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Ending Project

Tatystefan Ortiz

Academic year: 2022

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General objective:

show my acquired skills and demonstrate how I have been improving my skills to perform better

Specific goal:

further improve my skills, organize my ideas and teachings to continue improving, study more to continue acquiring more knowledge about the

subject taught and investigate to be able to continue learning more




about how nonconformists move the world and how having a good idea makes you original

originality is a quality of having a unique and singular characteristic

imagine new things that change the status quo to make your visión

a reality

but bringing great ideas to the world requires will and courage and

overcoming the fear of taking initiative

originals look at what others see as normal and find another way to do it they don't take no for an answer and are willing to

move on and accomplish their goal

being original does not imply being the first but being different and

better and when it comes to producing

ideas it is better to have many for better creativity for a greater

probability of success


How I developed this Project

For the realization of this project I gave myself the task of reading the

original book in order to understand the main objective that gives another way of

understanding the book was to investigate to better understand how to be original and that helped me a lot to get the main idea

Job Description

What I will do is show the project that I have carried out and make known all the skills


Self appraisal

1: which chapter do you like the most?

The chapter that I liked the most is the second because it talks about how we should make the best decisions to develop an original idea and taking risks and

criticism at the same time

2: who and why is your favorite original person My favorite original character is leonardo da vinci because he was a great inventor and a great artist


3: what ideas did you like the most between chapters two and eight?

What I liked the most was knowing how to be original how to have a good idea and the goal of creating something new and at the same time useful and interesting that allows us to evolve and put aside the past to focus on the future to be original you must be persevering and patient because if some people think that your idea is bad there will be others who support you and believe in you so that you become successful

4: Which of the people described in this book do you admire the most? And because

The character that I admire is Albert Einstein because he was one of the most recognized physicists in the world who developed the famous Theory of Relativity that

revolutionized the science known until the 20th century

5: do you think you are pessimistic or optimistic?

And because

I think I am optimistic because I always see the positive side of things and my ideas are always focused on

achieving my goals.


6: what's your message

When we decide to be original and follow the road less traveled, we don't let the opinion of others discourage us

Conclusion: the book

the book: I found it very interesting because making known how to be an entrepreneur will help you take the initiative to want to start a project that changes your life


Having good ideas requires a lot of effort and work, the muscle of creativity grows according to the stimulation that we apply to it.


Adam grant A.M first published in the United Kingdom by WH Allen,2016,

activity in class

https://puzzel.org/es/crossword/play?p=- NC3Wz9S0Szl1fBllRXr


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