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1 Click the link “Centro s ” , the sencond tab above. 1) Visit our website, www.usc.es 2) How to know my timetable and dates of my exams?


Academic year: 2022

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1) Visit our website, www.usc.es 2) Click the link “Centros”, the

sencond tab above.


3) Find the Faculty you are going to study in.

Keep in mind that Lugo and Santiago are two different cities, do not get confused by choosing the Faculty.

You may change the language of the website, but in

Spanish language (or in Galician language) the

information is more complete.


4) Example: In this case we will enter on the

Faculty of Law and click on "Web propia"


5) Example: Once you are on the website of the Faculty, you have to click on “Estudos”

and choose the Degree you are going to study, in this example, “Grao en Dereito”

(Law Degree)


6) Select the academic year: Make sure it is the right one. If next academic year is not published yet (they are usually published in June), you can check the previous year as a reference, most of the timetables will be similar (but not the exam dates)

The faculty may have uploaded

some file with the complete

timetable by subjects


7) Scroll down and click on the academic course. You will find all the classes grouped by course. Click on the name of the course to go to the timetable. Pay attention to the period, note that 1SG is the first semester, 2 SG is the second semester and ANG is an annual subject.

Pincha en el nombre del curso para ir al desglose del horario. Fíjate en


8) Here you have the information, the professors and the timetable of the subject.

Click on “Horarios” (Timetable).


The “Horas de Titorías” (Tutorial Hours) are hours to clarify doubts directly with the

professors, they are not classes.


Groups are usually divided according to the first letter of your last name. In case the group you are in is not

convenient for you due to your schedule, you can ask, once you are here, for a change to another group from those available, which will be granted by the Dean of the Faculty, whenever possible.

You will have to attend a group of “Clase Expositiva”

(Lecture) and a group of “Clase Interactiva Seminario”


9) If you click on the name of the group you will go to the timetable website.

In the lower part you have the program of the subject, with the explanation of the contents and the form of evaluation.

Some Universities ask for the

programs of the subjects you

are going to study, give them

this information and the

website as a reference. The

USC does not certify programs

since there are officially

published on the website.


If you click on “Horario detallado” you can see the dates when you’ll have the classes in that day of the week.

Beside the name of the professor, you

can see the language of the course. In

this case is in Spanish language


This is the detailed schedule for one of the days of the week, so you will see which day the classes start and when they finish. You’ll need to check the others days of the week also



Let’s see other example with the Faculty of Pharmacy


When you enter on the website of the Faculty, you will also see the address

and the location in a map: you have to click on “A Facultade” and after that

click “Localización”


Then, you have to go to “Estudos” and click on “Grao de Farmacia”


Scroll down and you will find the syllabus, click the course

and then in the name of the subject


Pay attention to the semester!!

Then, click on

“Horarios” (timetable)


To know which group you are in, you will have to wait until classes start, because the division of the group depends on the number of students enrolled. In this case the CLE group is only one, the first day of class you can ask which Laboratory and Seminar you are in, and in case you need it, you can ask for a change of group.

In these science classes you will find three types of classes to attend:

- Clase Expositiva (Lectures) (CLE)

- Clase Interactiva Laboratorio (Laboratory) (CLIL)

- Clase Interactiva Seminario (Seminar).

With few exceptions, there are usually no labs in non- science classes.

Here, you can see the description of the

classes, how the evaluation will be, etc.


Pinchando en el grupo verás los días que hay clase para ese grupo y las

fechas de examen de primera y segunda oportunidad. Si pinchas en horario detallado verás cada día que

hay clase.

By clicking on the group you will see the days when there are classes for that group and the dates of the first and second opportunity exams.

If you click on the detailed timetable you will see every day that there is a class.


Let’s see an example with the Faculty of Philology.


We will choose Grado en Lengua y Literatura Española

(Degree in Spanish language and literature)


Let’s select a subject in demand but, be careful because it

is not available for all students.


Many foreign students apply for this class thinking that it will help them to learn Spanish. Pay attention to the description of the class, it is not a class to learn the language, but to analyse the language by students who already have a good knowledge of Spanish. You should not select this class if you are not a Philology student with a good level of Spanish language (B2 minimum).

Here you have the description of

the subject.


Some classes have added “(Nivelación)”. These groups are

specifically for foreign students who do not have a B2 Spanish

certificate. If this is your case, you will not be able to change your

group, you will necessarily have to go to the “Nivelación” classes.


As always, by clicking in the name of the subject, you can see the timetable, the classrooms

and the date of the exams.


You will also have to attend the “Clase Expositiva”

(Lecture) (CLE) and the “Seminario Interactivo”



Moreover, if you click on the name of your professors,

you can see their contact data and their timetables.


On the website of the Faculty of

Philology you have the link to the

list of subjects for students with less

than B2 Spanish language level.



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