Obiní: it means woman in Yoruba dialect (Nigeria) Batá: name given to the fundamental instruments within the Yoruba religion

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Obini Bata was formed from female members of the Cuban National Folkloric Group as an independent group in 1993, as a result of an artistic concern of its creators since 1991.

In their show music, song, and dance are mixed with the rhythm of the Bata drum. It offers a different image regarding to the role of the woman within the complexity of Afrocuban music, wherein, though the strong line of the drum, their feminine charm is preserved.

Because it includes not only beats, songs and dances of African roots, but also other genres that include composition of such major composers as Sindo


Garay, Ernesto Lecuona, Moisés Simons, Benny Moré and many others, it offers a rhythmic originality and a different way of doing things that makes us enjoy, with a set of percussion instruments, different rhythms such as: son, guaracha, mambo, bolero, merengue, rumba, etc.

Obiní Batá Group does not only propose to the spectator a passive satisfaction of a simple show, but also gets the audience to interact with members of the group, demonstrating through this versatility in the show, a work carried out with a special expressiveness and quality.

Obiní: it means woman in Yoruba dialect (Nigeria)

Batá: name given to the fundamental instruments within the Yoruba religion






Through life, we realize how things that are transmitted from one generation to another make us distinguished.

That’s why our folklore and its diverse roots (African, Spanish, Franco-Haitian) form our personality together with other aspects, and why we feel very proud of having the possibility to show beats, dances, and songs that belonged to the past and continue existing in the present, recreating them into a fantasy open to the whole world or the nearest thing to the truth.

It’s our project to demonstrate to the public the importance of women in our folklore and their role in the development and interpretation of its beats, dances, and songs, giving a different image mainly inside the Afrocuban musical context where though the strong line of the drum, they keep their feminine charm and becoming though this the first women not only in Cuba but all over the world that carry out this work.

This Group mixes beats, songs, and dances into an innovative show, in which all those aspects are recreated not only in a traditional way but also with a creative imagination.

In order to include different genres and sustain the effort to obtain a better artistic image we must have:

Ø Domain of the different beats of the bata, bongo, chequere, rumba, cajones, claves, and other instruments of the smallest percussion.

Ø Domain of Afrocuban, Franco-Haitian songs, rumbas and a big repertoire of popular song, etc.

Ø Basic knowledge of the techniques of modern dance and of Cuban folklore.

We hope that the spectator appreciates in a pleasant way the authenticity of our Cuban women, in a show that takes them beyond a passive view and that calls them to interact with the group until they feel a true identification with us.

We are Obinisas (women) of Drums and Dances, that taste the pleasure of interpreting, in a unique way, our popular, traditional, and contemporary music, going from the most tortuous Yemayá dance and song to the most sublime bolero song.



Adonay D`Armas Héctor.

· Main percussionist, dancer and chorus. Graduated from High School Institute

Adriana Iznaga Letamendi

· Dancer, percussionist and chorus. Graduated from the Art National School (ENA), specialist in Modern Dance and Cuban Folklore

Adairis Amelia Mesa González

· Main percussionist, dancer and chorus. Graduated from High school Institute

Lic. Oralice Cecilia Siverio Puebla

· Dancer, percussionist, and chorus. Graduated from the High Art Institute (ISA); specialist in Cuban folklore dance

Lic. Marisol Blanco Barrios

· Dancer, percussionist, and chorus. Graduated from the National Art School (ENA) and the High Art Institute (ISA) as cuban folklore dancer

Yosvany Hernández Lorencio

· In charge of taking care OF and controlling the musical instruments

Lic. Armando Jaime Casielles

· Manager (Representative)

Lic. Eva Caridad Despaigne Trujillo

· General Manager. Dancer, singer, percussionist. Graduated from the National School of Art (ENA) as teacher and modern dance dancer and Cuban folklore; Graduated in Psychology-pedagogy from the University of Havana






Toque Canto y Folklore Yoruba Folklore Baile a Todos los


Mamá Inés Tango Congo Eliseo Grenet 4 min.

De que Callada Canción Nicolás Guillen

Manera Pablo Milanes 4 min.

Son de la Loma Son Miguel Matamoros 4 min.

El Manisero Son-Pregón Moisés Simona 5 min.

Rumberos de Ayer Guaracha Benny Moré 4 min.

Drume Negrita Canción de Cuna Ignacio Villa 4 min.

Yerbero Moderno Son-Pregón Néstor Milí 3 min.

Dos Gardenias Bolero Isolina Carrillo 3:30 min.

Santa Bárbara Son Montuno Celina González 4 min.

Rompiendo la Danzonete Aniceto Díaz 4 min.


Soy Cubana Son-Guaracha José R.Sanchez 4 min.

Bonito y Sabroso Mambo Benny Moré 4 min.

Como me Gusta Merengue Bebo Valdés 4 min

Siboney Canción Ernesto Lecuona 4:30 min

Balada de Amor Canción Enrique Corona 3: min

Que Manera de Son Luis E. Ríos 3: min


Danza Ñañiga Canción Ernesto Lecuona 4: min

Balada de Amor Balada Enrique Corona 3: min


7 Opaelé Merengue Haitiano Folklore Oriental 3: min

Beroní Canción Folklore 3:20 min

Ojalá que Llueva Merengue Juan Luis Guerra 3: min Café

Guantanamera Guajira Joseito Fernández 3: min

Hasta Siempre Canción Carlos Puebla 3: min

Como Yo Te Amé Canción A. Manzanero 3: min

Si Tu Fossi Qui Canción Pino Danielli 3: min

Soledad Canción D.R. 3: min

Estampa de Canciones D.R.


Chancleta Folklore D.R.

Yambú, Guaguancó

Columbía Folklore Folklore

Oda al Tambor Solo de Percusión Adonay 5: min

Elegbá Danza (Eleguá) Folklore 4: min

La Muralla Canción N. Guillen 4: min

La Culebra Afro Obdulio Morales 3: min

Quédate Más Canción Pancho Céspedes 3: min

Pulsando la Lira Folklore Gregorio Hdez 3: min Bombohio Cao Son Rumba Alfredo Calderón 4: min

Somos las que Canción Rosa Rdguez 3: min


La Reina del Rumba Celeste Mendoza 4: min


Papá Oggún Folklore D.R. 4: min

Papá Montero Yambú D.R. 4: min

La Tradición Canción G. Estefan 4: min


Quinino Canción N. Guillen 4: min





Lic. Armando Jaime Casielles Representante

Teléf: 53.7.831.7016


Eva Caridad Despaigne Trujillo Directora General

Teléfono: 53.7.861.4226





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