September 26, 2021 SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

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280 Oak Tree Lane, Lincoln Phone: 916-645-2102


Mission Statement

St. Joseph Parish is a geographically and culturally diverse community united by a common faith in God. We are committed to continue the mission of Jesus Christ; preaching, teaching and

building community by reaching out to all people.

Declaración de Misión

La Parroquia de San José es una comunidad geográficamente y culturalmente diversa unida por la fe común en Dios. Estamos comprometidos a continuar la misión de Jesucristo: predicando, enseñando,

y construyendo una comunidad al extendernos hacia toda la gente.

September 26, 2021



26 de Septiembre de 2021





Useful Information/ Información Útil

Pastor: Fr Fredhelito E. Gucor Parochial Vicar: Fr Jesus Hernandez Deacons: Paul DeVito, Emmett Pogue (retired),

Stan Rudger (retired), Roberto Ruiz, Jesus Rodriguez (retired), Juvencio Vela

Receptionist: Ana Barriga

Administrative Assistant: Joselynne Rodriguez Bookkeeper: Diana Gutierrez & Sarah Beasley

Music and Liturgy Coordinator:

Nina Malone Coordinator of Religious Education:

Dianna Noyes 916-645-2684

Phone: 916-645-2102 After Hours Emergency

Dial Extension 112 Email: Web Site:

The Parish Office is open from 9am to 3pm

La Oficina Parroquial está abierta desde 9 AM. A 3 PM.

St Joseph Parish SUNDAY:

8:00 AM - St. Joseph Live Stream and in-person 10:00 AM - St Joseph - In-person Only

12:00 PM Spanish - Misa en Español, Por Internet y En-Persona Daily Mass Schedule

MONDAY:8:30 AM - St Joseph Live Stream and in-person TUESDAY:8:30 AM - St Joseph - In-person Only

WEDNESDAY:8:30 AM - St Joseph Live Stream and in-person 7:00 PM Spanish Misa en Español, Solo En-Persona THURSDAY:8:30 AM - St Joseph - In-person Only

FRIDAY:8:30 AM - St Joseph Live Stream and in-person

SATURDAY:8:30 AM -St Joseph (ONLY FIRST SATURDAYS) -St Joseph -In-person Only 5:00 PM Sunday Vigil - St Joseph - In-person Only


9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Only First Saturday of the month

3:00 PM to 4:30 PM at St. Joseph or by appointment call the office

St Daniel Church

Saturday– 7PM (Spanish) Sunday– 8AM (English)

St Boniface Church

Saturday– 5:30PM (Spanish) Sunday– 10AM (English)


Liturgy/ Liturgia

Prayer/ Oración

Please pray for the Sick/Oren por los Enfermos 

Frank Padilla, Margareth Celillo, Elizabeth Gonzcol, Jane Yee, Belen Ozuna, Danny Martinez, Mario Vargas, Rudy Vargas, Luz Vargas, Bill Feron, Joseph & Anna Ferrando, Robert Ruiz, Benjamin Nagel, 

Cristina Escobedo, Susan wright, Janell R. Loveland, Kurt Simmons, Joanie O’ Brien, Isabelle Nelesen Please call the Parish Office to add or take off someone from the Prayer list.

Por favor llamen a la Oficina Parroquial para añadir o quitar a alguien a la lista de los enfermos.

Date/Fecha Readings/Lecturas Mass Intentions


September 26 

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Numbers 11:2529 (137B); James 5:16; Mark 9:3843, 45, 4748 

8am Pro Populo

10am + Robert Carrasco; 

Death Anniversary of + Barbara Maguire  12pm + Salvador Gonzalez Bustos; 

+ Maria & Antonio Cazares  Monday

September 27

St. Vincent de Paul, Priest (Memorial) 

Zechariah 8:18; Luke 9:4650

8:30am + Alba Maria Cisneros;  S.I Caitlyn Arceo 


September 28


Zechariah 8:2023; Luke 9:5156  8:30am + Dennis Wenger;  S.I Edwina Oliveira 


September 29

St. Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, Archangels (Feast)  Daniel 7:910,1314 or Revelation

12:712ab; John 1:4751

8:30am + Ausencio Yanez;

S.I Emilio Avalos 

7:00pm + Maria Luisa Guzman;

S.I Familia De La Luz Villalba  Thursday

September 30

St. Jerome, Priest & Doctor of the Church (Memorial)  Nehemiah 8:14a, 56, 7b12’ Luke


8:30am + Estelito & Carmen Cruz;  S.I Loree 


October 1 St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Virgin & Doctor of the Church


Baruch 1:1522; Luke 10:1316

8:30am + Paz Zapatos;  Death Anniversary + Hilario Villalba 


October 2 Weekday 

The Holy Guardian Angels (Memorial) 

Baruch 4:512,2729;  Matthew 18:15, 10

5:00pm + Evelyn Schmalferd & Constant Raymond Amar; 

Wedding Anniversary of Bill & Enis Airo

Happy Birthday Enis Airo 


Ways to Donate MAIL your donation to:

St Joseph Parish 280 Oak Tree Lane

Lincoln, Ca 95648

DROP OFF your donation in the drop box at the entrance of St Jo-

seph Church

CALL the parish office to find out how to set up

electronic payments

Forma de Donar ENVIA su donación:

St Joseph Parish 280 Oak Tree Lane

Lincoln, Ca 95648

DEJA su donación en la caja de do- naciones en la entrada de la Iglesia

de San José

LLAME la oficina parroquial para saber como

usted puede enviar su donación electrónicamente

THANK YOU to all the

parishioners who have continued to support the St Joseph Parish by giving of your Time, Talent and Treasure. This parish could not continue without your support.

May God Bless you and your family and keep you safe.

GRACIAS a todos los feligreses que han continuado apoyando a la Parroquia de San José dando de su Tiempo, Talento y Tesoro. Esta parroquia no podría conti- nuar sin su apoyo. Dios los Bendiga y a su familia y los mantenga seguros.


September 12 & 19, 2021

St Joseph $12,437

St. Joseph Online Payment $3,952 St Boniface (2 weekends) $1,142 St Daniel ( 2 weekends) $757.35 Family Center $470

Family Center Online Payment $575 St Boniface Maintenance $100 St Daniel Maintenance $425

United Pledges Online Payments $265.83



Are you looking for a safe place to be able to take your children to trick or treat this year?

Would you like to help the youth of the parish who will be trav- eling to World Youth Day 2023 in Portugal?

St. Joseph’s will have its first (hopefully annual) Trunk or Treat event on Saturday, October 30th. Mark this date on your calen- dar!

If you’d like to buy a space so that you can bring your theme decorated vehicle to the St. Joseph’s parking lot please con- tact: Dianna Noyes at 916Ͳ645Ͳ2684 to reserve your spot. This is an opportunity to also help children understand All Souls Day and All Saints Day. Help share in the children’s delight and fun. If you don’t know about “trunk or treat” or want more in- forma:on, contact us right away, as space is limited.

The teens and young adults who have signed up to go to World Youth Day will be asking for sponsors the weekend of October 9-10 at

all Masses.

If you’d like to learn more about how to sponsor one of these young peo- ple, please stop by to see them that weekend and pick up a flyer.

You’ll be able to talk with them about why they want to go to World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal; and visit other historic Catholic sights –

including a trip to Fatima.

These young people and their chaperones will also be participating in nu- merous fundraising opportunities in the coming months, such as the Trunk or Treat, Mandarins, See’s Candy, and Christmas wreath sales, Intermission treats at Made for More…and many more opportunities to

be announced.



The Women’s Bible Study is now meeting as two groups – via Zoom (at home on the computer or phone) and in per- son. Both groups meet on Thursday mornings – In person begins at 9:30 AM in the Family Center and Zoom begins at

10 AM. Meetings are 1-1 ½ hours.

If you are interested in joining either of these groups con- tact the Religious Education Office at 916-645-2684 or by October 18, 2021 so that study guides can be ordered for participants. Study guides are $10 each. The study guides begin with the new Liturgi-

cal year, which is 11/28/2021.

St. Joseph’s began using a messaging system called Flocknote last Spring. It is a great method for sending out information about parish events, communicating with parents about faith formation, and notifying parishioners for any last-minute

changes to Mass location or time.

The weekend of October 9-10, you will have an opportunity to sign up for Flock- note if you haven’t already done so. It is very simple to add your name to the data-

base. You can also request that your name be added to various ministries and groups once you have signed up and created a log in.

One of the most important aspects of this database is that it is a “closed” group. In other words, you information will not be shared within anyone. In fact, except for a few individuals in the parish office, no one else will have access to your mobile phone number or email address. Even a person who has been given permission to send out messages to a specific group cannot see anything other than the names of

the persons in that group.

Once you have sent a text to the number you will be given at Mass that weekend, if you should want additional assistance with creating a log in or adding your name

to a group or ministry, there will be several young people available after Mass to help you in the Narthex.


Our Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist will be happy to bring the Eu- charist to members of our Parish that are homebound.

They will also take the Eucharist to those that are at Lincoln Mead- ows, Gladding Ridge, Summer Set and Care Home.

Please call the Parish Office at (916) 645-2102 or

Joyce Barry at (916) 253-9410 if you wish your loved one to receive Holy Com- munion.


Nuestros Ministros Extra Ordinarios de la Eucaristía estarán felices de llevar la Eu- caristía a los miembros de nuestra parroquia que están confinados a sus hogares.

También llevarán la Eucaristía a aquellos que estén en Lincoln Meadows, Gladding Ridge, Summer Set y Care Home.

Llame a la oficina parroquial al (916) 645-2102 o

Joyce Barry al (916) 253-9410 si desea que su ser querido reciba la Sagrada Comunión.

St.Joseph will be hosting a Ministry Fair on the weekend of

October 23rd and 24th.

Ministry & Organization leaders are asked to contact Liturgy & Music Coordinator Nina Malone @ (916)


or the Church office for more information.

The first planning meeting will take place in the Hospitality Room on Thursday, September 30th @


All participants are encouraged to attend.


St. Joseph tendra una Feria Ministerial el fin de semana de 23 y 24 de octubre.

Se solicita a los líderes de ministerios y organizaciones que se comuniquen con Coordinadora de Liturgia y Música Nina Malone @ (916) 759-3607

o en la oficina de la Iglesia para obtener más información.

La primera reunión de planificación tendrá lugar en el Hospitality Room el jueves 30 de septiembre a las 5:00 p.m.

Se anima a todos los participantes a asistir.


Respect Life Ministry/ Ministerio de Respeto por la Vida

Pregnancy Resources

A Woman’s Friend - Yuba City- 530-741-0556 Sacramento Life Center – 916-451-4357

Sierra Pregnancy + Health – Roseville - 916-624-8990 Alternatives Pregnancy Center – Sacramento- 916-880-4040

Welcome to Respect Life Ministry

St. Joseph Respect Life Ministry is excited to resume our monthly meetings after over a year! Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 22, at 9:30 AM in the Family Center Hospitality Room. We welcome and need new mem-

bers! If you are interested but can’t attend weekday meetings or need more information, please call Gneal Trevethan at 916-759-1221.

Life Chain 2021

Respect Life Month begins next Sunday, October 3.

As never before, we need to be a witness for life, for those most vulnerable, the babies in the womb. On October 3, from 2-3 PM we will spend one hour

of silent prayer along Lincoln Blvd. in front of Safeway.

This annual event began in 1987 and is now held in over 2000 cities in the United States and Canada. Our local leader is our parishioner Teresa

Landry. Please call her at 530-635-6495 for more information.




Thrift Store: 9169721212

St Vincent De Paul Pantry needs: Cold Cereals, Jam, Peanut Butter, Soups . Please drop off your donation in the SVdP box in the entrance of St Joseph Church.

San Vicente de Paul necesita: Cereales fríos, mermelada, Peanut Butter, sopas. Por favor de dejar su donación en la caja a la entrada de la Iglesia de San José. 

26 de septiembre- XXVI Domingo del tiem- po ordinario:

En el evangelio de hoy, Jesús les dice a sus discípulos: "Cualquiera que les dé un trago de agua porque pertenecen a Cristo no se irá, les aseguro, sin su recompensa". La Sociedad de San Vicente de Paúl está en primera línea.

En julio, a través de sus donaciones, la Sociedad de San Vicente de Paúl pudo ayudar a 33 famil- ias, 141 personas proporcionando $ 7,816 en ali- mentos, servicios públicos, alquiler y otros pa- gos. ¡Dios te bendiga!

September 26 - Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time:

In today’s gospel Jesus tells his disciples: “Anyone who gives you a drink of water because you belong to Christ will not, I assure you, go without his re- ward.” The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is on the front line.

In July, through your gifts, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul was able to

assist 33 families, 141 persons providing $7,816 in food, utility, rent and

other payments. God Bless You!


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Hosted by St Joseph Council Knights of Columbus

Dear Parishioner,

You are cordially invited to participate in the 30th Annual Knights of Columbus Oktoberfest Celebration. This event will take place on Saturday, October 16, 2021 at our new St. Joseph Family Center. Entertainment and music will be provided by the Sacramento Turn Verein Alpentaenzer Dancers. Authentic German food will include Gourmet German Sausage: Schublig Beef, Weisswurst-Veal or Apple Chicken, Hot German Potato Salad, Apple Sauerkraut, veggies, rolls and dessert.

Doors open at 5:00, and Dinner is served at 6:45.

St Joseph Family Center 280 Oak Tree Lane

Lincoln, CA

Raffle Prizes: $500, $400, $300

This event will sell out quickly.

Order tickets now!!!

- - - Name:________________________________________ Phone #:____________________

Address: _____________________________________City/Zip_______________________

Number of Adult Dinner Tickets: _____ x $40.00 _________ (Total Amount) Children 12 and under Dinner Tickets _____ x $10.00 _________ (Total Amount) Total Raffle tickets_____ x $5.00 (6 for $20.00) _________ (Total Amount) (Need not be present to win) _________ (Total Amount Due) **

**Submit your order with check payable to: Knights of Columbus, PO Box 842, Lincoln, CA 95648 Questions? Call Gerold Voigt @ 916-645-8883. Thank you for joining us!



Dear Parishioners: The Rosary Give Away was a great success. We ran out of rosaries at each mass. And so we will make more.

Mother Mary would like nothing more than that each of us has a rosary and uses it each day.

The Give Away would not have been possible without the help of the members of the Rosary guild and additional volunteers. Heartfelt thanks to all who participated. More rosaries are being made– it will take about a month for the number of rosaries requested to be made. Your

very, very generous donations make it possible for more supplies to be purchased. Watch the Bulletin to know when the addition rosaries will be available for pick up.

As Father Jesus said, “The Family that prays together stays together”.

Elaine (916) 645-2213



Estimados feligreses: Repartiendo rosarios fue un gran éxito.

Nos quedamos sin rosarios en cada misa. Y así haremos más.

A la Madre María no le gustaría nada más que cada uno de nosotros tenga un rosario y lo use todos los días. No hubiera sido posible sin la ayuda de los miembros del gremio Rosary y vol- untarios adicionales. Un sincero agradecimiento a todos los que participaron. Se están haci- endo más rosarios; se necesitará aproximadamente un mes para la cantidad de rosarios solic- itada. Sus muy, muy generosas donaciones hacen posible la compra de más suministros. Mire

el Boletín para saber cuándo estarán disponibles los rosarios adicionales para recogerlos.

Como dijo el Padre Jesús,

“La Familia que reza unida permanece unida”.

Elaine (916) 645-2213

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • St. Joseph Catholic Church, Lincoln, CA B 4C 05-1751


For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 • St. Joseph Catholic Church, Lincoln, CA A 4C 05-1751 Accepting New Patients

Lincoln Smiles

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Family & Cosmetic, Dentistry

Children & Adults Welcome!


Dr. Espiritu

801 Sterling Pkwy Suite 100 Lincoln, California 95648 Cell: 916-295-8004 Hablo Español

Each office is independently owned and operated

Edda Nix Realtor CalBRE#01709944

Denzler Family Dentistry

Your Partner in Great Oral Health New Patients Welcome!

Parishioner and Supporter of St. Joseph Parish


Paul Denzler, DDS




521 Lincoln Blvd  Lincoln


Primo Santini  Lic.#0B86519 Now Authorized to Offer the

AARP Auto & Home Insurance Program

from The Hartford

"Serving Lincoln Since 1948”



Roseville Office 919 Reserve Drive Suite 118 • Roseville, CA 95678

Phone: 916-774-7030 Yuba City Office

474 Century Park Drive Suite 300 • Yuba City, CA 95991 Phone: 530-674-9841 | Fax: 530-674-7818

Experienced Professional Conscientious


Christopher Lane

Service Specialist



License #GSD02047

Direct Cremation $895


Contact Donna Touros to place an ad today! or (800) 950-9952 x2610

Funeral • Mortuary • Cremation • Cemetery


Mario Reburiano

Family Service Advisor Funeral • Mortuary • Cremation • Cemetery


Mario Reburiano

Family Service Advisor

Marunong mag Tagalog 323 89th Street Daly City, CA Veronica Gomez


Thinking of Buying or Selling? Together we will find the keys to your Home Sweet Home!

Pensando en comprar oh vender su casa?

Juntos encontraremos las llaves de su casa, Home Sweet Home!

CELL (415) 368-4357 / (916) 380-0064 OFFICE (650) 991-3600

FAX (650) 991-3630 Lic. #01465705 BRE #01955625

Thinking of Buying or Selling?

Together we will find your Home!

Serving the Lincoln & Rocklin Community Since 2009.

Pensando en comprar oh vender su casa?

Juntos encontraremos su hogar!

Sirviendo Lincoln y Rocklin desde 2009!

CELL (415) 368-4357 • (916) 380-0064 OFFICE (650) 991-3600

FAX (650) 991-3630




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