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Please make arrangements at the Rectory. Bapsmal instrucons for parents and godparents are required beforehand.


Daily 12 PM—12:15 PM and by appointment. MARRIAGE

Couples planning marriage should contact the Rectory at least one year before wedding is scheduled.


Every First Friday following the 12:15 PM Mass unl 6 PM. ANOINTING OF THE SICK

Emergencies at any me by calling (973) 623-0497. In case of illness or incapacity, Holy Communion will be brought to the home on request. VOCATIONS

If you are discerning a vocaon, please contact the Vocaons Office at (973) 313-6190 or by e-mail at For more informaon, visit or contact Fr. Bismarck.


STAY UPDATED BY LIKING US ON FACEBOOK! Search for “Saint Patrick’s Pro-Cathedral” or go to FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM/TWITTER: @stppcnewark Since its foundaon in 1850, St. Patrick’s

Pro-Cathedral has opened wide its doors to the City of Newark. In the spirit of this tradion, we seek to create a culture of encounter that enables

people to grow in their relaonship with Jesus Christ and become His disciples. OUR PARISH MISSION STATEMENT









Rev. Bismarck Chau, Pastor

Rev. Juan Alexander Ortega, Parochial Vicar Mr. Leonidas Aponte, Deacon

Joselina Casllo, Parish Catechecal Leader Brandon Ocampo, Director of Youth & YA Ministry Margaret Clark, Administrave Assistant

Ana Perez, Secretary

WEEKEND ASSISTANTS Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Wister


SUNDAY — 9:15 AM (English), 10:45 AM (Spanish), 7:00 PM (Student Mass)

SATURDAY VIGIL — 4:00 PM (English) HOLY DAY VIGIL MASS — 7:00 PM (Bilingual) DAILY MASS (M-F) — 12:15 PM in the Chapel MONDAYS — 7:00 PM (Spanish) in the Chapel


91 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWARK, NJ, 07102 Rectory: 39 Bleeker St., Newark, NJ, 07102

Rectory Hours: 8 AM—3 PM Phone: (973) 623-0497 or (973) 623-0822

Fax: (973) 623-2030


“If anyone wishes to be first,

he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.”

- Mark 9:35


““†” indicates person is deceased SATURDAY, September 22 4:00 PM St. Patrick’s Parishioners (Special Intenon) SUNDAY, September 23 9:15 AM Ryan Archer †

10:45 AM Eloina y Crisno Roman † Reynaldo y Efrain Roman † Larry Lee †

Galo Idrobo †

7:00 PM All Students of the Newman

Catholic Community MONDAY, September 24 12:15 PM Helen Donahue † 7:00 PM TUESDAY, September 25 12:15 PM Peg Ross † WEDNESDAY, September 26 12:15 PM Eileen Conlon †

THURSDAY, September 27 — St. Vincent de Paul 12:15 PM Victoria Calderon de Orz † FRIDAY, September 28

12:15 PM Julia Marrison †

We sincerely hope you feel at home here and want to make Saint Patrick’s your parish. There are two easy ways to become a registered member. Fill out our online registraon form at or register at the Welcome Table aer any weekend Mass. As a registered member, you will receive all mailings as well as giving envelopes for your weekly offering.

THE WINE consecrated and distributed at all Masses today has been offered for the repose of the soul of Richard Wilson.

THE HOSTS used today at all Masses have been offered for the spiritual and temporal welfare of the Mahoney Family.

THE TABERNACLE CANDLE used today at all Masses has been offered for the spiritual and temporal welfare of Francisco Roman.

THE CANDLES used today at all Masses have been offered for the repose of the soul of Julia Tejedor.

The wine, hosts, and tabernacle candle may be offered in honor of a loved one for a month.




WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Saint Patrick’s is a diverse and vibrant community of faith that offers many opportunies to enrich your spiritual life, serve those in need, educate yourself and your family, and most importantly, to belong. Whoever you are, no maer where you find yourself on the journey of faith, you are welcome and wanted here.

Take me to discover for yourself an authenc and welcoming community that you can call home.


Whether you’re interested in serving, connecng with others, worshipping, giving, or growing spiritually, we offer many opportunies for adults of all ages and youth to choose from. This bullen, along with our website, is the best source of informaon for those wanng to engage.


“Where jealousy and selfish ambion exist, there is disorder and every foul pracce.” Dear Friends,

Last weekend we held our parish Couples Retreat “Encounter of Love” in which 22 couples parcipated. I am blessed to have been a part of that retreat and to have witnessed God’s love being outpoured on all the couples.

Today’s second reading from the leer of St. James begin with a statement that is so true for every human person, “Where jeal-ousy and selfish ambion exist, there is disorder and every foul pracce.” At the couples retreat, it was said that selfishness is destroying many Chrisan marriages thus they were reminded that married couples are to image God’s unselfish and uncondional love for humanity in how they love each other. Husbands were reminded that they are called to love and protect their wives as their own body. Couples must seek the good of the other at all mes because they are one flesh, one body.

When selfish ambion infests a marriage, it causes couples to neglect the feelings of the other, the good of the other. This ambion is also seen in today’s Gospel, while Jesus shares with his disciples the im-minent death that awaits him in Jerusalem, some disciples where think-ing about power and posion ignorthink-ing Jesus’ feelthink-ings and emoons. Je-sus, however does not deny posion and power, but teaches us the way to get there, “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of al and the servant of all.”

Let us then, in every aspect of our lives be the servant of all in order to be the first in the Kingdom of Heaven.

With Love and Prayers, Fr. Bismarck


LLIFE TEEN (YOUTH MINISTRY) - 12 PM (following the 10:45 AM Mass), every Sunday in the Newman Center.

GRUPO DE ORACIÓN — 7 PM, todos los Lunes (En la Iglesia) GRUPO DE INTERCESIÓN Y REPARACIÓN “JESUS EUCARISTÍA” —— 7 PM, todos los Miercoles (En la Capilla)

ZUMBA — 9 AM, Every Saturday (Convent Basement)

The Archdiocese of Newark’s Family Life Office is sponsoring a three day retreat for the separated and divorced. Each day fea-tures DVD sessions that cover topics of shock, denial, anger, grief, guilt, forgiveness, and much more. The inerary includes video presentaons and small group discussions. Parcipants will hear personal tesmonies of Catholic men and women who have experienced the breakdown of their families who witness to the healing power of Christ in their lives.

Whether someone is recently divorced or not, this program offers valuable insight and support. Each session runs from 9 am to 1 pm and will cover different topics and discussions. Babysing will be provided on site. The cost of all three days of the retreat is $$20.00 and includes the cost of a personal guide-book, refreshments, and a light lunch.

To register, go to: hps:// and enter in your name and email.


Saturday, October 27, 2018; Saturday, November 17, 2018; Sat-urday, December 1, 2018


9:00 am to 1:00 pm Locaon:

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament 28 Livingston Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068


CATHOLICNWK: YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY (18-39) Community doesn't happen by accident. Get connected. Join young adults (18-39) from around the Archdiocese of Newark for intenonal gatherings of the heart. EEvery Tuesday night at

the Newman Catholic Center in Newark. CCatholicNWK is a Christ-centered, intenonal community of young adults. We

exist as a response to the glorious unrest for renewal in our Archdiocese. This week’s gathering will be about living out our

faith in our daily life and work! 7:00 PM - Eucharisc Adoraon

8:00 PM - Gathering, Snacks, Talk & Discussion, etc. For more info, email!


The Hispanic Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Newark is once again pleased to offer its Spanish Language Class and Cultural Program starng this September. TThis is open to all parish employees, volunteers, ministry leaders, and parishioners.

The Beginner Session starts on Wednesday, September 5th and the Intermediate Session starts on Thursday, September 6th. For

the Advanced Session, please call Marissa Espinosa at (973) 497-4013. Sessions are held weekly at the Archdiocesan

Center in Newark (171 Clion Ave.) from 10 AM— 12 PM. The weekly classes go to June 2019. Cost: $150.00 per session (Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced).

To register, please contact Marissa Espinosa at (973) 497-4013 or at

NEWMAN CATHOLIC CENTER — CATHOLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY The Newman Catholic Center at University Heights, which consists of Rutgers

Newark, NJIT, and Essex County Community College, is part of the Newman Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Newark. We seek to serve

students in their spiritual, moral, and intellectual development, in accordance with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Newman Catholic meets on a regular basis for prayer, faith formaon, local outreach, and fellowship. We offer numerous opportunies - both on campus at the Newman Catholic Center on 91 Washington St. in Newark.


Newman Night (Faith Formaon and Social): 9/24/18 @ 7 PM at the Newman Center

For more informaon on the events, please email us at or visit our website:



WEEKLY COLLECTION (WEEK OF 9/16/18) TOTAL: $1811.59 Thank you for your support!

Gracias por su apoyo!




Esperamos sinceramente que te sientas como en casa y quieras hacer San Patricio tu parroquia. Hay dos maneras fáciles de converrse en un miembro registrado. Complete nuestro formulario de inscripción en línea en newmember o regístrese en la Mesa de Bienvenida después de cualquier Misa de fin de semana. Como miembro registrado, recibirá todos los correos y también los sobres para su oferta semanal.

EL VINO consagrado y distribuido en todas las Misas de hoy ha sido ofrecido para el descanso del alma de Richard Wilson.

LAS HOSTIAS usadas hoy en todas las Misas han sido ofrecidas por el bienestar espiritual y temporal de la Familia Mahoney.

LA VELA DEL TABERNÁCULO ulizada hoy en todas las Misas se ha ofrecido para el bienestar espiritual y temporal de Francisco Roman.

LAS VELAS que se usan hoy en todas las Misas se han ofrecido para el descanso del alma de Julia Tejedor.

The wine, hosts, and tabernacle candle may be offered in honor of a loved one for a month. SEPTIEMBRE: LOS SIETE DOLORES DE MARÍA



¡ESTAMOS CONTENTOS DE QUE ESTÉN AQUÍ! San Patricio es una comunidad de fe diversa y vibrante que ofrece muchas oportunidades para enriquecer su vida espiritual, servir a quienes lo necesitan, educarse a sí mismo y a su familia, y lo más importante, pertenecer. Quien quiera que sea, sin importar dónde se encuentre en el camino de la fe, ers bienvenido y deseado aquí.

Tómese el empo para descubrir por sí mismo una comunidad auténca y acogedora a la que puede llamar su hogar.


Ya sea que esté interesado en servir, conectarse con otros, adorar, dar o crecer espiritualmente, ofrecemos muchas oportunidades para que los adultos de todas las edades y jóvenes puedan elegir. Este bolen, junto con nuestro sio web, es la mejor fuente de información para aquellos que deseen parcipar.

“Donde hay envidias y rivalidades, ahí hay desorden y toda clase de obras malas.”

Esmados Amigos,

El pasado fin de semana celebramos nuestro Rero parroquial de Parejas "Encuentro de amor" en el que parciparon 22 parejas. Tube la bendición de haber sido parte de ese rero y de haber sido tesgo de como el amor de Dios se derramó sobre todas las parejas.

La segunda lectura de hoy de la carta de Sanago comienza con una declaración que es tan cierta para cada persona humana, “Donde hay envidias y rivalidades, ahí hay desorden y toda clase de obras malas.” En el rero de parejas, se dijo que el egoísmo está destruyendo muchos matrimonios crisanos, por lo que se les recordó que las parejas deben reflejar el amor desinteresado e incondicional de Dios por la humanidad en la forma en que se aman el uno al otro. A los maridos se les recordó que están llamados a amar y proteger a sus esposas como a su propio cuerpo. Las parejas deben buscar el bien del otro en todo momento porque son una sola carne, un solo cuerpo.

Cuando la ambición egoísta infesta un matrimonio, provoca que las parejas descuiden los senmientos del otro, el bien del otro. Esta ambición también se ve en el Evangelio de hoy, mientras que Jesús comparte a sus discípulos la próximidad de la muerte que le espera en Jerusalén, algunos discípulos solo piensan sobre el poder y la posición ignorando los senmientos y emociones de Jesús. Jesús, sin embargo, no niega la posición y el poder, pero nos enseña el camino para llegar allí: "Si alguno quiere ser el primero, será el úlmo de todos y el servidor de todos".

Procuremos entonces, en cada aspecto de nuestras vidas ser el servidor de todos para ser los primeros en el Reino de los Cielos.

Con amor y oraciones, P. Bismarck

CARTA DEL PASTOR CONVIÉRTETE EN MIEMBRO "Y a , Madre, una espada de dolor te atravesará el

corazón..." (Lucas 2, 35)


Todos los adolescentes, de 13 a 18 años, están invita-dos a unirse a nosotros para nuestro PRIMER evento juvenil! Comenzaremos con una serie basada en el tema de este año llamado "RELENTLESS FATHER". Comenzaremos al mediodía (justo después de las 10:45 Misa termina) en el Centro de Newman. ¡Habrá comida, diversión, y una oportunidad de crecer en su fe y hacer nuevos amigos!

Para obtener más información, o para parcipar, comuníquese con BBrandon Ocampo (Ministro de Jovenes) al (201) 562-2016 o



Universal – Young People in Africa That young people in Africa may have access to

educaon and work in their own countries.

EVERY THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH — Next Class (English) — September 16th aer 9:15 AM Mass

CLASES DE BAUTISMO CADA TERCER DOMINGO DEL MES — Próxima Clase (Español) — 16 de Sepembre después de la Misa de 10:45 AM



SEPTEMBER: DEDICATED TO THE SEVEN SORROWS OF MARY The month of September is dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Devoon to the sorrows of the Virgin Mary dates from the twelh century, when it made its appearance in monasc circles under the influence of St. Anselm and St. Bernard. The Cistercians and then the Servites undertook to propagate it. It became widespread in the fourteenth and especially the fieenth centuries, parcularly in the Rhineland and Flanders, where Confraternies of the Sorrowful Mother

sprang up. It was in this context that the first liturgical formularies in her honor were composed. A provincial council of

Mainz in 1423 made use of these in establishing a "Feast of the Sorrows of Mary" in reparaon for Hussite profanaons of her images. In 1494 the feast appeared in Bruges, where the Precious Blood of Christ was venerated; later on it made its way into France. It did not, however, become widespread in France before Benedict XIII included it in the Roman Calendar in 1727 and assigned it to the Friday before Palm Sunday.

Some Churches had previously celebrated this feast during the Easter season. Others, however, celebrated the Joys of the Blessed Virgin during the Easter season, as is sll done today at Braga. In some places it was entled "Recollecon of the Feasts and Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary." - EExcerpted from The Church at Prayer, Vol. IV A.G. Marmort.


Join us for our INTERNATIONAL DAY event on

October 21st. The event will take place from

2PM —5 PM!

Únase a nosotros para nuestro evento


¡El evento es de 2 PM a 5 PM!


Public school, Catholic school, Home school — All teens are welcome!

For more informaon, or to get involved, please contact Brandon Ocampo (Youth Minister) at (201) 562-2016 or at LIFE TEEN YOUTH MINISTRY (13-18)

Join us on Saturday, October 6th for our SECOND ANNUAL CCHILIFEST!

5:30 — 8:30 PM in the Parish Garden Bring your own Chili Dish to share!

For more informaon, please contact the Rectory.

Have you ever been pursued? The idea of someone “chasing us” can bring up different images in our mind. On the one hand, being chased by someone or something can be frightening. On the other hand, the idea of someone pursuing us is flaering, but perhaps we wonder what their moves actually are. The Catechism of the Catholic Church

says that “in every me and in every place, God draws close to man.” God pursues us. God is connually chasing us, but not to harm us or for His own gain. GGod pursues us out of love. And God’s pursuit is not

like the pursuit of others that might grow red or give up on us. GGod is relentless in seeking us out.

All teenagers, ages 13-18, are invited to join us for our WEEKLY youth group!

Join us for a series based on this year’s theme called “RRELENTLESS FATHER”! WWe will start at noon (right aer 10:45

Mass ends) at the Newman Center.

There will food, fun, and an opportunity to grow in your faith and make new friends!


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