los estudiantes que se graduaran de la Universidad, Colegió, Secundaria Escuela y los Graduados de Escuelas Vocacionales y GED. Todos los

Graduados deben llegar a la Iglesia a más tardar a las 5:30 p.m. con su gorra y bata. Llame a Irene Anes o

Julia Alvarado para registrarse en la Oficina de la Parroquia al (361) 882-3245. Gracias y que Dios te bendiga.


EXPLORE is a summer experience for young men who are enrolled in high school or who will be enrolling this fall, as well as recent high school graduates, that want to understand their faith better, know themselves better, have fun, and make new friends from all over the diocese. EXPLORE 2018 will be at Camp Aranzazu. The cost for this five day experience is $60. Please feel free to contact the Office of Vocations at (361) 882-6191, ext. 657 or visit!

Deadline to register is Friday, June 8th.

Assumption Seminary

San Antonio, TX St. Joseph Seminary Washington, D.C.

Don’t forget to pray for our Beloved

Seminarians daily!

Join Father Ogie and the Prayer Group of Saint Joseph on 19th Street invite you on a visit to the St. Jude Grotto followed by Mass at the Shrine. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Golden Corral (your cost) followed by browsing and shopping at the Outlets. The group will traveling to the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle National Shrine on Saturday, May 5, 2018. The cost of the trip is $40 per person and the deadline is Friday, May 4, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. Limited Seating. Please contact Sandra Gutierrez at (361) 548-9566, if you are interested in joining us for this trip! We apologize there is no refunds!

Holy Family Catholic

Church & School

Spring Raffle 2018 Winners

1st Prize: Gracie Guzman (Ticket#02157) 2nd Prize: Ebony Ruiz (Ticket#40322) 3rd Prize: Pat Valadez


4th Prize: Melissa Nicholson

(Ticket#00183) 5th Prize: Lupita Alaniz


Due to early submission of the bulletin, the weekly

collection report will be posted in next week’s bulletin!


ACTS Melissa Lopez, 244.2151 Alfonso Ramirez, 688.3364 Altar Servers Marissa Lopez, 563.6360 Arts & Environment 882.3245 Baptisms Loretta Hernandez, 882.3245 Cadena de Oración Blanca Garcia, 774.2839 Catholic Daughters Yvonne Solis-Recio, 549.3551 Discipleship Council 882.3245 Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion Gerald Lerma, 442.8716 Evangelization 882.3245 Finance Council 882.3245 Grupo de Oración Josie Lomas, 853.1417 Guadalupanos Magdalena Lugo, 882.3245 Health Ministry Mary Helen Ortiz, 854.0724 Host Team Susie Moya, 944.2974 Knights of Columbus Frank Recio, 549.3556 Lectors Norma Trevino, 244.0994 Music 882.3245 Pastoral Council 882.3245 Quinceañeras Julia Alvarado, 882.3245 RCIA Elizabeth Martinez, 779.2106 Religious Education Irene Anes, 882.3245 Rosary Team 882.3245 Sacristans Marco Anes, 548.5084 School Advisory 884.9142 School PTO Veronica Ramirez, 884.9142 Shut-Ins/Home Visits Janie Suarez, 739.2848 Soldados de Cristo Luis Trevino, 244.1902 Weddings Melissa Riojas, 882.3245 Works of Mercy Melissa Riojas, 882.3245 Young Adults Ministry Alfonso Ramirez, 688.3364 Youth Ministry Alfonso Ramirez, 688.3364

Parish Ministries/Organizations







Gloria Acuna Ralph Alvarado, Jr. Pete Angle Manuel Apusen, Jr. Bianca Apusen Paul Ballesteros, Jr. Lisa Benavides & Family Dominque Bernal Bobby Rene Brisones Sunshine Burden M. Caballero

Dunia Cabrera & Family Regina Chapa Jesse Cirlos Elvira Crespo Javier De La Rosa Virginia De La Rosa Christy Donohoe Norma C. Escochea Lupe Elizondo Angelica Franco Angela Garza Flores Anthony Garcia Daniel Garcia Elizabeth Garcia Miguel Garcia Dora Gomez Joe Gomez Daniel Guartuche Pricelda Guillen Rosemary Juarez Socorro Lagunas Gerald Lerma

Theresa De León Mata Andy Martinez & Family Roel & Suyapa Martinez Roe Martinez Celia T. Mendez Steve Morales Casandra Morris Letty Muniz Sofia Munoz

Mirza Pierson and Noah Jacob Ontiveros Paulina Pena Kloe Ponce Suyapa Rapalo Carmen Rivera Martin Rodriguez Mary J. Rodriguez Mario Rojas, Jr. Maria Flores Salinas Rolando Salinas Ferrell Smith Graciela Smith Becky Suertes Paul Garza Vasquez Amalia Williams Agapito Ybarra

Sunday, April 29, 2018

7:00am †San Juanita Garcia by The Guadalupanas

8:30am †Eduardo G. Pena by The Pena Family

10:30am †Fermin Sanchez & Carolina Sanchez-In Memory of Their 71st Wedding Anniversary by Family

12:30pm For the People of the Parish 6:00pm †Leonor A. Solis by Family Monday, April 30, 2018

6:30am For Worldwide Vocations 6:00pm For the Clergy of Holy Family Tuesday, May 1, 2018

6:30am For Priests in our Diocese 6:00pm Communion Service, Chapel Wednesday, May 2, 2018

6:30am For Our Parish Seminarians 6:00pm St. Joseph-In Thanksgiving by

Bonnie Ramirez Thursday, May 3, 2018

6:30am For Our Troops 8:15am For The Sick

6:00pm Eucharistic Adoration Friday, May 4, 2018

6:30am Communion Service, Chapel 6:00pm For Those Suffering

with Cancer Saturday, May 5, 2018

8:00am Souls in Purgatory & For the Sick by Blanco Family 6:00pm For the People of the Parish

Sunday, April 29th to Saturday, May 5th, the Church Sanctuary Light and Chapel Sanctuary Light will burn for:

Church Sanctuary Light: For the Souls in Purgatory Chapel Sanctuary Light: For the Souls in Purgatory

Humberto Moses Miranda, USAF Michael Patrick Rodriguez, USAF Christian J. Sanchez, USAF SFC Richard Titler, Jr.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

8:00am †Natividad Aleman by Family †Amada Franco by The Guadalupanos

†Genoveva G. Rodriguez by Rudolfo Rivera

†Luis Caballero, Jr.-In Memory of His 1st Anniversary by His Children †Felipa Bonilla by Her Family †Octavio David Saenz by His Wife & Family

†Juana Garcia by The Prayer Group †Manuel Najor by His Daughter, Rosio Guerrero & Family

†Antonio Guadalupe Morales by His Grandparents, Antonio Gonzalez & Aurora Gonzalez †Serviana Alba Soto, †Guadalupe Blanco-In Memory of Mother’s Day by M/M Victor Blanco & Family

†Esther Saenz by Her Mother, Bertha Saenz

†Bertha Saenz, †Juan G. Saenz, †John Saenz by Esther Saenz †Cresencia Camerro by Maria Pineda

Roel & Suyapa Martinez-For Their Health and In Thanksgiving for Their 31st Anniversary by Their Hijos

10:30am †Leonor M. Rodriguez-In Memory of Her 1st Anniversary by Her Husband, Daughters, & Family †Jose Luis Salinas-In Memory of His 50th Anniversary by His Family

12:30pm †Rogelio Rodriguez-In Memory of His Birthday by His Wife, Mary Rodriguez & Children


Building & Grounds Supervisor

Deacon Felix Muniz, 882.3245

Church Bookkeeper

Tina Villegas, Ext. 20

Director of Faith Formation

Irene Anes, Ext. 13

Assistant Director of Faith Formation

Julia Alvarado, Ext. 43

Coordinator of Faith Formation

Melissa Lopez, Ext. 49 2526 Soledad St. Corpus Christi, TX 78416 Office#: (361) 884-9142 Email: Principal

Sister Marilyn Grace Springs, (361) 884-9142, ext. 34


Rev. Patrick K. Donohoe, Ext. 40

Parochial Vicar

Rev. Al O. Abainza, Ext. 12

Parochial Deacon

Deacon Tomas Gallegos, Ext. 33

Office Manager

Melissa Riojas, Ext. 50

Office Receptionist

Loretta Hernandez, Ext. 10

Communications Coordinator

Michael Hernandez, Ext. 18 2509 Nogales St., Corpus Christi, TX 78416

Office#: (361) 882-3245 Fax#: (361) 882-4968

Email: Website:

Emergency Line: (361) 882-3245, ext. 19 Parish Office Hours:

Monday Closed

Tuesday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM* Wednesday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM* Thursday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM* *Staff Lunch Break: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Weekend Mass Schedule:

Saturday 6:00 PM (Vigil) (English) Sunday 8:00 AM (Spanish)

10:30 AM (English) 12:30 PM (Español)




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