The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ May 29, 2016

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The Most Holy Body

and Blood of Christ

May 29, 2016


Please pray for our parishioners who are sick and suffering that they may know the embrace of Christ’s healing love.

Adita Claire, Bob Corley, Jesse Fuette, Fr. Dustin Gorell, Pete Hanley, Walt Heim, Jean Holt, Sharon Kielty, Marjorie Lane, Tom Martinez, Julia Matos, Sal Miceli,

Wan-da Mower, Ray Ostertag, Dalton O’Sullivan, Alice Rosaire, Arlene Schober, Louise Shipman, Paula and Dan Stilling, Mary Stryker, Lee Tucker, Vince Unsinn,

Niloo Vahid, Cathy Westover

We are updating our prayer list and have removed names which have been on the list for some time. Please call the Rectory to have someone

included on the Prayer List.

May all our deceased Parishioners rest in the

loving arms of God, especially: Vince Unsinn Elizabeth Kusick Jeannia Trujillo Mass Intentions May 28 to June 5

Day Time Intentions Priest

Saturday 5/28 9:00am 5:00pm 7:00pm Alice Lemos + Jean Tice + Special Intention NH BC ME Sunday 5/29 8:00am 10:00am 12 Noon

Phillip, Brandon and Sean Heiman (L) OLL Parishioners

Alberto Astete +

BC NH ME Monday 5/30 9:00am Joyce Calanchini (L) ME

Tuesday 5/31 9:00am Frank Derner + NH

Wednesday 6/1 9:00am Brian Costello (L) Thursday 6/2 9:00am Barbara Burke +

Friday 6/3 9:00am Vassar and Reich Families (L) and + Saturday 6/4 9:00am 5:00pm 7:00pm Mike Doolittle + Louise Sciutti + OLL Parishioners Sunday 6/5 8:00am 10:00am 12 Noon Eileen Costello + Esther Mears (L) OLL Parishioners

BC: Fr. Brian Costello ME: Fr. Manuel Estrada NH: Fr. Neil Healy


Rev. Brian Costello Ext.227


Rev. J. Manuel Estrada EXT 230

Parochial Vicar Rev. Neil Healy

In Residence EXT 233

Rev. Mr. Alex Madero, Deacon Patrick Reeder EXT. 234

Parish Manager Office Staff Erin Troy EXT. 222

Allen Shirley EXT. 236 Our Lady of Loretto School

Mrs. Kathleen Kraft, Principal 415-892-8621

Parish Religious Education

Amy Bjorklund Reeder, Dir. Grades 1-6 Kathleen Pitti


Sandro Garcia Grades 1-3 en Espanol

415-897-2171 ext.225 Annie Troy, Dir. Youth Ministry

and Confirmation 415-897-2171 ext.277


Mass Times

Monday—Friday 9:00 am Saturday 9:00am 5:00 pm (Vigil Mass) 7:00 pm (Spanish Vigil Mass)

Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12 Noon Spanish Mass

Eucharistic Adoration Every Friday 9:30am-5:00 pm Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturday3:00pm-4:00pm Rosary Monday—Thursday after 9am Mass and 5:30pm

Friday after 9am Mass and at 5pm Sunday at 3:00pm


Please contact the Rectory- Catechesis Required


Please contact the Rectory at least 6 months in advance

Our Lady of Loretto St. Vincent de Paul Society


Visit us on the Web E-mail us: Pailhe, Oliver Ritchie, Kaylee Rodriguez, Andres Rodriguez, Kelsey Skinner, Emmet Suarez, Nary Tarantino, Giulia Tarantino, Siena Troy, Jacob Viloria, Christine Vollert, Lucy Walsh, Riley Baldino, Matthew Berringer, Grace Bishop, Nicholas Blackman, Caitlyn de Surville, Lilienne Ermio, Maleah Camille Finnegan, Erin

Garbarino, Gianna Lee, Lara Marie Marvier, Ryan Mellor, Isabella Miles, Andrew




Dear Friends,

About a month ago, I got a call from Father Ray Reyes, the Vicar for Clergy in the Archdiocese. Much to my surprise, ray told me that Father Manuel would be leaving OLL on July 1st and would become the new associate pastor at Holy Angels in Colma. Even though Father Manuel’s time with us was brief, I want to thank him for his two years of service at OLL.

We will be getting a new part time associate by the name of Father Juan Manuel Lopez. Father Juan comes to us from St. Anthony’s Parish in Menlo Park. Some of you might remember Father Juan: he was here for his pastoral year in the Seminary with Father McCain. Father Juan will be three days here and three days at the Church of the Assumption of Mary in Tomales. On behalf of the parish, I want to welcome Father Juan and hope that his stay here with us will be a happy one.

I wanted to tell you this a month ago, but I was told by Father Ray to embargo this information until he got back to me. Father Ray got back to me last Monday, thus the announcement.

The celebration for Deacon Alex on Sunday, June 19th, Father’s Day, after the 12 Noon Mass, will now be a double goodbye for Deacon Alex and Father Manuel. If you can’t make it to the Mass, please plan on coming to the reception.

For the Past Three Saturday’s, we have had First Communions. About 150 of our young people re-ceived the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time. On this Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, let us remember our own First Communion and how special we felt when we received Jesus for the first time in our life. Wouldn’t it be great if we had that same special feeling once again? For those going to the 8am Mass, Ben Hayes will be receiving his First Communion. Congratulations Ben!

As most of you know, I will be leading a pilgrimage to Italy for the Canonization of Mother Teresa. The pilgrimage will last 11 days (September 1st through September 11th). Besides the Canonization Mass with Pope Francis, we will be in Rome for six days to see all the holy places. We will also visit Assisi, Lore-to, San Giovanni, Grotto of St. Michael, Pompeii, and Sorrento. The cost of the pilgrimage is $4,000. A itin-erary for the pilgrimage can be found by the doors of the church. If interested, please see me.

Go Warriors! Go Sharks! Happy Corpus Christi Sunday !


First Reading — Melchizedek, the king of Salem and a priest of God Most High, brought out bread and wine and blessed Abram (Genesis 14:18-20). Psalm — You are a priest forever, in the line of Melchizedek (Psalm 110).

Second Reading — Paul gives his description of the institution of the Eucharist (1 Corinthians 11 to the crowd about the kingdom of God and then feeds them with five loaves and two fish (Luke 9:11b-17).


Jesus’ words “This is my body” and “This cup is the new covenant in my blood” were only part of his table blessing. Jesus twice said: “Do this in remembrance of me” (1 Corinthians 11:24, 25).

This is the good news of today’s solemnity. Like the five thousand hungry souls, we are fed by our Lord. This is not food that satisfies for only a short time, until the next meal. It is food that lasts and changes us. It is food for sharing in much the same way as Melchizedek did when he brought bread and wine to the returning Abra-ham.

As children of God’s reign, we are blessed to be able to receive and share God’s gift. And we do so in the way most appropriate to our state in life—as parents, children, husbands, wives, or religious.


Parish Religious Education English Program

First Communion Class

Ailin Zempoalteca Allan Fernandez Amari A. Zepeda Amy Rodriguez Andres Garcia Andy C. Rodas Andy Melendez Angel Rico Ramirez Ariana Plascencia Bryan Avalos Christopher Rodriguez Daniel Gonzalez Dulce Camacho Dylan Hernandez Dylan Melendez Erika Gallardo Fernando Zaragoza Francisco Melendez Frida Gonzalez Gabriel Gutierrez Genesis Vasquez Isac Flores Janet Rivera Jennifer Godoy Jessica Salgado Johann Almaraz Carlos Corona Juan Jose Solorzano Lisavet Barajas Loreli Cifuentes Maria Real Morco Flores Ricardo Garcia Roberto Caamal Rodrigo Chavez Samantha Armenta Samuel Camacho Sarahy Munuz Stephanie Bautista Uriel Torre Yasmin Nieto Yuritzi Sanchez

Parish Confirmation Program Newly Confirmed Teens of 2016




This Week at OLL

May 28—June 5

Sun. The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Second Collection for SVDP


Tue. Helping Hands Prayer Group—1pm—Church Al-Anon—Convent – 7:15pm

Wed. Our Lady’s Prayer Group—Church—7:30pm

K of C Meeting—Hall—7:30pm

Thurs. Choir—Church—6:30pm

Fri. Adoration—Chapel—9:30pm to 5:00pm Sat. Cenacle—Chapel—9:30am

Sun. 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Esta semana en OLL

28 Mayo — 5 Junio Domingo: El Cuerpo y La Sangre de Cristo Segundo Collection para SVDP

Martes: Helping Hands Grupo de Oración

por la Iglesia-1pm JPC Discipulados—Capilla del Convento –7pm

Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro-Chapel-6pm Al-Anon-Convento - 7:15 pm

Miércoles: Nuestra Señora Grupo de Oración- Capilla– 7:30pm

Ensavo del Coro-Espanol—Iglesia—7pm Jueves:

Viernes: Adoration—Chapel—9:30pm to 5pm Sab: Cenacle—Chapel—9:30am

Domingo: Decimo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

Golf News: Have you seen the Youth Ministry Golf Tour-nament Sponsor board in the front vestibule of the church? Do check it out! Consider be-ing a sponsor and help us fill the rest of the board with a golf ball bearing your name or business. Chip in to make the 12th Annual Youth Ministry Golf Tournament the most successful yet! Thank you!

From OLL Confirmation & Youth Ministry:

Check out our bulletin board in the back of the church to see what our OLL teens were up to this past school year! Summer updates & schedules will be posted there as well. Our next OLL YM Thursday will take place on June 16!

Teens interested in golfing in or working at our 12th

An-nual YM Golf Tournament should call the youth ministry office for more information. Lots of service hours are available to those who want to get a jump on their volun-teer requirements for next school year (both school AND Confirmation!)

WORK OPPORTUNITIES: OLL YOUTH MINIS-TRY will be sending 25 young people to this year’s Steubenville San Diego conference this Summer from July 29-31. We need your help getting there and we’re willing to work for it! While we will be fundraising in the

months to come, each family is responsible for contrib-uting $400 – this works out to be about 2/3 of their total trip cost. We have already had requests from parishion-ers looking to hire out yard help, set-up/clean-up for events, etc. If you have any opportunities for our teens, please contact the youth ministry office.

(; 897-2171 x277) Thanks! If you

are interested in learning more about what our teens will experience during this powerful weekend, please visit and click on the “Steubenville San Diego” tab.


Las palabras de Jesús “Esto es mi cuerpo” y “ Este cáliz es la nueva alianza que se sella con mi san-gre” fueron sólo parte de su consagración. Jesús dijo dos veces: “Hagan esto en memoria mía” (1 Corin-tios 11:24, 25).

Esta es la buena nueva de la solemnidad de hoy. Como las cinco mil almas hambrientas, somos ali-mentados por nuestro Señor. Este alimento no satis-face sólo por un corto período de tiempo, hasta la próxima comida. Es un alimento que dura y nos cam-bia. Es un alimento para compartir de la misma for-ma que lo hizo Melquisedec cuando presentó pan y vino a Abram a su regreso.

Como hijos del reino de Dios, tenemos la dicha de poder recibir y compartir el regalo de Dios. Y lo hacemos de la manera más apropiada a nuestra cir-cunstancia en la vida –como padres, hijos, esposos, esposas o religiosos.


Primera lectura— Melquisedec, el rey de Salem y

sa-cerdote del Dios Altísimo, sacó pan y vino y bendijo a Abram (Génesis 14:18-20).

Salmo — Tú eres sacerdote para siempre (Salmo 110 [109]).

Segunda lectura— Pablo da su descripción de la

institu-ción de la Eucaristía (1 Corintios 11:23-26).

Evangelio— Jesús habla a la multitud sobre el reino de

Dios y luego la alimenta con cinco panes y dos pescados (Lucas 9:11b-17).

AGUAS CALMADAS En aguas calmadas, todo barco tiene un buen capitán.


Queridos amigos,

Hace aproximadamente un mes, recibí una llamada del Padre Ray Reyes, el Vicario para el Clero de la Arquidiócesis. Para mi gran sorpresa, rayo me dijo que el padre Manuel sería dejar OLL el 1 de julio y se convertiría en el nuevo pastor asociado en Santos Ángeles en Colma. A pesar de que la época del Pa-dre Manuel con nosotros fue breve, quiero darle las gracias por sus dos años de servicio en OLL.

Nos va a obtener un nuevo asociado a tiempo parcial por el nombre del padre Juan Manuel López. El padre Juan nos viene de la Parroquia de San Antonio en Menlo Park. Algunos de ustedes pueden re-cordar el padre Juan: él estaba aquí por su año pastoral en el Seminario con el padre de McCain. El padre Juan será de tres días aquí y tres días en la Iglesia de la Asunción de María en Tomales. En nombre de la parroquia, quiero dar la bienvenida a Padre Juan y espero que su estancia aquí con no-sotros será feliz.

Yo quería decirle esto hace un mes, pero me dijeron por el Padre Ray al embargo de esta infor-mación hasta que volvió a mí. Padre Ray volvió a mí el pasado lunes, por lo tanto el anuncio. La celebración de Deacon Alex el domingo, 19 de junio Día del Padre, después de la misa de las 12 del mediodía, será ahora una doble adiós por Deacon Alex y el padre Manuel. Si no puede asistir a la misa, por favor planear en llegar a la recepción.

Durante los últimos tres sábados, hemos tenido las primeras comuniones. Alrededor de 150 de nues-tros jóvenes recibieron el Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo por primera vez. En esta Fiesta del Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo, recordemos nuestra propia primera comunión y lo especial que sentimos cuando recibimos a Jesús por primera vez en nuestra vida. ¿No sería genial si teníamos la misma sensación especial, una vez más? Para los que van a la misa de 8am, Ben Hayes va a recibir su primera co-munión. Felicidades Ben!

Como la mayoría de ustedes saben, estará al frente de una peregrinación a Italia por la canonización de la Madre Teresa. La peregrinación tendrá una duración de 11 días (1 de septiembre a septiembre 11º). Además de la misa de canonización de Francisco, estaremos en Roma durante seis días para ver todos los lugares sagrados. También vamos a visitar Asís, Loreto, San Giovanni, Gruta de San Mi-guel, Pompeya, y Sorrento. El costo de la peregrinación es de $ 4,000. Un itinerario de la peregri-nación se puede encontrar por las puertas de la iglesia. Si está interesado, por favor vea mi. Van los WARRIORS! Van LOS SHARKS!

Feliz domingo de Corpus Christi! padre Brian





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