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Rummy Tour's - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Narayan Rane

Academic year: 2023

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Is it the official website of the Rummytour


Yes, Rummytour .net is an official website to download

theapp for free. Just click the download button, and the app will

be downloaded on your mobile phone.


Is it a secure & safe platform to play online


Yes, The app is completely secure and safe p latform with advanced security encryptions.


What rummy games can I play?

You can choose from rummy variants and p lay with real rummy p layers. The available rummy variants are


Rummy, Deals Rummy, Points Rummy, 101 Pool Rummy, 61 Pool Rummy, & 201 Pool Rummy, and many



How can I add cash to my rummy



Open the app and click on the "Add money button." Select how much money you want to add using y our credit/debit card, net banking, or UPI Ids. Enter the details and click the Pay button .on


Can I win

real money?

Yes. You can win real money prizes & other exciting rewards by p laying rummy on our app for cash. You can also

participate in live rummy tournaments/contests and win b igger cash prizes.


Why does Rummy Tour APK not work?

If your app is outdated , it can be the reason behind working properly. Update the app from our websitenot

rummytour.net so that you can enjoy the games uninterruptedly.


How Much Can I Earn on Rummy Tour?

Rummy Tour app allows p layers to earn unlimited money

thr ough referring friends. The p layers can get 30% of the tax amount of your referrals for lifetime whenever they p lay.


What is the arrival t ime of RummyTour's


We are glad to tell you that Rummy Tour allows instant

payment whenever you withdraw the money from the app.

You can get the money within 5 minutes to your account.



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