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Seoul National UniversityGwanak Residence Halls


Academic year: 2022

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Seoul National University Gwanak Residence Halls

Gwanak Residence Hall Application Guideline

for Exchange students


q This is an Application Guideline of 2017 Gwanak Residence Halls residency for Incoming Exchange Student of S.N.U Gwanak Campus in 2017 Fall.

m Important Schedule

Ⅰ Application

q Application Period

m 2017.7.3.(Mon) 10:00 ~ 2017.7.7.(Fri) 18:00

(Available 24 hours during the above designated application period)

q How To Apply

A. Visit My_Snu Portal or Gwanak Residence Halls Homepage.

(Choose one of these two options)

My_Snu Portal

- Access to My_Snu Portal site

※ The students who got their ID number can join the My_snu portal.

- Procedure

http://my.snu.ac.kr → Click New User → Agree all terms of use & policy

→ Fill out all needed information for join(In the Resident registration number field, you can fill out your birth date and 1000000 or 2000000.

(e. g. ①Male=901212-1000000, ②Female=901212-2000000) → Get Authentication by E-mail → Log in → Dormitory(Residence Hall) → Application

- You can check your acceptance result/waiting number only through My_snu portal, so you should complete the above join procedure.

Gwanak Residence Halls Homepage

- Enter the Gwanak Residence Halls Homepage a) Korean: http://dorm.snu.ac.kr

b) English: http://dorm.snu.ac.kr/eng

→ Log in using the follow informations

Schedule Date

For all applicant

1. Application period 2017. 7. 3.(Mon) ~ 2017. 7. 7.(Fri) 2. Announcement of waiting list number 2017. 7. 17.(Mon) 11am

3. Announcement of the accepted waiting

list number(1st round) 2017. 7. 31.(Mon) 11am 4. Registration(1st round)

<Document submission & Payment>

2017. 8. 1.(Tue) ~ 2017. 8. 4.(Fri) 10:00 ~ 17:00 (During the period)


B. Complete the application form.

C. Click the ‘application’/‘신청’ button.

D. Log out.

q Note

m Fill in the every blank.

m Ever blank should be filled. If you don’t have any information to fill in, then just write “None”

q Tip for Application

m There is no foreign address in the application page so just search any address in Korea such as 봉천동, and then put your home country address in the detail address box.

If you are a foreign student, there will be no problem to complete the application even if your post address is in Seoul. Also, finish your parent’s address in the same way.

q Other Notices

A. Choosing Building Type

• Choose one of the below options(For Undergraduate)

Ⓐ Buildings available during breaks (919~926, regular buildings) : Residents who plan to remain in the dormitory during summer/winter breaks may apply. However, residents cannot choose the building (Bldg. 919, 921~926). They are selected and assigned randomly.

※ Residents of‘Buildings available during breaks’may also temporarily move-out during breaks. Remaining during breaks is optional

Ⓑ Building unavailable during breaks (906, new building) : Only residents who will not remain in the dormitory during summer/winter breaks may apply. Can only apply upon agreement of‘restriction on residency during breaks’. We will place higher priority on residents who have solely applied for ‘building unavailable during breaks (906)’ when selecting residents.

Ⓒ Both : Will be applied for Ⓐ and Ⓑ. However, residents cannot choose the building (Bldg. 906, 919, 921-926), as they are selected and assigned randomly.

Residents that apply for ‘both’ and are selected for ‘building unavailable during breaks (906)’ may not remain in the dormitory during breaks. Can only apply upon agreement of this fact.


B. Waitlist Number

- Applicants that chose Ⓐ or Ⓑ: will be given a waitlist number for only the room type that the applicant chose

- Applicants that chose Ⓒ: will be given waitlist numbers for both Ⓐ and Ⓑ.

However, residents must move-in to either Ⓐ and Ⓑ according to which waitlist number is announced first, and cannot choose between the two.

• Choose one of the below options(For Graduate) Ⓐ Regular Building(Bldg 918) Single room

Ⓑ New Building(Bldg 900~905) Single room Ⓒ New Building(Bldg 900~905) Double room Ⓓ Both: Choosing all of them

- The applicants who chose Ⓓ Will receive the waiting list number both of Single and Double. In case of the acceptance, applicants cannot choose the building type. The rooms will be assigned randomly.

- You must move into the room type of the first passed number among your all waiting listed numbers.

Ⅱ Announcement of the waiting list numbers

q Announcement date

m 2017.7.17.(Mon) 11:00, Gwanak Residence Halls

q Waiting list number lookup instructions

m How to check

a) Gwanak Residence Halls Homepage → Click the banner labeled ‘온라인 입사 신청’

→ Log in → Click ‘입사신청현황 조회’ → Click ‘결과 확인’ → Log out b) http://my.snu.ac.kr → Log in → Dorm → Search the waiting list number → Log out

m Announcement of the accepted waiting list number

(This schedule can be changed depending on the circumstances) a) First round

- Announcement: 2017.7.31.(Mon) 11:00


b) Second round

- Announcement: 2017.8.7.(Mon) 11:00

- Registration period: 2017.8.8.(Tue) ~ 2017.8.11.(Fri), 10:00 ~ 17:00

m If your waiting list number is accepted to enter the dorm, building and room will be randomly assigned. Soon after announcement of waiting list number, students must complete documents submission and payment. Please prepare required documents in advance. After the completion of the third round of announcement, supplementary announcement will be announced on every Monday at 11:00 at Gwanak Residence Halls Homepage.

After announcements on every Monday, you should complete the following registration procedure during those week.

m Students who wish to enter for SNU dormitory in 2017 Fall semester must complete the below steps during the designated period.

1. Online application → 2. Check waiting list number → 3. Check the Result → 4. Registration → 5. Move-in

Ⅲ Registration: Documents submission & Payment (Only applies for the accepted students)


For proper completion of the registration process, you must submit both the required documents(Passport copy, Medical certificate which is included Chest X-ray result and the Measles Vaccination Report) and the housing payment during the designated period. Failing to submit both of the requirements within the specified time period will be considered as a renunciation of given housing assignment and therefore the assignment will transfer to a student on the waiting list.


By following the guideline from the Ministry of Education and the Administration for Disease Control and Prevention, the Vaccination Report for Measles was added to the main submission documents. The successful candidates must prepare the Medical certificate and the Vaccination Report for Measles as well. Please check details for the Vaccination Report for Measles in the attached file.


q Submission of Required Documents


Required documents: A copy of passport & A medical certificate.

a) A copy of passport which shows your ID Photo, Birthday and Signature

b) The medical certificate should include Chest-X ray result and Vaccination Report for Measles, Doctor’s signature, Issuing date and Hospital address. (Should be written in English or in Korean)

c) The medical certificate should be issued within 6 months from the official move in date.(Aug 27th)

m Documents submission Instructions

a) Registered Mail : The required documents must be sent via DHL, EMS or any other registered mail to the following address before the deadline.

[Official address]

Bldg #900, Gwnaksa Administrative Office, Seoul National Univ.

Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Zip code: 151-742)

b) Personal drop-off: Gwanak Residence Hall Administrative office, Bldg.900 1st floor.

c) The documents can be submitted by other person.

※ Documents sent via registered mail MUST arrive at least a day prior to the announced deadline. Therefore, we recommend you to send all documents from your country at least one week before registration date.

※ Keep a scanned medical certificate, just in case.

q Dormitory Fee Payment

m Choose one of the following two options

a) Pay to the virtual account number(Typical way)

• My_snu portal webpage → Academic affairs → Dormitory → Gwanak Residence Halls → Print or Check the bill

• After print/check the bill and Transfer dorm fee to the one of virtual account number

b) Transfer the dormitory fee to following bank account.

(Incoming Exchange students mainly use this way. You may also pay to your


to the virtual accounts from overseas.)

- Name of Bank: Shinhan Bank

- Swift Code (Routing Number): SHBKKRSE - Account Number: 140-009-864293

- Account holder: Seoul National University, Gwanaksa

- Address of Bank: San 4-1, Nakseongdae-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul,

Korea (Tel +82-2-886-6431)

• When transferring, please enter your name in sender’s field.(Do not enter the others)

• There will be amount of differences because of the exchange rate and extra charge from the banks. Those differences will be calculated when arriving in Korea

with Korean currency.

• Payment must be received in the above account before the deadline.

• Please transfer the fee and the required documents as soon as possible right after you check your acceptance result since it normally takes more than a week from overseas. There will be no extension of Registration period.

• If you feel your documents submission & payment are late, you can send the receipt of payment which can prove you transferred your dorm fee to our account before the deadline and also your copied documents as well by E-mail. In this case, you should send the E-mail at least until 5pm on the deadline date. The E-mail arriving after 5pm won’t be accepted. (The registration period for 1st round is from Aug 2th to 5th)

Ⅳ Move in

q Official move-in date

m 2017.8.27.(Sun) 09:00~18:00, (After Aug 27th : Only weekday 19:00 ~ 23:00)

q Move-in procedure

m Visit the RA(Resident Advisor) office located on the 1st floor of each building - Verification of Identify

- Receive a card key or register a blood vessel system - Item inspection

- Completion of move-in


q Attend Gwanak Residence Halls Orientation

m There are lots of essential contents related with your residency in dorm so you must participate this orientation or the online orientation.

q Additional Information

m Check Gwanak Residence Hall Webpage frequently. Gwanak Residence Hall do not contact the candidates about the result and other notices personally. Students have to check the result by themselves through the webpage.

m Please find Gwanak Residence Hall regulation and other information like refund policy, facilities and etc. on our webpage.

‣ Gwanak Residence Halls contact information

- Address: Bldg #900, Gwanak Residence Hall Administration Office, Seoul National University Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. (Zip code: 151-742)

- Webpage: http://dorm.snu.ac.kr - E-mail: kth1004@snu.ac.kr - Tel: +82-2-881-9011


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