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3 OLADE Risk Management Course Module 3 Python itinerary

Cristian Perez

Academic year: 2022

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Module 3: Python itinerary

Prepared by Jorge Paz ( Tecnalia)


1.- Presentation of this module

Main objectives

• To define the scope of the programming skills in the the climate data that are needed for engineering practice.

• To understand the evolution of the python environment

• To recommend additional knowledge and packages

Recommended resources:

• A computer.

• Spreadsheet software: Microsoft Excel, but Openoffice and other open software is always welcome!!

• A flexible text editor: NotePad++ is an example (Windows Notes isn´t).

• Python: Anaconda platform recommended.

• A compression program: IzArc, etc.

• Google Chrome and a gmail account.


Climate and earth science libraries and resources

Scope of the course




Thank you!

Please, don´t hesitate to contact us:

Jorge Paz: jorge.paz@tecnalia.com


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