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Academic year: 2024

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DEREK RAKE TRADE Last Updated: 3/15/2021

Anything in Red, I do not have and will accept for trade

Anything in Black, I do have and can provide in exchange for a red item 1. Shogun Method

a. Rake Rules

b. Shogun Method Scientific Proof c. Married Game 101

d. Emotional Investment 101 e. Self-Mind Control 101 f. Lying Bitch

g. How to use Mind Control on your Ex h. CovertTalk

i. Female Psychology 101 j. QAT: Quick Attraction Trigger k. Manipulation Black Book (MPP) 2. ReSeduction 2.0

a. Dark Triad Enslavement 101 b. The T-Factor

c. C.L.E.A.N Protocol d. ReSeduction: Aftershock e. Four case studies (MPP) 3. SM3: Shogun Method for Married Men

a. Forbidden Chapter b. Marriage Troubleshooter c. WCCA Cycle

d. Ground Zero (MPP)

e. Stoicism for Married Men (MPP) 4. Shogun Sequences Handbook Vol1

a. Notes from the Field Vol1 b. HypnoVoice

c. Delivery Mastery Vol1 5. Shogun Sequences Handbook Vol2

a. Notes from the Field Vol2 b. Jewel Coding Sequence c. Verbal Dominance d. Masculine Voice Hacks

e. Delivery Mastery Vol2 + Five Additional Shogun Sequences (last day on earth, sell my heart, boyfriend ruiner, tears in the rain, don’t say a word)

6. Dark Rapport

a. 3 Shogun Sequences b. Seven Magic Words c. Two Chapter Preview d. The Secret Language

e. Concise Guide to Flirting (MPP) 7. Intrigue Black Book

a. Asshole Game


b. Chrono-Fractionation

c. SAS: Shogun Approach Strategy d. Humor Attraction Playbook e. Date Optimizer

f. Shogun Cues (MPP) 8. Truth Extractor

a. Advanced Dread Game: Gut Mirroring

b. 12 Warning Signs of a Female Sociopath (MPP) 9. Shogun Method Black Book Volume 1

a. Trust Hacking (MPP)

10. Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2 a. Social Power Handbook (MPP) 11. Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3

a. 7 Hot Questions

b. Social Shogun Guidebook c. Gaming Celebrities (MPP) 12. Shogun Method Black Book Volume 4

a. Shogun Method Antibiotic Nuke b. Invulnerability Principle

c. Shogun Sequences Bonus Pack: Misdirection, Inoculation, Open Loop, Reverse Friend Zone, Three Connectors (MPP)

13. Shogun Sequences Booster Five a. Delivery Mastery Booster Five 14. Barnum Manuscript

a. Dread Game 101 b. #1 Obstacle to Mastery

c. Enslavement Anchoring (MPP) 15. Texting On Steroids 2.0

a. Enslavement Protocol (MPP)

b. 3R Protocol (MPP) (MIGHT BE THE SAME AS ENSLAVEMENT PROTOCOL) 16. Shogun Sequences Over Text Vol1

17. Shogun Sequences Over Text Vol2 a. Sexual Tension 101

b. How To Make A Woman Psychologically Addicted To You 18. Online Dating Playbook 2.0

a. Facebook Messaging Hack b. 5.TXT – Five Texting Sequences c. Numb3rs Game

d. Shogun Tinder Strategy (MPP) 19. Boyfriend Destroyer System

20. Alpha Male Activator 21. SonicSeduction

a. Bonus Module 22. ConversationalSeduction

a. Email Seduction Formula b. Ten Conversation Bullets c. Humor Seduction Guidebook 23. Dark Rake Method

24. Cougar Seduction System


25. SeductionOnSteroids a. Trust Talk Technique 26. Daily Shogun

a. All 100 entries eBook (MPP) b. Daily Action Workbook (MPP) 27. Derek Rake Insider Labs

28. MKDELTA Manuscript

a. Rapport Builder Pattern: Emotion Path

29. Shogun Mindbombs (Role Reversal, Frame Control, Mental Fortitude) a. Advanced Future Projection

b. Emotional Addiction 2.0 30. Old Rare Stuff

a. Deadly Seduction 2.0 (How to seduce out of your league) i. 10 Commandments of the MACK

ii. Alpha Body Language iii. Companion Guide iv. Covert Control

v. Dance Floor Game vi. DivineSex

vii. Flake Protector System viii. Online Game

ix. Strippology x. Tease to Please b. Younger Women Game c. Asian Attraction

d. Mr. X’s Player’s Guide for Seducing Women e. Mr. X’s 15 Tactics

f. Mr. X’s Lost Tapes g. 3DATES2SEX

h. 11 Mistakes Newbies Make with Shogun Method i. Online Dating Playbook 1.0

j. ReSeduction 1.0

i. 3 deadly breakup lies

ii. How to use ConversationalSeduction to get her back k. Texting On Steroids 1.0

i. Joe’s Text Transcript l. Zengasms

i. Leaked Chapter Preview m. Seduction Mindbomb 1

n. Deadly Seduction Manuscript o. 15 Fractionation Principles p. 5 Solutions Vol 1

q. 5 Solutions Vol 2 r. HOT Technique s. Flirting Playbook t. The Seducer’s Vault u. Coffee Date

v. Action Checklist Collection w. Shogun Method Cheat Sheet


x. Goal Achiever System y. October Man Sequence 1.0 z. To Mastery in 30

aa. High on Sextacy bb. Food Supplements cc. Black Rose Method dd. Rake Letter


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