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1 2 6 0 0 M a r s f i e l d A v e O r l a n d o , F L 3 2 8 3 7


Fr. Esaú Nel García Parochial Vicar Fr. Enrique Guerra

Deacons Dcn. Celso Díaz Dcn. Carlos Martínez

Dcn. Jimmy Avellan P a r i s h O f f i c e 4 0 7 - 4 3 8 - 0 9 9 0 F a x : 4 0 7 - 4 3 8 - 4 0 9 0

Mass Schedule

Monday-Friday/Lunes a Viernes 8:00am English / 12pm Español

Wednesday 6:00pm English Jueves 6:30pm Español

Saturday/Sábado 5pm English / 7pm Español

Sunday/Domingo 8 & 10am, 5pm English

12 & 7pm Español Reconciliation/ Reconciliación

Friday/Viernes 8:45am, 12:45pm & 6pm

Saturday/Sábado 4pm & 6pm Sunday/Domingo 6pm

W e b s i t e : www.holycrossorlando.org


Anointing/Communion for the Sick ck Please call the parish office for Anointing of the Sick

or to arrange to receive Communion in the home.


HORARIO DE OFICINA Monday-Friday/Lunes-Viernes

9:00 AM - 4:45 PM

Welcome New Parishioners!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all new parishioners and visitors to our church!

We hope that you enjoy your stay and if you would like to join our family here at Holy Cross we invite you to become a registered parishioner.

M a s s I n t e n t i o n s / I n t e n c i o n e s d e l a s M i s a s

Saturday, September 22, 2018

5:00 PM People of the Parish ♥ 7:00 PM Matias Morales Family ♥ Sunday, September 23, 2018

8:00 AM Lisa Marie Maestre † 10:00 AM Sue Crawford Donnay † 12:00 PM Leandro and Dairo Giraldo † 5:00 PM Nohemy Giraldo †

7:00 PM Gladys De Lara † Weekday Mass - 8:00 AM

September 24 Catherine Mogielnicki † September 25 Regino Natividad ♥ September 26 Guillerno Galarza Jr † September 26(6PM) Angeles Macaguiwa † September 27 Mirna Almodora ♥

September 28 Natalie J. Graig Nicholson ♥ Saturday, September 29, 2018

5:00 PM Dan and Mary O’Brien † 7:00 PM Marco Gamboa †

Sunday, September 30, 2018

8:00 AM People of the Parish ♥ 10:00 AM Andre Reyna † 12:00 PM Omar Tovar †

5:00 PM Kim and Chris Price ♥ 7:00 PM Aquileo Quintero †

= Deceased

= Special Intention

Unción/Comunión de los Enfermos

Por favor llame la oficina de la parroquia para pedir la Unción de los Enfermos o para recibir la Comunión en el hogar.

Please stop by the Parish Office to fill out a Registration Form or scan the QR Code below

to register online through our parish website.


Elsa Acevedo___________________________ext. 107 Office Manager

Elsie Torres____________________________ext. 112 Administrative Assistant to the Pastor/Office Manager

Rosa Valdez____________________________ext. 111 Administrative Assistant/Account Payables

Patricia Garcia_________________________ext. 106 Administrative Assistant/Marriage Preparation Luz M. Mercado

Administrative Assistant/Baptisms___________ext.114 Facility Scheduler

Sonia Molina __ext. 100 Receptionist

Lydia Britton __________________________ext. 302 Catechetical and Liturgical Ministry Leader

Yashira Matos__________________________ext.110 Youth Ministry (Grades 6-12), HS Confirmation

Karelia Morelli_________________________ext. 113 Volunteer Coordinator/Bulletin

Jorge Arias _ext. 100 Maintenance

Bertha Arias_________________________ ext. 100



WIS 2:12, 17-26; PS543-6 and 8; JAS 3:16-4:3; MK 9:30-37

This week’s readings teach us that living as Christian stewards requires us to swim against the tide of our “me-first” culture and stake out a path for our lives that may be different from that of our neighbors, friends or co-workers.

Jesus illustrates in today’s Gospel. “Taking a child, He placed it in their midst, and putting His arms around it, He said to them, ‘Whoever receives one child such as this in my name, receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but the One who sent me.”

In this context, Christ is speaking not only of youngsters, but all “little ones,” those who are vulnerable or needy in any way — through poverty, physical or mental illness, advanced age, difficult family situations — the brothers and sisters St. Teresa of Calcutta would call “Jesus in distressing disguise.”

They are all around us if we open our eyes. Like Jesus, we can put our arms around the little ones in our world and channel some of our energy, ambition and talent towards them.

Giving the best of ourselves to these brothers and sisters may be a little messy at times. It may put us in situations that are far outside our comfort zones. Maybe our colleagues and neighbors will not understand our actions. But in reaching out to little ones in Jesus’ name, it is Jesus Himself we are touching. And that is a most privileged way of life.

This week, ask the Lord for the wisdom to see the little ones in your neighborhood, community, or this parish and to show you concretely how you can reach out to them. Take at least one step. You will be stepping closer to Jesus Christ Himself.



Monday: Twenty-Fifth week in Ordinary Time Prv 3:27-34; Ps 15:2-5; Lk 8:16-18

Tuesday: Twenty-Fifth week in Ordinary Time Prv 21:1-6, 10-13; Ps 119:1, 27, 30, 34, 35, 44; Lk 8:19-21 Wednesday: Saint Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs Prv 30:5-9; Ps 119:29, 72, 89, 101, 104, 163; Lk 9:1-6 Thursday: Saint Vincent de Paul, Priest Eccl 1:2-11; Ps 90:3-6, 12-14, 17bc; Lk 9:7-9

Friday: Saint Wenceslaus, Martyr; Saint Lawrence Ruiz and Companions, Martyrs

Eccl 3:1-11; Ps 144:1b, 2abc, 3-4; Lk 9:18-22

Saturday: Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels

Dn 7:9-10, 13-14 or Rv 12:7-12a; Ps 138:1-5; Jn 1:47-51 Sunday: Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Nm 11:25-19; Ps 19:8, 10, 12-14; Jas 5:1-6; Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48



Lunes: Vigésima Quinta Semana del Tiempo Ordinario Prov 3:27-34; Sal 15 (14):2-5; Lc 8:16-18

Martes: Vigésima Quinta Semana del Tiempo Ordinario

Prov 21:1-6, 10-13; Sal 119 (118):1, 27, 30, 34, 35, 44; Lc 8:19-21

Miércoles: San Cosme y Damián, Mártires

Prov 30:5-9; Sal 119 (118):29, 72, 89, 101, 104, 163; Lc 9:1-6

Jueves: San Vicente de Paul, Sacerdote

Eclo 1:2-11; Sal 90 (89):3-6, 12-14, 17bc; Lc 9:7-9 Viernes: San Wenceslao, Mártir; San Lorenzo Ruiz y compañeros

Eclo 3:1-11; Sal 144 (143):1b, 2abc, 3-4; Lc 9:18-22 Sábado: Santos Miguel, Gabriel, y Rafael, Arcángeles Dn 7:9-10, 13-14 o Ap 12:7-12a; Sal 138 (137):1-5; Jn 1:47-51

Domingo: Vigésimo Sexto Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

Nm 11:25-19; Sal 19 (18):8, 10, 12-14; Sant 5:1-6; Mc 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

Weekend of September 15 and 16 Offertory $18,446 Development______ $ 6,539

Attendance 4,668 Visit us online at



Involucrándose y registrándose en la pagina web señalada abajo!



Have you ever thought about becoming Catholic?


Do you have a child over the age of 7, who would like to be baptized?


Were you baptized into another Christian Tradition?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps RCIA is for you!

RCIA is a process through which those who have never been baptized, or were baptized in another Christian faith can become full members of

the Catholic Church.

Call the church office for additional information,

(407) 438-0990.


Monday to Friday after 8:00 AM Mass (English) Lunes a Viernes a las 11:30 AM

(Español) Join us!

Monday to Friday at 3:00 PM (Chapel)

Lunes a Viernes a las 3:00 PM (Capilla)

For more information about how to pray the Chaplet of the Seven

Sorrows of Mary go to http://www.ewtn.com/library/MARY/


Para mas información de como rezar la Coronilla de los Siete Dolores de María ir a www.aciprensa.com/recursos/7-dolores-de-la-



3-Kings Event Planning—

September 23, 6-8pm October 14, 6-8pm Adoration Night—

October 3, 8-9pm

**EMHC Mandate Class (NEW)—

October 6, 8am-12pm

** All teens who wish to

become Eucharistic Ministers must be 15 years or older and must speak with Lydia Britton to submit a petition to the Diocese of Orlando.

UPCOMING Peer Ministry Events

Do you feel called to serve God through the ministry of evangelization?

Consider donating your time to the Youth Ministry. We are now seeking

catechists to join us this upcoming Faith Formation year for High School

Confirmation and our Middle School formation program. If you are interested, please call (407) 438-0990



THE SHACK October 12, 7-9pm

Location: TBD Open to all teens

in 9-12 grade.

Meditation on the Rosary for Teens:


Sunday, September 30, 6-8pm Where:

Ministry Building RM 206

We are grateful to have a Father in heaven who loves us very much, but did you know we also have a Mother in heaven who we can call upon for

Spiritual aid? All teens in 9-12 grade are welcome to join us for this meditation on the rosary of our Blessed Mother.

Come and find rest in the embrace of Mary as she leads us closer to her Son.

Join us in meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary and encounter Jesus through the eyes of the Mother.


September 2018 GRADES 6—12


Humility is really a virtue that allows us to keep our relationships in proper order: God first, others second, and

myself third. However, we all wrestle with our incompleteness, weakness, and imperfections. Passions and

impulses from within can color how we view our lives and distort them. Who among us does not struggle with jealousy, envy, pride, and lust? Then, when we can't have what we desire, we find ourselves angry, greedy, and taking more than we deserve. The downward spiral continues.

Even Jesus' disciples, who knew him better than most, argued about who was the greatest. Humbly seeking the wisdom that comes from God and His righteousness is the corrective we need in order to keep ourselves in check.

La humildad es una gran virtud que permite que sus relaciones estén en orden: Dios primero, los demás segundo y usted mismo tercero. Sin embargo, uno puede sufrir con un sentimiento de no estar completo, de ser débil y de lidiar con nuestras imperfecciones. Las pasiones y los impulsos dentro de usted pueden afectar la manera en que usted ve y distorsiona su vida. ¿Quién entre usted no sufre de la envidia, la soberbia o la lujuria? Después cuando uno no tiene lo que desea, se enoja y muchas veces piensa que el mundo le debe algo y cuando llega ese momento, todo parece empeorar.

Hasta los discípulos de Jesús, quien lo conocían mejor que todos, discutían sobre quién era más grande. Buscar la humildad que viene de Dios es lo que uno necesita para vivir una vida más llena de Dios.

First Reading

We hear from the Wisdom writer the mindset of those who oppose God. Where do you see this mentality in the world today?

Second Reading

James speaks of one's passions as the source of much conflict in the world and in ourselves. Which of your passions have caused conflict for you?

Gospel Reading

Jesus teaches the disciples today that true discipleship requires humility and simplicity. In what ways is this condition of discipleship a challenge for you?

Primera lectura

Escuchamos del escritor de Sabiduría el pensamiento de esas personas que se oponen a Dios. ¿Dónde nota esta mentalidad hoy?

Segunda lectura

Santiago habla de las pasiones como la fuente de mucho conflicto en el mundo y en nosotros mismos. ¿Cuáles de sus pasiones han causado conflicto para usted?

Lectura del Evangelio

Jesús enseña que el verdadero discipulado requiere humildad y sencillez. ¿De qué forma la condición de discipulado es un desafío para usted?

This summer, don’t settle for a low trade-in price; instead donate your car, truck, boat,

motorcycle or RV, and turn it into an invaluable gift that helps St. Vincent de Paul

Orlando continue our efforts to help people in need across Central Florida. The process is easy and the cause is important! Call 800.322.8284 or visit

svdporlando.org to get

started on your vehicle donation today.


ENGLISH October 7

Is offered for Parents and Godparents and is required prior to scheduling a baptism ($10 donation per person). Advanced registration at the Parish Office is required. Classes will start promptly

at 2pm.

ESPAÑOL Octubre 14

Se ofrecen a los Padres y Padrinos. Es necesario inscribirse por adelantado en la oficina de la Iglesia. Donación $10.00 por persona. Las clases

inician a las 2pm.




FECHA: 13 DE OCTUBRE, 2018 HORA: 8:00AM-12:00PM





Sunday, September 23 Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:00 AM Mass (English) Church 10:00 AM Mass (English) Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 5:00 PM Mass (English) Church 6:00 PM Confessions Chapel 7:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church

Monday, September 24

8:00 AM Mass (English) Church 8:45AM Morning Prayer Chapel 10:00AM Funeral Mass_________ Church 11:30 AM Rosario en Español Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet Chapel 6:30 PM Liturgía de las Horas Chapel

Tuesday, September 25

8:00 AM Mass (English) Church 8:45 AM Morning Prayer Chapel 11:30 AM Rosario en Español Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet Chapel 6:30 PM Liturgía de las Horas Chapel

Wednesday, September 26

8:00 AM Mass (English) Church 8:45 AM Morning Prayer Chapel 11:30 AM Rosario en Español Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet Chapel 6:00 PM Mass (English)________ Church 7:00 PM Perpetual Help Novena__ Chapel

Thursday, September 27

8:00 AM Mass (English)________ Church 8:45 AM Morning Prayer Chapel 11:30 AM Rosario en Español Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet Chapel 6:30 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 7:00 PM Holy Hour____________ Church

Friday, September 28

8:00 AM Mass (English) Church 8:30 AM Morning Prayer Chapel 8:45 AM Confessions___________ Chapel 11:30 AM Rosario en Español Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 12:45 PM Confessions__________ Chapel 3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet Chapel

6:00 PM Confessions Chapel

Saturday, September 29

8:00 AM Reader Practice_______ Church 4:00 PM Confessions Chapel 5:00 PM Vigil Mass (English) Church 6:00 PM Confessions Chapel 7:00 PM Vigil Mass (Spanish) Church

Sunday, September 30 Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

8:00 AM Mass (English) Church 10:00 AM Mass (English) Church 12:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church 5:00 PM Mass (English) Church 6:00 PM Confessions Chapel 7:00 PM Mass (Spanish) Church


Liturgía de las Horas (Spanish) Mon and Tuesday 6:30 PM Chapel Morning Prayer (English)

Mon. to Fri. at 8:30AM Chapel Rosary in English

Mon. to Fri at 9:00 AM __Church Rosario en Español

Mon. to Fri. at 11:30AM__ Church Divine Mercy Chaplet (Bilingual) Mon. to Fri. at 3PM Chapel

Perpetual Help Novena (English) Every Wed at 7PM in the Chapel Adoration

Monday through Friday: 8:30AM to 8PM

Our food pantry is in dire need of the following items:

Rice (5lbs bags only) Canned meat— tuna, spam, Vienna sausage, chunk chicken breast, ham)

Peanut butter and jelly Macaroni & Cheese Pasta & Marinara Sauce

Vegetable oil Canned vegetables & fruits


Nuestra alacena necesita los siguientes alimentos urgentemente:

Arroz (sólo bolsas de 5lbs) Carne enlatada (atún, pollo,

salchichas, spam, jamón) Mantequilla de maní y jalea

Pasta & Salsa Marinara Vegetales y Frutas enlatadas

Aceite vegetal Cereales

Please, don’t bring EXPIRED food. Por favor, no done alimentos EXPIRADOS


Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

9:00 AM KofC (Coffee & Pastries) _____________________Rooms 217-218 9:00 AM Neocatecumenos

_________Rooms 209, 211, 212, 215-216 5:30 PM Mens Group ________Room 218 6:00 PM Youth Peer Ministry

_________________Rooms 206, 213, 214 6:00 PM Ministerio Financiero Compass _____________________Rooms 215-216 7:00 PM Al Anon___________ Room 218 7:00 PM Renovación Conyugal

______________Rooms 211-212-217-209

Monday, September 24

9:00 AM Senior Outreach

Rooms 213-214 9:30 AM Rosary Makers

__________________________Room 209 9:30 AM Legion of Mary

_____________________Rooms 211-212 :30 PM Religious Education Prep

______________Entire Ministry Building 6:30 PM Religious Education Prep ______________Entire Ministry Building 7:00 PM Círculo de Oración_____Church 8:30 PM Guardianes de Cristo

_____________________Rooms 211-212 8:30 PM Sólo Para Mujeres____Room 217

Tuesday, September 25

9:30 AM St. Jerome Bible Study

_________________________ Room 217 11:30 PM Craft Guild ________Room 218 1:00 PM Divine Will Cenacle

_________________________Rooms 217 4:45 PM Jr. Legion of Mary ___Room 217 5:45 RCIA___ Rooms 211, 212, 213, 214 6:30 PM Music Ministry (SP)

_____________________Rooms 215-216 7:30 PM RCIA _________Rooms 211-212 7:30 PM Holy Cross Prayer Group

Room 206 7:30 PM Young Adults ______ Room 214 7:30 PM Ministerio Financiero Compass _________________________ Room 213 7:30 PM Taller de Oración y Vida

__________________________Room 216 7:30 PM Círculo de Oración ___Room 217

Wednesday, September 26

6:00 AM That Man is You_Rooms 213-214 9:00 AM Divine Will ____Rooms 211-212 9:30 AM Prayer & Life Workshop

_____________________Rooms 215-216 6:00 PM Middle School

____________________ Entire Min. Bldg.

7:00 PM Music Ministry (EN) ____Church

8:30 PM Neocatecumenos

__Rooms 209, 211, 212, 213,214,215, 216

Thursday, September 27 9

:00 AM Christ est Sauveur Room 217 9:00 AM Legion of Mary

_____________________Rooms 211-212 9:00 AM Senior Outreach

Rooms 213-214 9:30 AM Taller de Oración y Vida

__________________________Room 216 4:30 PM Religious Education Prep ______________Entire Ministry Building 6:30 PM Religious Education Prep ______________Entire Ministry Building 7:00 PM Christ Renew His Parish ___________________Adm. Conf. Room 8:00 PM Music Ministry (SP) ____Church 8:00 PM Ministerio Adore ____Room 206

Friday, September 28

9:00 AM Patricians _____Rooms 211-212 9:30 AM Prayer & Life Workshop _____________________Rooms 215-216 10:00 AM Legión de María___ Room 217 7:00 PM Ultreya ____________Room 206

7:00 PM Clases de Biblia_Rooms 217-218 8:00 PM Emaús (M) Rooms 215-216

8:00 PM Emaús (H) ____ Rooms 213-214

Saturday, September 29

8:00 AM Readers Training (Spanish) _____________________Rooms 215-216 8:00 AM Legion de Maria (Congreso Legionario)___________Rooms 213-214 10:00 AM Emaús (Mujeres)

_____________________Rooms 211-212 4:30 PM Legión de María Juvenil

_________________________Rooms 217 6:00 PM Emaús (Mujeres)

_____________________Rooms 215-216

Sunday, September 30 Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

9:00 AM Neocatecumenos (5ta. Com.) _________________Rooms 209, 211, 212 5:30 PM Mens Group ________Room 218 6:00 PM Youth Peer Ministry_Rooms 206 6:00 PM Ministerio Financiero Compass _____________________Rooms 215-216 7:00 PM Al Anon___________ Room 218 7:00 PM Renovación Conyugal

______________Rooms 211-212-217-209

Saint Vincent de Paul September 27, 2018

St. Vincent de Paul is much more than a patron saint of thrift shops! Young Vincent became a priest hoping to advance and rise above his modest upbringing.

His early ambition amounted to little when he was assigned to a

poor rural parish. Here he

experienced a new joy in his

vocation. Hearing the profound

deathbed confession of a dying

servant, Vincent became more

convinced of the special

attention that must be given to

the poor. In 1625, Vincent

founded the Congregation of the

Mission for the purpose of

caring for the poor. Originally

priests only, the mission

expanded to include groups of

laity who provided for spiritual

and material needs of the poor in

each parish. Nearly 400

hundred years later, his legacy

lives on!


Adoración Eucarística Ruth Rodríguez 407-844-1081 Carlos Arguello 407-953-7493 Apostolado Nueva Evangelización (ANE) Susana Truyol 407-860-5643 John Truyol 407-209-6998 Caminantes Con Jesús Mario Rosa 407-733-0834 Clases de Biblia Javier Sacco 407-758-5902

Camino Neocatecunal (Comunidad 1) Luis Gandur 407-731-4949 Jeny Gandur 321-301-9085 Camino Neocatecunal (Comunidad 2) Felix González 407-797-7672 Sonia González 407-421-5256 Círculo de Oración Viterbo Rijo 407-409-5056 Griselda Perez 407-800-1253

El Cursillo de Cristiandad (Ultreya) Jorge Barceló 407-376-4002 EMAÚS (Hombres) Luis Vélez 407-697-8269

EMAÚS (Mujeres) Dora Valencia 321-947-1139

Encuentros Familiares Kelvis & Roxana Espinoza 407-486-8518 Infancia Misionera (6-13 años) Yimelda Goshea 407-701-8568 Lectores Karelia Morelli 407 438-0990 Legión de María/Ntra. Sra. De Guadalupe Fernando Behety 407-850-2684 Legión de María Juvenil Ashja Behety 407-970-7718 Matrimonios en Cristo Luis & Sylvia Castro 407-902-5175 Alirio & Gisela Asing 321-947-2447 Ministerio de la Cárcel Jimmy Avellan 407-342-8492 Ministerio de Jóvenes Joshua Diaz 917-870-5014 Guardinanes de Cristo

Ministerio Financiero Francisco Duque 786-315-3976 Ministerio de Música (Domingo) Elsa Acevedo 407-438-0990 Ministros Extraordinarios de Comunión Karelia Morelli 407-438-0990 Ministros de hospitalidad


Pescadores de Hombres Hector Ureña 407-948-8897 Renovación Conyugal Freddy & Dania Varela 321-228-4739 Respeto a la Vida-Respect Life Harvy García 407-491-0461 (Bilingual)

Sólo Para Mujeres Mabel Peñuelas 407-433-8366 Talleres de Oración y Vida Amanda Porras 407-963-7433

Al-Anon Charles Paradiso 407-370-9192 Altar Servers Karelia Morelli 407- 438-0990 Bereavement Group Karelia Morelli 407-438-0990 Choir (Adult-English) Lydia Britton 407-438-0990

Craft Guild Jean Martin 407-859-5305

Christ Renews His Parish Sofia Gonzalez 407-435-4451 Christ Est Sauveur Jeanine Elizer 407-683-0066

Prayer Group Marie Innocent 407-283-9068

Coalition for the Homeless Carol Bell 407-344-8418 English Bible Study Eric Bernabe 407-716-8301 Filipino Ministry Anita Ong 407-493-3852

Genie Convenido 407-924-9749 Franciscan Handmaids Of Mary Rachel Mannix 321-276-9886 Associates

Holy Cross Prayer Group Jim Bourgeois 407-375-0923 Hospitality Ministers Karelia Morelli 407-438-0990 Junior Legion of Mary Jocelyne Paul 407-240-7791 Knights of Columbus Robert Sanchez 407-625-5687 Legion of Mary (Monday) Gardine Baptiste 321-746-0427 Legion of Mary (Thursday) Maria Taningco 407-496-0738 MAGNIFICAT Hermina Murray 407-491 -1290 Ministry to the Sick Karelia Morelli 407-438-0990 MT3 Married Couples Ministry Duane Ackerman 407-702-4600

Rubiela Ackerman 407-702-4600

Patricians Maria Taningco 407-496-0738

Prison Ministry Jimmy Avellan 407-342-8496

Readers Karelia Morelli 407-438-0990

Religious Article Shop Theresa Grezlak 407-438-0990 Roberto Trinidad 407-438-0990 Rosary Makers Flora Cruz-Khan 386-237-0925 Senior Guild Violet Hallowell 407-851-1935 St. Jerome Bible Study Maria Matias 407-376-9490 St. Vincent de Paul Kenny Ruíz 407-300-0261 Robert Trinidad 407-300-1853 That Man Is You Dennis Manibusan 407-257-1788 Young Adult Ministry Group Robert Rodriguez 305-495-3195 Lauren Triche 303-304-1479


All things work for good for those who love God.

(Romans 8:28-30).




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Southpark Dental Group Family Dentistry 8801 Commodity Circle


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Air Conditioning & Heating Sales • Service • Installations

321.624.7396 Free Estimates • Licensed & Insured

Lic. # CAC 1813742


Board Certified Internal Medicine & Geriatrics Patient Centered Medical Home, NCQA recognized

211 E. Ruby Ave. • Kissimmee, FL 34741 FAA Senior Medical Examiner

Travel Medicine

(407) 847-3333

M I C H A E L P . M A R F O R I , D . M . D . P E D I A T R I C D E N T I S T R Y

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Draperies & Upholstery by Bette & Lauren

Family Owned Since 1947 Custom Window Treatments, Blinds, Bedspreads, Upholstery, Pictures & Gifts 8 W. Darlington Ave. (407)846-1553 Kissimmee Local Parishioner



ORLANDO, FL 32837 Next to Public Storage AUTO • LIFE • HOME • HEALTH

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Your Neighborhood Real Estate Office For The Last 24 Years!

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Affordable Catholic Funerals

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A Community Funeral Home

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Minimice IMPUESTOS Maximice AHORRO certified public accountant

irs acceptance agent TEL 321-430-8751


• Leaf Guards • Soffit/Fascia (407) 675-0831

Made In Italy, Kissimmee Italian Restaurant


Brick oven Pizzeria 407-483-7031 215 Broadway, Kissimmee 20% off on your order

if you show this ad @madeinitalykissimmee

“Healthy Choice in Your Own Home”

Rated 4.0 STARS based on Medicare Quality of Patient Care 5-Star Rating

Services Include:

Skilled Nursing • Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy • Speech Therapy Medical Social Worker • Home Health Aide

MICHOL B. SANCHEZ, BSN, RN ADMINISTRATOR Tel: 407.286.3460 • Fax: 407.286.3750


7081 Grand National Dr, Ste 101 • Orlando, FL 32819 CHAP Accredited/Medicare Certified FL STATE LICENSE HHA #299993207


Tu nueva tienda de envios en Kisimmee, Nos especializamos en envios a


407-507-0784 LUNES A VIERNES

Victor Julio Amaro, Realtor

Cell: (407) 467-6641 vjamarof@gmail.com

Purchases • Sales • Rents • Residential

Se Habla Español

Thinking of Buying or Selling Real Estate?



betsybretonrealtor@gmail.com • betsysellsfloridahouses.com

• Florida Military Specialists

• Accredited Buyer’s Representative

• Investor’s Specialist

• Foreclosures and Short Sale Certified

• New Home Co-Broker

3032 Dyer Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34741 Hablo Español





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