Sparkling wine, Aperol, rose syrup, orange juice, soda water. Yerba mate infused Gin, Aperol, Sakura syrup, tonic water, rosemary

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Argentine Flavours


(Signature cocktails)

Buenos Aires Spritz

Sparkling wine, Aperol, rose syrup, orange juice, soda water

Cinzano Julep

Cinzano Rosso, lavender syrup, grapefruit juice, soda water, fresh mint, brown sugar

Porteño Tonic

Yerba mate infused Gin, Aperol, Sakura syrup, tonic water, rosemary


Guava infused Pisco, Cinzano Dry, mango juice, almond syrup, lemon, soda water

Patagonico Fizz

Red berries infused Rum, Malamado Malbec Port, vanilla syrup, sugar, fresh mint, soda water

Viejo Norteño

Basil infused Vodka, Torrontés, lavender syrup, lime, soda water, basil

Argentinian’s Favorites


(Classics in Argentina)

Fernet Con Coca

Fernet Branca and Coke

Pisco Sour

Pisco, lemon, syrup, egg white

Cinzano Soda

Cinzano Rosso, soda water, orange slice


Vodka, passion fruit, lime, sugar


Campari, orange juice, orange slice

Kir Royale

Sparkling wine and blackcurrant liqueur



La Rambla

Mango juice, passion fruit, rose syrup, soda water, mint

La Ribera

Iced Green tea, lavender syrup, Sakura syrup, cranberry juice, soda water


By the Glass

Please note our glass size is 150ml

White Wines


Trapiche ‘Astica’ Semillon Blend 2017, Luján de Cuyo/Uco Valley 62 Argento Pinot Grigio 2016, Mendoza/San Juan 68 Trapiche Chardonnay 2017, Uco Valley/East Mendoza 75 Dominio del Plata ‘Crios' Torrontés 2017, Calchaqui Valleys/Uco Valley 78

Pulenta ‘Estate’ Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Luján de Cuyo 88

Red Wines


Trapiche Merlot 2016, East Mendoza 70

Altos las Hormigas ‘Clasico’ 2016, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo/East Mendoza 75 Chakana ‘Estate’ Syrah 2015, Luján de Cuyo 88 Trapiche ‘Oak Cask’ Pinot Noir 2016, Uco Valley/East Mendoza 90 Viña Cobos ‘Felino’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Luján de Cuyo 98

Mendel Malbec 2015, Luján de Cuyo 115

Achaval Ferrer ‘Quimera’ 2013, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo/East Mendoza 198 Achaval Ferrer ‘Finca Altamira’ Malbec 2012, Uco Valley 298 Achaval Ferrer ‘Finca Mirador’ Malbec 2007, East Mendoza 388

Sparkling Wines

glass bottle

Bianchi Brut NV, San Rafael 78 390

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin NV, Champagne 780

Krug Grande Cuvèe NV, Champagne 2280

Dom Perignon 2009, Champagne 2400

Rosé Wines


Pulenta ‘La Flor’ Malbec Rosé 2015, Luján de Cuyo 368 Luigi Bosca ‘A Rosé is a Rosé…’ 2016, Luján de Cuyo 500

Dessert Wines

glass bottle

Zuccardi Torrontés Tardío 2016, East Mendoza 58 450 Zuccardi ‘Malamado’ Port Style Malbec NV, East Mendoza 62 590



The most northern wine regions in the country are also home of the highest vineyards in the world, reaching heights over 3000m asl. The hot days and cold nights allow the production of high quality grapes and wines. Tannat, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon for reds, while Torrontés for whites, but keep and eye in Sauvignon Blancs from this regions. Rich, concentrated and intense expression in the wines made this region famous, but is the seek of freshness the current trend among the winemakers.


Dominio del Plata ‘Críos’ Torrontés 2017, Calchaqui Valleys / Uco Valley 368

Colomé ‘Estate’ Torrontés 2017, Cafayate 400


El Porvenir de Cafayate Tannat 2015, Cafayate 380

San Pedro de Yacochuya Malbec 2013, Cafayate 600

Colomé ‘Lote Especial La Brava’ Malbec 2015, Cafayate 700

Yacochuya Malbec 2009, Calchaqui Valleys 1350

San Juan

Second largest wine producing region in Argentina after Mendoza, the main focus is in red wines based on Syrah, considered for many years ‘the future’ of San Juan, together with Malbec and Bonarda Argentina, all grapes that enjoy the hot and dry conditions there. The quality improves year after year, and the producers located in the Pedernal Valley, are the responsible for this, with the benefits of this cooler sub region. Zonda Valley and Tulum Valley are the hotter areas, giving more voluptuous wines.


Finca Las Moras Syrah 2017, Tulum Valley / Zonda Valley / Pedernal Valley 320 Finca Las Moras ‘Gran Syrah’ 2014, Tulum Valley / Zonda Valley / Pedernal Valley 580




Luján de Cuyo and


Maipú and the East region are the warmest and lower in altitude, usually giving more generous ripeness, spices and concentration, being home of some of the oldest vineyards in Mendoza. Luján de Cuyo and its sub regions give us what we know as “The Classic Malbec that Everybody Falls in Love With”, being juicy and velvety. Here, Las Compuertas and Vistalba, Agrelo and Perdriel are regions to look at.



Luigi Bosca ‘La Linda’ Chardonnay 2016, Luján de Cuyo 380 Pulenta ‘Estate’ Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Luján de Cuyo 420 Luigi Bosca Chardonnay 2015, Luján de Cuyo 500


Trapiche Merlot 2017, East Mendoza 350

Luigi Bosca ‘La Linda’ Malbec 2016, Luján de Cuyo 350 Viña Cobos ‘Felino’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Luján de Cuyo 400

Chakana ‘Estate’ Syrah 2015, Luján de Cuyo 410

Chakana ‘Estate’ Bonarda 2015, Luján de Cuyo 430

Luigi Bosca Syrah 2015, Luján de Cuyo/East Mendoza 500

Zuccardi ‘Q’ Tempranillo 2013, East Mendoza 550

Terrazas ‘Reserva’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Luján de Cuyo 550

Mendel Malbec 2015, Luján de Cuyo 570

Luigi Bosca “DOC” Malbec 2015, Luján de Cuyo 690

Mendel Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Luján de Cuyo 730

Luigi Bosca “Gala 1’ Blend 2015, Luján de Cuyo 810



Uco Valley &

San Rafael

On the way south we have Uco Valley, where most of the producers are focused at. A cooler area and higher in altitude, with very complex soils producing some of the most vibrant wines in the country, with elegant, floral and fresh expression. Names like Paraje Altamira, Vista Flores and Gualtallary are probably the most significant in the valley, but not the only. The most southern region in Mendoza is San Rafael, with lower altitude vineyards and a strong heritage of italian immigrants.



Bodega Rolland ‘Mariflor’ Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Vistaflores 598 Catena Zapata ‘Alta’ Chardonnay 2014, Uco Valley 850


Monteviejo ‘Festivo’ Malbec 2016, Vistaflores 400

Kaikén ‘Ultra’ Malbec 2015, Uco Valley 480

Famiglia Bianchi ‘Organic’ Malbec 2014, San Rafael 480

Finca Sophenia ‘Reserve’ Syrah 2015, Gualtallary 510

Clos de los Siete Blend 2014, Vistaflores 620

Monteviejo ‘Petite Fleur’ Malbec 2014, Vistaflores 700

Bodega Rolland ‘Mariflor’ Merlot 2011, Vistaflores 750

Finca Sophenia ‘AntiSynthesis’ Blend 2015, Gualtallary 750 Bodega Rolland ‘Mariflor’ Pinot Noir 2012, Vistaflores 770 Viña Cobos ‘Bramare Valle de Uco’ Malbec 2014, 900

San Carlos/Tupungato/Tunuyán

Catena Zapata ‘Malbec Argentino’ Malbec 2011, Paraje Altamira/Gualtallary 1450 Achával Ferrer ‘Finca Altamira’ Malbec 2012, Paraje Altamira 1470



Regions Combined

For most of the wine consumers, Mendoza is the most recognisable wine region, what makes sense since it produces more or less 70% of the country’s total. The balance between the warm and coolest areas have been one of the most traditional ways of blending in the ‘Province of the Sun and Good Wine’.


Argento Pinot Grigio 2016, Mendoza/San Juan Trapiche ‘Astica’ Semillon Blend 2017, Luján de Cuyo/Uco Valley 320

Trapiche Chardonnay 2017, Uco Valley/East Mendoza 360


Dominio del Plata ‘Críos’ Malbec 2016, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo 368 Altos Las Hormigas ‘Clasico’ Malbec 2016, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo/East Mendoza 375 Trapiche ‘Oak Cask’ Pinot Noir 2016, Uco Valley/East Mendoza 440 Catena Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo 460

El Nudo Malbec 2015, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo 590

Pulenta ‘Gran’ Malbec 2013, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo 850 Matías Riccitelli ‘Vineyard Selection’ Cabernet Franc 2014, 930

Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo

Achaval Ferrer ‘Quimera’ Blend 2013, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo/East Mendoza 960 Catena Zapata ‘Nicolás’ Blend 2010, Uco Valley/Luján de Cuyo 1350

Buenos Aires

One of the newest wine regions in the world, being first planted in 2007. Still a very small area, but with lot of potential as a coastal region due to the influence from the Atlantic Sea, perfect for short ripening period grapes, such as Albariño that also enjoys this in Galicia. The cooling effect is also beneficial to Chardonnay and aromatic grapes such as Riesling and Gewürtztraminer, and Pinot Noir for red wines.


Trapiche ‘Costa y Pampa’ Riesling 2016, Chapadmalal 450






Neuquén & Río Negro

The rivers allow life to exist in this dry and constantly windy area, where humidity never goes higher than 30%. With more hours of sun than in the rest of the country, this region is home to some of the oldest vineyards of Pinot Noir, Merlot and Riesling in the world, all located in Río Negro. Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are also planted there since many decades. Neuquén is a rising region for both, volume and quality, with some of the most ambitious investments in the country, in a place only known for apples, cherries and pears production until the year 2000.



Bodega Chacra ‘Barda’ Pinot Noir 2016, Rio Negro 690

Bodega Noemía ‘J. Alberto’ Malbec 2015, Rio Negro 950



Bottle San Miguel 58 Corona 58 Guinness 62 Tsingtao 62


Somersby 58

Draught Beer

Asahi 68 Kronenbourg Blanc 68 Kronenbourg 1664 72


Beefeater 68 Bombay 78 Tanqueray 78 Hendrick’s 98


Stolichnaya 68 Absolut 78 Belvedere 88 Grey Goose 98

Whisky and

Single Mat

Jameson 68 Jack Daniel’s 68 Maker’s Mark 68

Johnnie Walker Black Label 78 Glenmorangie 10 years 88 Macallan 12 years 90 Nikka "Miyagikyo"10 years 148

Oban 14 years 158

Macallan 18 years 168


Ruby Taylor’s Port 68 Warres Warrior 68 Special Reserve


Tio Pepe Sherry 68


Bacardi Dry Light 68 Havana Club 3 Years 68

Mount Gay 78

Blackwell 78

Sailor Jerry 88

Ron Zacapa 23 Solera 188


Jose Cuervo Silver 68

Herradura Plata 88 Herradura Añejo 98 Patrón Silver 128 Patrón Reposado 138 Patrón Añejo 148


Hennessy VSOP 98

Remy Martin VSOP 98

Hennessy XO 198 Remy Martin XO 198


Limoncello 48 Sambuca 58 Tia Maria 58 Frangelico 58 Kahlua 58 Bailey’s 58 Southern Comfort 58 Chambord 58 Cointreau 68 Grand Marnier 78 Pernod 78 Benedictine 98 Drambuie 108 Chartreuse Yellow 118



Fresh Orange 42 Fresh Apple 42 Fresh Watermelon 42 Cranberry 38 Grapefruit 38 Tomato 38 Pineapple 38


Coke 38 Diet Coke 38 Sprite 38 Ginger Ale 38 Ginger Beer 38 Tonic 38


Acqua Panna 750ml 58 San Pellegrino 750ml 58


Coffee 38 Caffé Americano 38 Espresso 38 Macchiato 38 Double Espresso 42 Cappuccino 42 Caffé Latte 42 Flat White 42 Iced Coffee 42

Caffé with Liqueur 68


Iced Tea 38 English Breakfast 38 Earl Grey 38 Jasmine 38 Chamomile 38 Peppermint 38 Green Tea 38






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