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From Saturday October 15th 2016 till Saturday December 17th 2016 Leisure Saturdays for teenagers 13 to 17 years old

Date: from October 15th 2016 till December 17th 2016 Time : Saturdays from 10.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m

Price: 35 € curse

Activities: bicicle routes, camping, hiking... Phone: 966 767 799

Enrollment: Youth Information Centre in Pilar de la Horadada, Calle Ramón y Cajal 21 From Saturday October 15th 2016 till Sunday April 2nd 2017

Leisure Saturdays for children 8 to 12 years old Date: from October 15th 2016 till April 2nd 2017 Hours: Saturdays from 10.30 am till 1.30 pm Price:35 € course

Phone: 966 767 799

Enrollment:Youth Information Centre in Pilar de la Horadada, Calle Ramón y Cajal 21 • Former pupils from September 5th

• New pupils from September 7th Friday November 18th 2016

Blood donation

Time: from 5.00 till 8.30 pm.

Place: Recreational Centre for Seniors, in Park "30 de Julio" (Calle San Juan, n/n) From Friday November 18th till Wednesday November 30th 2016

Painting exhibition ‘ARCOIRIS’ (Rainbow)

By Cultural Association ‘La Amistad’ from Pinar de Campoverde Inauguration: Friday November 18th at 7.00 pm.

Visit hours:Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 4.00 till 9.00 pm. Place: Cultural Centre, in Calle Carretillas, 19

From Saturday November 19th till Sunday November 20th 2016 Hibernis Mare, your winter beach!!! (in Mil Palmeras)

Schedule of activities November 19th and 20th SATURDAY NOVEMBER 19th


11.00 am-13.00 pm PLAYROOM. GAMES FOR CHILDREN MINI CLUB 4-12 YEARS 12.00 am- 13.00 pm "GET FIT": AEROBOX CKB




11.00 am-1.00 pm. BEACH TENNIS

12.00-13.00 p.m "GET FIT IN": AEROBOX CKB SKATING LESSONS Place: Paseo Riviera Mil Palmeras 11.00-12.15 p.m BEGINNERS SKATING


SKATING LESSONS FOR CHILDREN Place: Paseo Riviera Mil Palmeras 11.30-12.30 p.m BEGINNERS SKATING 12.30-13.30 p.m ADVANCED SKATING

Place: Mil Palmeras beach

More info at Torusit Info office: Plaza Campoamor, 2. Phone: 966767068. Email:

Follow the event on our Facebook and Tweet our hashtag #HibernisMare !!!

Sign up to receive our weekly Hibernis Mare newsletter at Saint Cecilia events 2016 (Patron Saint of music) by local band Unión Musical Horadada NOVEMBER 19th

Brotherhood lunch (traditional lunch and communal day with musicians, pupils, relatives, members, authorities, fiends and music-loving neighbours. With bouncy castle and games for children).

Time: 11.00 am.

Place: Calle Bélmez, 30 (Unión Musical Horadada hall) NOVEMBER 20th

Street parade and picking up of new members Time: 10.30 am.

Place: Departure from Calle Bélmez, 30

Pilgrimage with the sculpture of Saint Cecilia from Unión Musical Horadada hall to parish church Nuestra Señora del Pilar Time: 12.30 pm.

Place: Departure from Calle Bélmez, 30 Mass service honouring Saint Cecilia Time: 1.30 pm.

Place: Church Nuestra Señora del Pilar Brotherhood lunch

Time: 2.30 pm approx. Place: Restaurante Lorenzo

Price: 25 € adults and 10 € children (those interested may contact any member of the direction board). Theatre play: El tonto es un sabio (“The fool is a wise man”) by Adrián Ortega and Sigfrido Blasco Date:from Saturday November 19th till Sunday November 20th 2016

Performed by theatre group AMTEA from Guardamar del Segura Time: 7.30 pm.

Place: Cultural Centre, in Calle Carretillas, 19 Reservations calling: 639009933

Ticket sale from two hours before the performance at Cultural Centre Ticket price: 5 €

Sunday November 20th 2016

Football Regional Preferente Valenciana Grupo VIII U.D. HORADADA - ATLETICO CATRAL C.F. Time: 11.30 am.

Place: Estadio Ikomar

Performance by Marina Limarenko’s Dance School Time: 7.30 pm.

Place: Recreational Centre for Seniors, in Park "30 de Julio" (Calle San Juan, n/n) Monday November 21st 2016

4th Intercultural Day for European Residents Hours: From 10.30 am till 1.30 pm.

Place: Plaza Florida and Pinar de Campoverde municipal office


Speech-Meeting of the different Consuls and their neighbours. • 11.30 am- Break with refreshment for all the participants. • 12.00 pm- Social harmony Activities & Music performance

• Information stands, tasting of local products from the different countries, exhibitions, etc. • 1.30 pm- Free tasting of paella

From November 21st till Saturday November 26th 2016

“Ante la violencia de énero, abre los ojos” (Open your eyes to gender violence) Campaign for November 25th International Day Against Gender Violence NOVEMBER 21st

• Discussion panel at Radio Sureste (95.8 FM) • Time: 12.00 pm.

• With: María Teresa Valero Curbera (Councillor for Women), Rocío Lizarazo Nieto (lawyer-law consultant of the Social Services and Women departments), María Ángeles Conesa García (psychologist from Social Services department), José Antonio Gómez Alonso (lieutenant and chief of the Pilar de la Horadada Guardia Civil) and José Antonio Hernández Martínez (inspector-chief of the Local Police)


• Discussion panel I.E.S. Thiar high school. • Time: 8.00 am.

• Performance ‘Abramos los ojos’ (Let's open our eyes) by pupils from the I.E.S. Thiar high school municipal youth theatre group.

• Time: 10.40 am.

• Discussion panel, dissemination of campaign to raise awareness and handing of ribbons at weekly street market. • Time: from 8.30 till 11.00 am.

• Reading of manifest by local authorities, minute of silence by groups from Pilar, authorities and neighbours. Performance ‘Abramos los ojos’ (Let's open our eyes) by pupils from the municipal youth theatre group. • Time: 12.00 pm.

• Place: Plaza Campoamor (outside Town Hall)

• Talk-discussion: “Prevención y actuación ante el maltrato” (Prevention and intervention in case of abuse) by Óscar Sánchez Ruiz, poice officer, criminologist and gender violence expert .

• Time: 7.00 pm. • Place: Cultural Centre

• Female personal defense workshop by Guillermo Sempere Campillo, international personsal defense instructor and creator of martial system Ninkido Jutsu.

• Time: 8.00 pm. • Place: Cultural Centre NOVEMBER 26th

• Hot cocoa with women associations from Pilar de la Horadada at church square. • Time: 10.00 am.

• March against gender violence.

• Route from the Kiss' Bridge (Rambla urbana, next to school Virgen del Pilar). • Handing of t-shirt and bottle of water for all participants.

Tuesday November 22nd 2016

Concert honouring Saint Cecilia (Patron Saint of Music) Time: 5.30 pm.

Place: Municipal Enclosure, Avenida Felipe VI ("Raimundo Benedicto Valero" park) Organized by: Professional Music School ‘Mariana Baches’

With participation: Professional Music School from Catral, San Miguel de Salinas Music School. Unión Musical from San Pedro del Pinatar and Professional Music School from Pilar de la Horadada

Wednesday November 23nd 2016

Brotherhood lunch with the Housewives’ Association Time:2.00 pm.

Place: Municipal Enclosure, at park "Raimundo Benedicto" (Avenida Felipe VI) Enrollment: free for members calling 665 572 077


Friday November 25th 2016 Black Friday

Great discounts on selected items, 10 % minimum and three items at 30 %. Surprise gifts with purchases over 10 €.

Time: from 5.00 pm till midnight. List of participating establishments:

• Agustín Yuste Fotografía. C/ Mayor,54

• Albaladejo Joyeros. C/ Almirante Manuel Rebollo,3 • Almudena Quesada Fotografía. C/ Donantes,1B • APP Horadada Informática. C/ Bélmez, 38

• Atmósfera Sport Future. C/ Escultor Ribera Girona, 65

• Autorecambios El Pilar. C/ Numancia, 7 • Bodegón La Peña. C/ Benissa, 5 • Calzados Keop´s. C/ Mayor, 17

• Calzados Papus. C/ Escultor Ribera Girona, 6 • Calzados Zarel. C/ Mayor, 53

• Candy Crash. C/ Isla, esq. Dr. Fleming • Catalana Occidente Seguros. C/ Bélmez, 8 • Colores Bebé. Avda. De la Constitución, 151 • Confitería Rizo´s. Plaza de la Iglesia • Confitería Ros. Plaza de la Iglesia • Copiplus. C/ San Juan, 7

• Detalles Princesa. C/ Escultor Ribera Girona, 41 • El Cairel. C/ Mayor, 17

• El Gosset Peluquería Canina. C/ Sagrada Familia, 35 • El Lado Creativo. C/ Mayor, 18

• Electro Riquelme. C/ Mayor, 118 • Establecimientos Samper. C/ Mayor, 32 • Expert Flere. C/ Mayor, 9

• Flores Alfonso. C/ General Perón esq. Benito Pérez Galdós

• Floristería Petunia. C/ Mayor,35 • Herbolario El Rey Roble. C/ Mayor, 59 • Herbolario Emperatriz. C/ Mayor, 75 • Horatel Mobile. C/ Benito Pérez Galdós, 23 • Joyería Castejón. C/ Mayor, 27

• Joyería Relojería Madrid. C/ Mayor, 35 • La Chorrería. C/ Mayor, 30

• La Perla del Mar Menor. C/ Mayor, 68

• Lola Botona Mercería y Labores. C/ Calvo Sotelo, 24

• Marlo & Campbell. C/ José Sánchez, 5

• Menudos Mayoral. C/ Escultor Ribera Girona, 15 • Mercería Soyar. C/ Mayor, 38

• Mesón Río Seco Pinar de Campoverde. C/ Tejo, 29 • Mi Chiguita Small Shoes. C/ Marqués de

Peñacerrada, 7

• Milar Enrique. C/ Mayor, 101 • Mininube. C/ del Mar,19 • Modas Albaladejo. C/ Mayor, 67 • Modas Gárez. C/ del Carmen, 8 • Muebles El Pilar. C/ Mayor, 50

• Muebles Natividad. Ctra. Nacional 332, km 38 • Nutrizone. C/ Mayor, 118

• Óptica Fernández. C/ Mayor, 30

• Panadería Confitería José Antonio. C/ Mayor, 41 • Papelería Librería Arco. C/ Mayor, 22

• Papelería Librería El Pilar. C/ Mayor, 61

• Peluquería Lady Jeane. C/ Escultor Ribera Girona, 45 • Peluquería M.ª Eugenia. Ctra. de Orihuela n.º 8 • Peluquería Vero. C/ Mayor, 30

• Perfumería Pilar Hernández. C/ Mayor, 61 • Pikante. Plaza de la Iglesia

• Pizzería Divino. C/ Zaragoza, 10 • Radio Sureste. C/ Mayor, 27-4º • Salacadula. C/ Dr. Barraquer, 14 • Serigrafía Olimpo. C/ Gabriel Miró, 8 • Silvia Sánchez Peluqueros. Plaza de la Iglesia • Supermercado Ros. Plaza de la Iglesia • Trazos. C/ Diagonal, 5

• Tribalia. Plaza de la Iglesia • Uara Clinic. C/ San Juan, 1 3ªB • Video Club SampeR. C/ Mayor, 119

• Visualia Centro Óptico. P. Campoverde. Avda. del Pino, 62 1-4

Organiza: Concejalía de Comercio

From Friday November 25th till Sunday November 27th 2016 16th Provincial Partridge Hunting with Decoy


Friday: 4.00 till 8.00 pm. Saturday: 9.00 am till 8.00 pm. Sunday: 9.00 am till 5.00 pm .

Place: Municipal Emnclosure, at park "Raimundo Benedicto" (Avenida Felipe VI) Organized by: Hunting Club "La Peña"

With collaboration: Pilar de la Horadada’s Council and Alicante Provincial Hunting Delegation

Courses/ Workshops

Training Courses and Workshops Courses and Workshops for Youth


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*Winter opening hours (October the 1st - May 31st): MORNING-From Monday to Saturday, from 10 am. till 3 pm. Sundays from 10 am till 1

pm. EVENING-From Monday to Friday, from 4 am till 7 pm

*Summer opening hours (June the 1st – September 30th): From Monday to Friday, from 10 am till 7pm. Saturday from 10 am till 3 pm. Sundays from 10 am till 1 pm.

*Check public holidays

TOURIST INFO PILAR DE LA HORADADA Plaza Campoamor, 2 Pilar de la Horadada

03190 Alicante Tel: 96 6767068 Fax: 96 6767340 e-mail: w w w . p i l a r d e l a h o r a d a d a . o r g w w w . v i s i t p i l a r d e l a h o r a d a d a . c o m




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