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Please make arrangements at the Rectory. Baptismal instructions for parents and godparents are required beforehand.


Daily 12 PM—12:15 PM and by appointment. MARRIAGE

Couples planning marriage should contact the Rectory at least one year before wedding is scheduled.


Every First Friday following the 12:15 PM Mass until 6 PM. ANOINTING OF THE SICK

Emergencies at any time by calling (973) 623-0497. In case of illness or incapacity, Holy Communion will be brought to the home on request. VOCATIONS

If you are discerning a vocation, please contact the Vocations Office at (973) 313-6190 or by e-mail at For more information, visit or contact Fr. Bismarck.


STAY UPDATED BY LIKING US ON FACEBOOK! Search for “Saint Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral” or go to FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: @stppcnewark Since its foundation in 1850, St. Patrick’s

Pro-Cathedral has opened wide its doors to the City of Newark. In the spirit of this tradition, we seek to create a culture of encounter that enables

people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and become His disciples. OUR PARISH MISSION STATEMENT









Rev. Bismarck Chau, Pastor

Rev. Juan Alexander Ortega, Parochial Vicar Mr. Leonidas Aponte, Deacon

Joselina Castillo, Parish Catechetical Leader Brandon Ocampo, Director of Youth & YA Ministry Margaret Clark, Administrative Assistant

Ana Perez, Secretary

WEEKEND ASSISTANTS Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Wister


SUNDAY — 9:15 AM (English), 10:45 AM (Spanish), 7:00 PM (Student Mass)

SATURDAY VIGIL — 4:00 PM (English) HOLY DAY VIGIL MASS — 7:00 PM (Bilingual) DAILY MASS (M-F) — 12:15 PM in the Chapel MONDAYS — 7:00 PM (Spanish) in the Chapel


91 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWARK, NJ, 07102 Rectory: 39 Bleeker St., Newark, NJ, 07102

Rectory Hours: 8 AM—3 PM Phone: (973) 623-0497 or (973) 623-0822

Fax: (973) 623-2030 EMAIL:

"Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself,

take up his cross, and follow me. For whoever wishes to save

his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake

and that of the gospel will save it."


“†” indicates person is deceased SATURDAY, September 15 4:00 PM SUNDAY, September 16 9:15 AM Jim Grasso † 10:45 AM Mr. Dolores Lamboy † Fr. Eric Ugockukwu (Intencion Especial)

José Manuel De Jesús

(Intencion Especial)

7:00 PM All Students of the Newman Catholic Community MONDAY, September 17 12:15 PM Omar Velez † 7:00 PM TUESDAY, September 18 12:15 PM Efrain Roman † WEDNESDAY, September 19 12:15 PM Mary Hamilton †

THURSDAY, September 20 — Sts. Andrew Kim & Paul 12:15 PM Holy Souls In Purgatory

FRIDAY, September 21 — St. Matthew, Apostle 12:15pm Babies in the Womb and their


We sincerely hope you feel at home here and want to make Saint Patrick’s your parish. There are two easy ways to become a registered member. Fill out our online registration form at or register at the Welcome Table after any weekend Mass. As a registered member, you will receive all mailings as well as giving envelopes for your weekly offering.

THE WINE consecrated and distributed at all Masses today has been offered for the repose of the soul of

Reynaldo Roman.

THE HOSTS used today at all Masses have been offered for the spiritual and temporal welfare of the

Sansone Family.

THE TABERNACLE CANDLE used today at all Masses has been offered for the spiritual and temporal welfare of Cordero Family.

THE CANDLES used today at all Masses have been offered for the repose of the soul of Rev. Chris


The wine, hosts, and tabernacle candle may be offered in honor of a loved one for a month.

In today’s Gospel, we reach a pivotal moment in our walk with the Lord. After weeks of listening to His words and witnessing His deeds, along with the disciples we’re asked to decide who Jesus truly is. Peter answers for them, and for us, too, when he declares: “You are the Messiah.” Many expected the Messiah to be a miracle worker who would vanquish Israel’s enemies and restore the kingdom of David (see John 6:15).

Jesus today reveals a different portrait. He calls himself the Son of Man, evoking the royal figure Daniel saw in his heavenly visions (see Daniel 7:13–14). But Jesus’ kingship is not to be of this world (see John 18:36). And the path to His throne, as He reveals, is by way of suffering and death.

Jesus identifies the Messiah with the suffering servant that Isaiah fore-tells in today’s First Reading. The words of Isaiah’s servant are Jesus’ words—as He gives himself to be shamed and beaten, trusting that God will be His help. We hear our Lord’s voice again in today’s Psalm, as He gives thanks that God has freed Him from the cords of death.

As Jesus tells us today, to believe that He is the Messiah is to follow His way of self-denial—losing our lives to save them, in order to rise with Him to new life. Our faith, we hear again in today’s Epistle, must express itself in works of love (see Galatians 5:6).

Notice that Jesus questions the apostles today “along the way.” They are on the way to Jerusalem, where the Lord will lay down His life. We, too, are on a journey with the Lord. We must take up our cross, giving to oth-ers and enduring all our trials for His sake and the sake of the Gospel. Our lives must be an offering of thanksgiving for the new life He has giv-en us, until that day whgiv-en we reach our destination, and walk before the Lord in the land of the living.




WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Saint Patrick’s is a diverse and vibrant community of faith that offers many opportunities to enrich your spiritual life, serve those in need, educate yourself and your family, and most importantly, to belong. Whoever you are, no matter where you find yourself on the journey of faith, you are welcome and wanted here.

Take time to discover for yourself an authentic and welcoming community that you can call home.


Whether you’re interested in serving, connecting with others, worshipping, giving, or growing spiritually, we offer many opportunities for adults of all ages and youth to choose from. This bulletin, along with our website, is the best source of information for those wanting to engage.



LIFE TEEN (YOUTH MINISTRY) - 12 PM (following the 10:45 AM Mass), every Sunday in the Newman Center.

GRUPO DE ORACIÓN — 7 PM, todos los Lunes (En la Iglesia) GRUPO DE INTERCESIÓN Y REPARACIÓN “JESUS EUCARISTÍA” — 7 PM, todos los Miercoles (En la Capilla)

ZUMBA — 9 AM, Every Saturday (Convent Basement)

The Archdiocese of Newark’s Family Life Office is sponsoring a three day retreat for the separated and divorced. Each day fea-tures DVD sessions that cover topics of shock, denial, anger, grief, guilt, forgiveness, and much more. The itinerary includes video presentations and small group discussions. Participants will hear personal testimonies of Catholic men and women who have experienced the breakdown of their families who witness to the healing power of Christ in their lives.

Whether someone is recently divorced or not, this program offers valuable insight and support. Each session runs from 9 am to 1 pm and will cover different topics and discussions. Babysitting will be provided on site. The cost of all three days of the retreat is $20.00 and includes the cost of a personal guide-book, refreshments, and a light lunch.

To register, go to: and enter in your name and email.


Saturday, October 27, 2018; Saturday, November 17, 2018; Sat-urday, December 1, 2018


9:00 am to 1:00 pm Location:

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament 28 Livingston Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068


CATHOLICNWK: YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY (18-39) Community doesn't happen by accident. Get connected. Join young adults (18-39) from around the Archdiocese of Newark for intentional gatherings of the heart. Every Tuesday night at

the Newman Catholic Center in Newark. CatholicNWK is a Christ-centered, intentional community of young adults. We

exist as a response to the glorious unrest for renewal in our Archdiocese. This week’s gathering will be about living out our

faith in our daily life and work! 7:00 PM - Eucharistic Adoration

8:00 PM - Gathering, Snacks, Talk & Discussion, etc. For more info, email!


The Hispanic Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Newark is once again pleased to offer its Spanish Language Class and Cultural Program starting this September. This is open to all parish employees, volunteers, ministry leaders, and parishioners.

The Beginner Session starts on Wednesday, September 5th and the Intermediate Session starts on Thursday, September 6th. For

the Advanced Session, please call Marissa Espinosa at (973) 497-4013. Sessions are held weekly at the Archdiocesan

Center in Newark (171 Clifton Ave.) from 10 AM— 12 PM. The weekly classes go to June 2019. Cost: $150.00 per session (Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced).

To register, please contact Marissa Espinosa at (973) 497-4013 or at

NEWMAN CATHOLIC CENTER — CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY The Newman Catholic Center at University Heights, which consists of Rutgers

Newark, NJIT, and Essex County Community College, is part of the Newman Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Newark. We seek to serve

students in their spiritual, moral, and intellectual development, in accordance with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Newman Catholic meets on a regular basis for prayer, faith formation, local outreach, and fellowship. We offer numerous opportunities - both on campus at the Newman Catholic Center on 91 Washington St. in Newark.


Newman Back-To-School BBQ: 9/17/18 @ 4 PM —10 PM Newman Night (Faith Formation and Social): 9/24/18 @ 7 PM

For more information on the events, please email us at or visit our website:




Thank you for your support! Gracias por su apoyo!



Esperamos sinceramente que te sientas como en casa y quieras hacer San Patricio tu parroquia. Hay dos maneras fáciles de convertirse en un miembro registrado. Complete nuestro formulario de inscripción en línea en newmember o regístrese en la Mesa de Bienvenida después de cualquier Misa de fin de semana. Como miembro registrado, recibirá todos los correos y también los sobres para su oferta semanal.

EL VINO consagrado y distribuido en todas las Misas de hoy ha sido ofrecido para el descanso del alma de

Reynaldo Roman.

LAS HOSTIAS usadas hoy en todas las Misas han sido ofrecidas por el bienestar espiritual y temporal de

la Familia Sansone.

LA VELA DEL TABERNÁCULO utilizada hoy en todas las Misas se ha ofrecido para el bienestar espiritual y temporal de la Familia Cordero.

LAS VELAS que se usan hoy en todas las Misas se han ofrecido para el descanso del alma de Rev. Chris


The wine, hosts, and tabernacle candle may be offered in honor of a loved one for a month. SEPTIEMBRE: LOS SIETE DOLORES DE MARÍA



¡ESTAMOS CONTENTOS DE QUE ESTÉN AQUÍ! San Patricio es una comunidad de fe diversa y vibrante que ofrece muchas oportunidades para enriquecer su vida espiritual, servir a quienes lo necesitan, educarse a sí mismo y a su familia, y lo más importante, pertenecer. Quien quiera que sea, sin importar dónde se encuentre en el camino de la fe, ers bienvenido y deseado aquí.

Tómese el tiempo para descubrir por sí mismo una comunidad auténtica y acogedora a la que puede llamar su hogar.


Ya sea que esté interesado en servir, conectarse con otros, adorar, dar o crecer espiritualmente, ofrecemos muchas oportunidades para que los adultos de todas las edades y jóvenes puedan elegir. Este boletín, junto con nuestro sitio web, es la mejor fuente de información para aquellos que deseen participar.

En el evangelio de hoy, encontramos un momento clave para nuestro caminar con el Señor. Después de semanas de escuchar sus palabras y ver sus maravillas, así como los discípulos, somos cuestionados sobre quién es Jesús en verdad. San Pedro contesta por ellos y por nosotros también cuando dice: “tú eres el Mesías”. Muchos esperaban un Mesías taumaturgo que venciera a los enemigos de Israel y restaurara el reino de David (cfr. Jn 6,15). Jesús nos revela hoy un retrato diferente. Él se autodenomina el Hijo del Hombre, evocando la real figura que el profeta Daniel contempló en sus visiones celestiales (cfr. Dn 7, 13-14). Sin em-bargo, su realeza no es como la de este mundo (cfr. Jn 18, 36); y el camino a su trono, según nos enseña, pasa por el sufrimiento y la muer-te.

Jesús identifica al Mesías con el Siervo sufriente del que habla Isaías en la primera lectura de este domingo. Sus palabras son las mismas de Jesús, que se entrega para ser humillado y golpeado, confiando en que Dios le ayudará. Al mismo tiempo, escuchamos nuevamente la voz del Señor en el salmo de hoy, agradeciendo a Dios por librarlo de las redes de la muerte. Como Jesús nos dice hoy, creer que Él es el Mesías implica seguir un camino de negación de sí mismo, y perder la vida para salvarla y resucitar con Él a una nueva vida. Nuestra fe, según escuchamos de nuevo en la epístola de hoy, necesita expresarse con obras de amor (Ga 5, 6). Es notorio que Jesús cuestiona a sus apóstoles en esta lectura mientras van “por el camino.” Van rumbo a Jerusalén, donde el Señor entregará su vida. También nosotros vamos de camino con el Señor. Debemos aceptar y cargar nuestra cruz, dándonos a los demás y perse-verando en todas nuestras pruebas por la causa de Cristo y la del Evan-gelio. Nuestras vidas deben ser un sacrificio de acción de gracias por la nueva vida que Dios nos ha dado; hasta el día en que alcancemos nues-tro destino, y caminemos ante el Señor en la tierra de los vivos (cfr. Ez 26, 20).

TODO LO HA HECHO BIEN CONVIÉRTETE EN MIEMBRO "Y a ti, Madre, una espada de dolor te atravesará el

corazón..." (Lucas 2, 35)


Todos los adolescentes, de 13 a 18 años, están invita-dos a unirse a nosotros para nuestro PRIMER evento juvenil! Comenzaremos con una serie basada en el tema de este año llamado "RELENTLESS FATHER". Comenzaremos al mediodía (justo después de las 10:45 Misa termina) en el Centro de Newman. ¡Habrá comida, diversión, y una oportunidad de crecer en su fe y hacer nuevos amigos!

Para obtener más información, o para participar, comuníquese con Brandon Ocampo (Ministro de Jovenes) al (201) 562-2016 o


Universal – Young People in Africa

That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.

EVERY THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH — Next Class (English) — September 16th after 9:15 AM Mass


Próxima Clase (Español) — 16 de Septiembre después de la Misa de 10:45 AM



SEPTEMBER: DEDICATED TO THE SEVEN SORROWS OF MARY The month of September is dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Devotion to the sorrows of the Virgin Mary dates from the twelfth century, when it made its appearance in monastic circles under the influence of St. Anselm and St. Bernard. The Cistercians and then the Servites undertook to propagate it. It became widespread in the fourteenth and especially the fifteenth centuries, particularly in the Rhineland and Flanders, where Confraternities of the Sorrowful Mother

sprang up. It was in this context that the first liturgical formularies in her honor were composed. A provincial council of

Mainz in 1423 made use of these in establishing a "Feast of the Sorrows of Mary" in reparation for Hussite profanations of her images. In 1494 the feast appeared in Bruges, where the Precious Blood of Christ was venerated; later on it made its way into France. It did not, however, become widespread in France before Benedict XIII included it in the Roman Calendar in 1727 and assigned it to the Friday before Palm Sunday.

Some Churches had previously celebrated this feast during the Easter season. Others, however, celebrated the Joys of the Blessed Virgin during the Easter season, as is still done today at Braga. In some places it was entitled "Recollection of the Feasts and Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary." - Excerpted from The Church at Prayer, Vol. IV A.G. Martimort.


Join us for our INTERNATIONAL DAY event on

October 21st. The event will take place from

2PM —5 PM!

Únase a nosotros para nuestro evento


¡El evento es de 2 PM a 5 PM!


Public school, Catholic school, Home school — All teens are welcome! For more information, or to get involved, please contact Brandon Ocampo (Youth Minister) at (201) 562-2016 or at LIFE TEEN YOUTH MINISTRY (13-18)

Join us on Saturday, October 6th for our SECOND ANNUAL CHILIFEST!

5:30 — 8:30 PM in the Parish Garden Bring your own Chili Dish to share!

For more information, please contact the Rectory.

Have you ever been pursued? The idea of someone “chasing us” can bring up different images in our mind. On the one hand, being chased by someone or something can be frightening. On the other hand, the idea of someone pursuing us is flattering, but perhaps we wonder what their motives actually are. The Catechism of the Catholic Church

says that “in every time and in every place, God draws close to man.” God pursues us. God is continually chasing us, but not to harm us or for His own gain. God pursues us out of love. And God’s pursuit is not

like the pursuit of others that might grow tired or give up on us. God is relentless in seeking us out.

All teenagers, ages 13-18, are invited to join us for our FIRST ever youth group event!

Join us as we kick off our youth group with a series based on this year’s theme called “RELENTLESS FATHER”! We will start at

noon (right after 10:45 Mass ends) at the Newman Center. There will food, fun, and an opportunity to grow in your faith