Informe d'Autors UOC a ISI Web of Knowledge Maig 2012

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(1)Biblioteca Virtual Informe d’Autors UOC a ISI WOK. INFORME D’AUTORS UOC A ISI WEB OF KNOWLEDGE DATA: MAIG 2012 RESPONSABLE: BIBLIOTECA DE LA UOC. NOUS ARTICLES INTRODUITS A ISI (3):. Gershberg, AI.; Gonzalez, PA.; Meade, B. (2012). Understanding and Improving Accountability in Education: A Conceptual Framework and Guideposts from Three Decentralization Reform Experiences. in. Latin. America.. World. Development,. 40(5),. 1024-1041.. DOI:. 10.1016/j.worlddev.2011.11.014. Lazaro, D.; Marques, JM.; Cabrera, G.; Rifa-Pous, H.; Montane, A. (2012). HorNet: Microblogging for a Contributory Social Network. IEEE Internet Computing, 16(3), 37-44.. Lopez-De-Pedro, JM.; Rimbau-Gilabert, E. (2012). Stakeholder Approach: What Effects Should We Take into Account in Contemporary Societies?. Journal of Business Ethics, 107(2), 147158. DOI: 10.1007/s10551-011-1029-0. ARTICLES QUE HAN REBUT CITES (27):. Adelantado, F.; Juan, A.; Verikoukis, C. (2010). Adaptive Sensing User Selection Mechanism in Cognitive. Wireless. Networks.. IEEE. Communications. Letters,. 14(9),. 800-2.. DOI:. 10.1109/LCOMM.2010.072310.100364 (De 0 a 1 cita). Andreu, L.; Sanz-Torrent, M.; Guardia Olmos J.; Macwhinney, B. (2011). Narrative comprehension and production in children with SLI: An eye movement study. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 25(9): 767-783. DOI:10.3109/02699206.2011.565542 (De 0 a 1 cita). Biglia, B. (2006). Some 'Latin' Women Activists' Accounts: Reflections on Political Research. Feminism & Psychology, 16(1), 18-25. DOI: 10.1177/0959-353506060816 (De 3 a 4 cites). 1. MAIG 2012.

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