He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High, and of his kingdom there will be no end. December 21, 2014 Fourth Sunday in Advent (B)

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3601 Altamesa Fort Worth, Texas 76133

Parish office is located in the building

on east side of church.

St. Bartholomew


Parish Mission:

Daily Schedule for December 22-26: Masses : Monday and Friday - 8:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Christmas Eve ~4:30p.m.( English), 6:30p.m. (Spanish), 10:30p.m.(English)

Thursday, Christmas Day ~10a.m.(English)

Liturgy of the Word: Tuesday at 8:30a.m.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament : Friday after 8:30a.m. Mass until 2:00p.m.

Weekend Masses: Saturday: 4:30 p.m.– English

Sunday: 9 a.m. - English; 11 a.m. - English; 1 p.m. - Spanish

A nursery is provided at the following Masses: 4:30p.m. Wednesday and Saturday;

9 a.m., 11 a.m. & 1p.m. Sunday.

Mass Schedule

December 21, 2014

Fourth Sunday in Advent (B)

“He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High, …and of his kingdom there will be no end.”


Weekly Calendar/Calendario Semanal

Sunday: 21st

Fourth Sunday in Advent ~Tercer Domingo de Adviento

Coffee and Donuts

No Youth RCIA . This class resumes January 18th.

No RCIA. This class resumes Jan. 4th at 10:30a.m. in the Office Library. The topic will be :” Matrimony” taught by Paul Park

Spanish Choir Practice

No Confirmation Class,. This class resumes January 4th.

ACTS Meeting, 2:30p.m. in the parish life center, room 15&17

No YSN. This class resumes January 4th for the Epiphany Gift Exchange Party.

Posada, 7p.m. in the Rectory( Bilingual)

Monday: 22nd

Church Decorating for Christmas, 10a.m.

Catechism-Bible Study, 7p.m. in the parish life center, room 1. John Tharp leads this Bible Study. All are welcome.

Tuesday: 23rd

Gethsemane– Young Adult (ages 18-29), 7:30 p.m. http://gethsemane.snappages.com for location and more info.

Wednesday: 24th Christmas Eve ~ Office closed/ Víspera de Navidad~ Oficina cerrada

Men’s Prayer Session. All men are encouraged to come for prayer at 6 a.m. in the church. Doors open at 5:30 a.m.

Masses at 4:30p.m. (English), 6:30p.m. (Spanish), 10:30p.m. (English)

Thursday: 25th Christmas Day ~ Office closed / Navidad~Oficina cerrada

Mass at 10a.m. (English)


Friday: 26th Office Closed/ Oficina cerrada

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, 9:15a.m-2:00p.m. in the church chapel

Saturday: 27th

Confessions/ Confesiones, 3p.m. in the chapel

Next Sunday: 28th

The Holy Family~Office Closed / La Sagrada Familia~

Oficina cerrada

Coffee and Donuts

No Youth RCIA . This class resumes January 18th.

No RCIA. This class resumes Jan. 4th at 10:30a.m. in the Office Library. The topic will be :” Matrimony” taught by Paul Park

Spanish Choir Practice

No Confirmation Class,. This class resumes January 4th.

No YSN. This class resumes January 4th for the Epiphany Gift Exchange Party.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Next Sunday

Fourth Sunday in Advent 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th

The Holy Family

First Reading 2sm 7:1-5,8b-12,14a,16 1Sm1:24-28 Mal 3:1-4,23-24 2Sm 7:1-5,8b-12,14a,16 Is 52:7-10 Acts 6:8-10;7:54-59 1Jn1:1-4 Sir3:2-6,12-14 Responsorial Ps 89:2-5,27,29 1Sm2:1,4-7,8a-d Ps 25:4-5b,8-10,14 Ps 89:2-5,27,29 Ps 98:1-6 Ps 31:3cd-4,6-8b,16bc,17 Ps 97:1-2,5-6,11-12 Ps 128:1-5 Second Reading Rom 16:25-27 Heb 1:1-6 Col 3:12-21 Gospel Lk 1:26-38 Lk 1:46-56 Lk 1:57-66 Lk 1:67-79 Jn1:1-18 Mt 10:17-22 Jn 20:2-8 Lk 2:22-40

Daily Readings


Magnanimous Musings of Fr. John Robert Skeldon


hope you all take a look at the Christmas and New Year’s mass schedule as well as take note of the office hours during the holidays. Here is a reflection for this 4th and last Sunday of Advent. The gospel passage from Luke this 4th Sunday of Advent has the following line with which it concludes: “Then the angel departed from her.” More frightening words in the Bible could not have been penned. What do I mean?

Here is Mary, young (teen-age young); legally-married, but not living with her husband yet, according to Jewish custom; told that she is pregnant; had a profound encounter with God through an angel; and now the angel has left her. She is alone. She has all sorts of questions: What will happen next? What will my life be like? What does it all mean? What will Joseph say? What will my par-ents say? How can I tell anyone at all?

She has all these questions, but they do not come from doubt; they come from wondering attentiveness at the mystery she has just experienced. Yes, she is in awe of what has just happened and what it will mean, but she is not paralyzed by fear. Yes, she has questions, but that does not mean that she does not trust. She does trust; she does have faith…not fear.

How many of us, when something new pops into our lives, are overcome by the circumstances and wonder what does it all mean? Moving to a new town; starting a new job; getting married; expecting a child; losing a loved one. We feel alone. We feel as if “the angel has departed from us.” Yet, we must go on; we must persevere; we must have faith. Maybe, we have a little more fear, than faith. But, the point is that it cannot paralyze us. We must have wondering attentiveness to the experience, not paralyzing fear. May these last days of Advent open us up to the possibility of being wonderfully attentive to the mysteries of God unfolding before us. And may Mary, virgin and Mother, lead us to the Incarnation of God as one of us, to the Birth of love in our world again, to the union of divinity and humanity, to the wedding feast of heaven and earth. Talk about something to be wonderfully attentive at! Come Lord Jesus! Come quickly! Happy Advent!

Christmas/New Year’s Mass Schedule

Wednesday , December 24 - Christmas Eve

4:30 p.m. -English Childrens’ choirs will

perform and a nursery

will be provided.

6:30p.m.– Spanish

10:30 p.m.– English

Thursday, December 25 - Christmas Day

10 a.m.– English

Wednesday , December 31 -Vigil Mass for Holy Day, Mary, Mother of God

6:30 p.m. - English

Thursday, January 1 - Mary, Mother of God


Reflexión Magnánima de Padre John Robert Skeldon

Espero que todos ustedes le den un vistazo al horario de misas de Navidad y de Año Nuevo, y también tomen nota del horario de oficina durante las vacaciones. Y les dejo con una reflexión para este cuarto y último domingo de Adviento.

El pasaje del evangelio de Lucas este cuarto domingo de Adviento concluye con la siguiente línea:". Y el ángel la dejo" palabras más aterradoras en la Biblia no podrían haber sido escritas. ¿Qué quiero decir?

Aquí esta María, joven (joven adolescente); legalmente casada, sin embargo, no vive con su marido, según la costumbre judía; se le dijo que está embarazada; tuvo un encuentro profundo con Dios por medio de un ángel; y ahora el ángel la de-jó. Ella está sola. Ella tiene todo tipo de preguntas: ¿Qué pasará después? ¿Cómo será mi vida? ¿Qué significa todo esto? ¿Qué dirá José? ¿Qué dirán mis padres? ¿Cómo podría decírselo a alguien?

Ella tiene todas estas preguntas, pero no vienen de la duda; vienen de la atención a la maravilla del misterio que acaba de experimentar. Sí, ella está con la impresión de lo que acaba de suceder, y lo que significará, pero ella no está paralizada por el miedo. Sí, ella tiene preguntas, pero eso no significa que ella no confía. Ella tiene confianza; ella tiene fe... no miedo. ¿Cuántos de nosotros, cuando algo nuevo entra de repente en nuestras vidas, y las circunstancias nos vencen, y nos pregun-tamos, ¿qué significa todo esto? Mudarse a una nueva ciudad; comenzar un nuevo trabajo; casarse; la espera de un hijo; la pérdida de un ser querido. Nos sentimos solos. Nos sentimos como si "el ángel se ha apartado de nosotros." Sin embargo, debemos seguir; debemos perseverar; debemos tener fe. Tal vez, tenemos un poco más de miedo, que fe. Pero, la clave es que el miedo no nos puede paralizar. Debemos dar atención al prodigio, a la maravilla de lo que estamos experimentando, no miedo paralizante.

Que estos últimos días de Adviento, nos abramos a la posibilidad de ser maravillosamente atentos a los misterios de Dios que se despliegan ante nosotros. Y que María, virgen y Madre, nos lleve a la Encarnación de Dios como uno de nosotros, al Nacimiento del Amor en nuestro mundo, nuevamente, a la unión de la divinidad y la humanidad, a la fiesta de bodas del cielo y la tierra.

¡Hable acerca de algo que le lleve a estar maravillosamente atento! ¡Ven, Señor Jesús! ¡Ven pronto! ¡Feliz Adviento!

Horarios de misas para navidad y año nuevo

Miércoles, 24 de diciembre - víspera de navidad

A las 4:30 p.m. en Ingles con la participación

del coro navideños de los niños y habrá


6:30 p.m. en español

10:30 p.m. en Ingles

Jueves, 25 de diciembre día de Navidad

10:30 a.m. En Ingles

Miércoles, 31 de diciembre – vigilia por el día de precepto de

María la Madre de Dios

6:30 p.m. en Ingles

Jueves, 1ro de enero del 2015 – María, Madre de Dios


Holy Hour for Vocations

Beginning in December, a Holy Hour for Vocations will be

offered at St. Andrew Church. The schedule is as

follows: January 9, 2015 at 6:00 pm-7:00 pm

February 6, 2015 at 5:00pm-6:00 pm

Catholic Daughters of Americas

Catholic Daughters of Americas Court Louise announces the fol-lowing scholarship opportunities. All Application deadlines are May 1, 2015 and winners are rewarded for the Fall Semester, 2015.

 For Catholic 8th graders in local schools or religious for-mation classes, entering 9th grade: National High School Scholarships of $500.

 For Catholic mothers of minor children wishing to go to col-lege: Court Louise Scholarship of three Scholarships $1000.  For Catholic CDA members or relatives of CDA members

enrolled in Graduate Schools: National Scholarships of $3000 and $1000.

 For more information and Qualifications and /or official ap-plication forms: Please call Kay Fuhrman, 682-553-3162 School of Ministry Summer in Rome Program May 21-31, 2015

Join the University of Dallas School of Ministry for a 10 day pilgrimage in Rome which will include guided tours of historic Roman sites and graduate theology courses. For more infor-mation: ministry@udallas.edu, or udallas.edu/somrome, or 972-265-5814

A few St. Bart’s Cookbooks are still left for

sale for $15 in the office. They make a great

Christmas present


Knights of Columbus Council #2813 Mass

for the Unborn

The Mass for the Unborn will be Monday,

December 22nd at St. Francis Village. The Rosary is at 7:05p.m. followed by Mass at 7:30p.m.. Please join us in praying for the protection of the unborn.

The Knights will meet on at St. Francis Village on Tuesday, Decem-ber 23rd, at 7p.m.to make preparations for the Presbyterian Night Shelter.

Coffee and Donuts This Weekend after the 9a.m. and 11a.m Masses in the Church Hall.. Come join with your fellow parishioners for fellowship. If you would like to volunteer call Shane Chubbs at 214-914-5636

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Give a weekend away from everything and the time

to devote to each other. Our next Marriage

Encoun-ter, is on Valentine's Weekend, February 13-15, on

the lovely campus of the Nazareth Retreat Center.

The focus is the couple — no group sharing. For

more information or to register online, visit our

web-site at



e-mail us at info@ northtexasmarriageencounter.org.

UTA Campus Ministry Wish List

The University Catholic Community at UT

Arlington offers Sunday Mass, one week

day Mass, two meals a week, retreats,

con-fessions, a building for students to study,

have access to the internet and host movie nights, plus many

other events and activities. If you would like to partner with us

in reaching out to these students, here is our Christmas Wish



Single serve coffee maker

Outdoor bike rack

Rose Vestments for Gaudete Sunday

Monstrance for Adoration

Outdoor pop-up canopy (10x10)

Kitchen towels

Monetary donations - make checks out to: University Catholic

Community. Donations can be sent to Jeff Hedglen 1010 Benge

Dr. Arlington TX 76013. Or call 817-320-2014 to arrange pick up

of any donations. We will be accepting donations throughout

December and into January.

Year-End Giving

As this year draws to a close, you are likely to be reviewing your important financial matters, including your charitable giving for 2014. Now is certainly a good time to think carefully about what to give and when to give it. It is also an important time to reflect on the call to Stewardship – to give back to God in grati-tude. Please remember the parishes, schools and many ministries of the Diocese of Fort Worth now and in the future. Gifts of cash, securities, bequests, annuities and trusts can make a lasting difference.

For more information on planned gifts and estate planning, feel free to contact Patricia Miller, CFRE, Associate Director of the Advancement Foundation at 817-560-2452, Ext. 116, or email pmiller@advancementfoundation.org.

Donaciones de Fin de Año

Al acercarse el fin de año, es muy probable que usted revise sus asuntos financieros importantes, inclusive sus donaciones caritativas del año 2014. Éste es un buen momento para pensar cuidadosamente acerca de cuánto y cuándo desea dar para fines caritativos. Es también un tiempo importante para reflexionar sobre el llamado a la corresponsabilidad – devolver con gratitud lo que hemos recibido de Dios. Por favor, recuerde a las parroquias, las escuelas y los muchos ministerios de la Diócesis de Fort Worth en el presente y en el futuro. Las donaciones de efectivo, valores, legados, anualidades y fideicomisos pueden tener un efecto duradero.

Si desea obtener más información acerca de las donaciones planificadas y la planificación de su patrimonio, no dude en ponerse en contacto con Patricia Miller, CFRE, Directora Asociada de la Fundación de Avance de la Diócesis de Fort Worth en el 817-560-2452, Ext. 116, o por correo electrónico en pmiller@advancementfoundation.org.


Sacrament of Baptism (newborns - age 6): Parents requesting the Sacrament of Baptism should be either living within

par-ish boundaries or be registered in the parpar-ish. Parents and godparents are expected to attend a baptism class for an infant to be bap-tized. Parents are required to bring a signed photocopy of the child’s state-registered birth certificate to the baptism class. Godpar-ents who are not registered at St. Bartholomew must provide a letter from their parish which verifies that they meet the godparent requirements. All paperwork must be turned into the office before scheduling your child’s baptism date. The next class will be 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 8th in the church hall. Call the office to sign up for this class. Parents also need to call the office if you need to use the nursery while attending this class. For more information, call Art and Cecilia Villa, 817-292-3897. The next English Baptism ceremony will be Saturday, January 3rd, at 10 a.m. in the church for those who have attended the class.

Sacramento del Bautismo (Recién nacidos hasta 6 años): Los padres que soliciten el bautismo deben vivir dentro de los

límites de la parroquia o ser miembros registrados. Los papas y los padrinos deben asistir a una clase pre-bautismales. Por favor pase a la oficina parroquial para obtener el paquete con la información y formas necesarias antes de asistir a la clase pre-bautismal. Los padrinos que no estén registrados en San Bartolomé deben proporcionar una carta de su parroquia en donde verifique que es-tán registrados y que cumplen con los requisitos para ser padrinos. Necesita entregar una fotocopia del certificado de nacimiento del bebe emitido por el estado. La próxima clase de bautismo en español será en el edificio de la iglesia, el jueves 15 de enero a las 7 p.m. Si no trae todos los documentos necesarios no podrá tomar la clase. Habrá cuidado de niños disponible. Los bautismos en español se realizan el primer sábado de cada mes a las 11 a.m. La próxima fecha para bautismo en español será sábado, enero 3, 11 a.m., en la iglesia.

Sacrament of Confirmation: Students wishing to prepare for this Sacrament must be in 11th grade and are expected to be

in religious education (i.e. YSN, bible study or religion class at school) for one year before registering for Confirmation. This class is closed for this year. The Sacrament of Confirmation will take place on Saturday, January 31st at 10a.m.

Para la Confirmación el

próximo año, se va a requerir un año de educación religiosa (YSN) antes de inscribirse para la Confirmación. Un

ado-lescente que necesita recibir la Confirmación y las clases posteriores debe inscribirse y asistir regularmente al

pro-grama YSN un año previo a las clases de Confirmación.

Sacrament of Matrimony: Please call Deacon Gary Brooks at least six months before you wish to marry. Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confesiones: Saturday: 3-4 p.m. in the chapel.


Safe Environment Trainers


Please consider being trained

as a Safe Environment session

trainer for St. Bartholomew.

You must be current in your Training and willing to

help a couple of times a year at the sessions we offer.

We need bilingual trainers as well as English trainers.

The more trainers we have, the more sessions we are

able to offer to those who need Initial Training and


There will be a Train the Trainer class on January 10,

2015. Call Marie at the office if you are interested.

Don’t Forget to Register Your Kroger Plus Card!!

Our St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) Krog-er Plus Card program is down for this quartKrog-er. We could easily increase this if everyone would register their Kroger Plus cards online at www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com. You have to register every year.

 Sign in to your account (or create one)

 click the “edit” button in the “Community Rewards” section and enter our SVDP organization #: 94395  Select your organization- SVDP-St. Bart’s Conference

and then click “Save”

If you don’t have a Kroger Plus card you can get one at the register at any Kroger store. For further information or if you have questions, call John Kitowski, 817-292-7544

Attention All Liturgical Ministers for English

Masses: Save the Date!


MINISTERS for English Masses ( ushers,

al-tar servers, Eucharistic ministers, lectors) on

Saturday, January 24, 2015 , 9:00a.m.-12p.m.

in the church. This will be a morning for

re-flection and recommitment to our ministry. A

letter will be sent out in early January with

more details. PLEASE put this date on your


With Heartfelt Gratitude!

Fr. Hector Medina and the Medina/ DuClos Family would like to thank St. Bart’s Parish for their hospitality at the dinner for Fr. Hector. May the Lord bless all of your ministries.

¡Con profunda gratitud!

El Padre Héctor Medina y la familia Medina /DuClos

desean agradecer a la parroquia de San Bartolomé por su

hospitalidad en la cena para el Padre Héctor.

Que el Señor bendiga a todos los ministerios.

Bilingual 2015 Calendars / Calendarios Bilingües del 2015

Bilingual 2015 Calendars are available in the back of

the church. Calendarios Bilingües del 2015 están disponibles en la parte posterior de la iglesia.


NO Youth RCIA today, Sunday December 21st. This class resumes

January 18th at 10:30 a.m. in the Youth Room.

No Confirmation Class today. This class resumes Sunday, January 4th at

3:30-5:30p.m. in the Youth Room.

No YSN (Youth Sharing Night- Grades 9-12)

today. This class resumes Sunday, January

4th at 7p.m. in the Youth Room. On this

date we will have our Epiphany Gift Exchange

Party. Bring a wrapped gift and a snack to


No Discovery Class (Grades 7&8) this week, Wednesday, December

24th. This class resumes January 7th at 7p.m. in the Youth Room.

Doors open at 6:30. All are welcome.

Need Volunteers to decorate the Church for

Christmas, Monday, December 22nd at 10a.m. All

youth and adults are invited.

Confirmation is Saturday,

January31, at 10a.m. The entire Church

community is welcome to attend the

out-pouring of the Holy Spirit on our youth.

ADULT HELP NEEDED with Discovery, Grades7-8 on Wednesday nights

from 6-8:30 p.m. Please prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you to

help with this very important ministry. Call Eric 817-480-5471 or email :

eric@stbartsfw.org. if you have questions or to volunteer.


Fr. John Robert Skeldon, Pastor Fr. Hector Medina, Parochial Vicar

Gary Brooks, Deacon Pastoral Associate Reyes Tello Jr, Deacon

John Coe, Deacon

Sister Yolanda Pineda, MCSH Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry

Parish Office: 817-292-7703 FAX Number: 817-292-2568 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-8:00p.m. Friday: 9a.m.-2p.m. Sunday: 9a.m.-3p.m. E-mail: stbarts@stbartsfw.org Website: http://www.stbartsfw.org

Deacon Brooks’ Residence:


Office Staff: 817-292-7703 Linda Dinsmore, Office Manager

Olivia DeLeon, Bookkeeper (Bilingual) Karen Amaya , Secretary (Bilingual)

Bertha Olmos, Secretary (Bilingual) Maria Keña Rivera, Secretary (Bilingual)

Marie Tamulevicz, Secretary Lenora Thompson, Secretary/Data Entry

Communications Director & Facilities Coordinator:

Cheryl Brooks: 817-292-7703 e-mail: cheryl@stbartsfw.org

Director of Religious Education Charlie Gappa: 817-966-2378 CCD Office: 817-288-4005 CCD E-mail: ccd@stbartsfw.org Maintenance Dan Patterson: 817-361-8720 Minister of Music Michael Sawey: 817-292-7703 e-mail: msawey@stbartsfw.org Nursery Director Teri Kolodechik: 817-292-8748 Youth Minister Eric Hernandez: 817-480-5471 e-mail: eric@stbartsfw.org Annulments

Deacon Gary Brooks

Ministry to the Sick

Pat Ward: 817-294-0954 Call Pat or the parish office for hospital or home visits. On Sundays the Eucharist

will be brought to those who desire it.

Prison Ministry

Ed Brady: 817-309-3302

Service Committee:

Call Cheryl Brooks at the Office

Spanish Marriage Enrichment:

Abel & Bertha Olmos: 817-201-6336

St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry: 817-361-8420

Hours: MWF, 1-4 p.m.; Th,6:30-8:30 p.m. Sat, 9-11 a.m.; Tues & Sun--closed



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