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The Most Holy Trinity June 12, 2022


Academic year: 2022

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St. Pius Roman Catholic Church

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The Most Holy Trinity June 12, 2022

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11 Saturday St. Barnabas

12 Sunday The Most Holy Trinity

13 Monday St. Anthony of Padua

7:00 pm Women's Club Board Meeting (HC) 7:30 pm YLI Meeting (HC Sr Rm)

14 Tuesday St. Albert Chmielowski 7:00 pm St. Vincent de Paul Meeting

(C1-Conf Rm)

15 Wednesday St. Marguerite d'Youville 16 Thursday St. John Francis Regis 17 Friday St. Joseph Cafasso

10:00 am Senior's Meeting & Mass (HC Sr Rm) 3:00 pm Divine Mercy Chaplet (Adoration Chapel)

18 Saturday Weekday

3:30 pm Individual Reconciliation (Church)

June 11 - 18, 2022

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pastoral and administrative staff parish groups

Masks are recommended indoors.


from the pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the liturgical calendar these past weeks, we have celebrated Pentecost Sunday and today we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity. In understanding the nature of the Trinity, the relationship between the Father and the Son, and the fruits of their love, the Holy Spirit, it is fitting to reflect as well on the Feast of the Visitation celebrated on May 31st.

A significant manifestation of the meaning of Trinitarian love comes to life in a very human, earthly context in the person of Mary. Mary’s “Fiat” or “Yes!” to the divine plan for her unfolds in a Trinitarian exchange between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mary acknowledges the depths of God’s presence in her life. There is an articulation of the dimension of humility and profound unworthiness expressed by both Elizabeth and Mary in Luke’s account of The Visitation.

Elizabeth asks, “How does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord, should come to me?” The first time John the Baptist acknowledged the presence of Jesus, he leapt for joy in his mother’s womb.

For her part, Mary recognized the role God had asked her to play in salvation history. She spoke of the Spirit dwelling within her, that even in her lowly servanthood, God’s Will be done through her poverty and openness to His plan for her.

“The Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name.” Then, in the beauty and richness of the Magnificat, Mary delineates how the Spirit confounds the human understanding of how things ought to be and how, in the fullness of the grace God had bequeathed to her, she was chosen to have a significant place in the divine life.

The Venerable Servant of God, the late Archbishop Fulton J.

Sheen, in his book The World’s First Love: Mary, Mother of God (Ignatius Press) wrote, “It is remarkable how Mary begins her Magnificat with her personal experiences and soon passes on to identify herself with the whole human race. She looks ahead and sees what the effect of the birth of her Son will be to the world, how it will improve the whole condition of human life, how it will free the oppressed, feed the hungry, and assist the helpless. And when she said these words, her Son was not yet born - although one would think, from the joy of the song, that He was already in her arms. She is singing here a song of pure faith about something certain to happen because God will make it come true, not predicting the mere revolution of blind material forces.

There is an intrinsic antagonism between her revolution and any other, because hers is based on the true psychology of human nature. Hers is based on the existence of an immense want, so serious and so imperative that every honest heart must crave for its satisfaction. Happy are they who experience, within themselves, the expelling of pride and egoism, and in whom spiritual hunger is fed - who discover, before it is too late, that they are poor, and naked and blind, and who seek to clothe themselves with the raiment of grace that her Son brings.”

When reflecting on the Trinity, the human intellect can easily get caught up in a state of confusion. Asserting human, physiological logic, one is led to ask the question: How is it possible to get three distinct persons out of one mass of matter? Given this reasoning, it would make sense that confusion might ensue. The Catechism of the Catholic Church offers us an explanation that is understandable and which illuminates the true essence of the Trinity.

(continued on page 6) (continúa en pág. 6)

Queridos hermanos y hermanas,

En el calendario litúrgico estas últimas semanas hemos celebrado el domingo de Pentecostés y hoy celebramos la Santísima Trinidad. Para comprender la naturaleza de la Trinidad, la relación entre el Padre y el Hijo, y los frutos de su amor, el Espíritu Santo, conviene reflexionar también sobre la Fiesta de la Visitación celebrada el 31 de mayo.

Una manifestación significativa del significado del amor trinitario cobra vida en un contexto terrenal muy humano en la persona de María. El “Fiat” o “¡Sí!” de María al plan divino para ella se despliega en un intercambio trinitario entre el Padre, el Hijo y el Espíritu Santo. María reconoce la profundidad de la presencia de Dios en su vida. Hay una articulación de la dimensión de humildad y profunda indignidad expresada tanto por Isabel como por María en el relato de La Visitación de Lucas. Isabel pregunta: “¿Cómo me sucede esto a mí, que la madre de mi Señor venga a mí?” La primera vez que Juan el Bautista reconoció la presencia de Jesús, saltó de alegría en el vientre de su madre.

Por su parte, María reconoció el papel que Dios le había pedido que desempeñara en la historia de la salvación. Ella habló del Espíritu que moraba en ella, que incluso en su humilde servidumbre, la Voluntad de Dios se hiciera a través de su pobreza y apertura a Su plan para ella. “El

Todopoderoso ha hecho grandes cosas por mí, y santo es su nombre”. Luego, en la belleza y riqueza del Magníficat, María delinea cómo el Espíritu confunde la comprensión humana del deber ser de las cosas y cómo, en la plenitud de la gracia que Dios le había legado, fue elegida para ocupar un lugar significativo en la vida divina.

El Venerable Siervo de Dios, el difunto arzobispo Fulton J.

Sheen, en su libro The World's First Love: Mary, Mother of God (Ignatius Press) escribió: “Es notable cómo María comienza su Magnificat con sus experiencias personales y pronto pasa a identificarse con toda la raza humana. Ella mira hacia adelante y ve cuál será el efecto del nacimiento de su Hijo en el mundo, cómo mejorará toda la condición de la vida humana, cómo liberará a los oprimidos, alimentará a los hambrientos y ayudará a los desamparados. Y cuando dijo estas palabras, su Hijo aún no había nacido, aunque uno pensaría, por la alegría del canto, que ya estaba en sus brazos. Ella está cantando aquí un canto de pura fe sobre algo seguro que sucederá porque Dios lo hará realidad, no prediciendo la mera revolución de las ciegas fuerzas materiales.

Hay un antagonismo intrínseco entre su revolución y cualquier otra, porque la suya se basa en la verdadera psicología de la naturaleza humana. La suya se basa en la existencia de una necesidad inmensa, tan grave y tan imperiosa que todo corazón honesto debe anhelar su satisfacción. Felices aquellos que experimentan, dentro de sí mismos, la expulsión del orgullo y del egoísmo, y en quienes se alimenta el hambre espiritual; quienes descubren, antes de que sea demasiado tarde, que son pobres, desnudos y ciegos, y quienes buscan revestirse de las vestiduras de gracia que trae su Hijo”.

Al reflexionar sobre la Trinidad, el intelecto humano puede caer fácilmente en un estado de confusión. Haciendo valer la lógica fisiológica humana, uno se ve llevado a hacer la

pregunta: ¿Cómo es posible obtener tres personas distintas de una masa de materia? Dado este razonamiento, tendría sentido que pudiera surgir confusión. El Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica nos ofrece una explicación comprensible que ilumina la verdadera esencia de la Trinidad.


prayer and worship

This Sunday’s Readings Proverbs 8:22-31;

Romans 5:1-5;

John 16:12-15 (  =deceased; INT=special intention)

Saturday, June 11 5:00 pm June Marie Lim  Sunday, June 12 8:00 am Brendan Crockett 

9:30 am People of St. Pius 11:30 am Javier Roman  5:00 pm Donald Rottinghaus 

Monday, June 13 8:00 am George & Helene Firenze  Tuesday, June 14 8:00 am Garrett Mitchell   

   

Wednesday, June 15 8:00 am Harriet & Bill Trice 

      

Thursday, June 16 8:00 am June Marie Lim 

Friday, June 17 8:00 am Rudolf Szuster 

Please pray for our sick, that Jesus be a source of strength and

comfort for them.

Names are automatically removed after 30 days; please call the Parish Center

to add a name to this list.

Stephanie Carrillo Presita Condrott

Joe Cornish

Edmundo Cortes Alan Cremers Francesco DiFede John Hernandez

Susan (Renstrom) Klass

Anita Martin Fr. Bill McCain Rachel Moody

Sr. M. Michele O'Connell, PBVM Elisa Reyes

Lisa Sawyer Fe Segura Thank you to the

St. Pius Environment Committee for a beautiful Pentecost altar.

Congratulations to Fr. Jerald Geronimo and

Fr. Gerardo Vazquez on their ordination to the


May God continue to bless them and strengthen them

in their vocation.


prayer and worship

Rev. John F. Giambastiani, S.J.

Rev. James Carmody Rev. Benedict Chang Rev. Daniel Kendall, S.J.

Rev. Msgr. Vincent F. McCarthy Rt. Rev. Msgr. John McGarr Rev. Sean Corcoran, C.S.Sp.

Rev. John J. Hayes Rev. Rene J. Gomez

Rev. Simon Scanlon, O.F.M.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Millett Rev. Robert E. Coffey

Rev. Oliver Kehrlein, S.J.

Rev. Salvador Jocson

Most Rev. Roland Pierre DuMaine Rev. Msgr. John J. Healy

Rev. William Ahlbach Rev. Thomas J. Hughes, S.M.

Rev. George M. Salbeck, S.D.B.

Rev. Fergus Lawless, O.F.M. Cap.

Most Rev. James J. Sweeney Rev. Ronald A. Burke Rev. William A. Hanley, S.J.

Very Rev. Msgr. Howard M.

Rasmussen, VG Rev. Kirk J. Ullery

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Henry J. Lyne Rev. James T. Campbell, S.S.

Rev. Edwin B. Kron, C.S.P.

Most Rev. John R. Quinn Rev. Robert L. Hurst, S.J.

Rev. John G. O’Connell Rev. Kenneth M. Westray, Jr.

Most Rev. Dominic Tang, S.J.

Rev. John P. Kavanaugh Rev. Harold E. Ring, S.J.

Rev. Zygmunt Dobkowski Rev. Charles F. Guenther, S.J.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Bowe, JCD

In this month of June, on the anniversary of their deaths, please remember in your prayers the priests of the

Archdiocese and those priests who have ministered here.

May we commend them to God’s tender mercies and thank them for their priestly ministry to the People of God. Please also continue to pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

“For the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.”

The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ Corpus Christi

Sunday, June 19, 2022

10:00 am Bilingual Mass followed by Eucharistic Procession in the

St. Pius neighborhood (no 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 5:00 pm Masses)

Congratulations to the

St. Pius Catholic School Class of 2022!

The Parish Community of St. Pius Catholic Church congratulates all those graduating from elementary school, middle school, high school,

college and post graduate programs.

Blessings on you as you make the next step towards your future!


from the pastor (continued)

“Being a work at once common and personal, the whole divine economy makes known both what is proper to the divine persons and their one divine nature. Hence the whole Christian life is a communion with each of the divine persons, without in any way separating them. Everyone who glorifies the Father does so through the Son in the Holy Spirit;

everyone who follows Christ does so because the Father draws him and the Spirit moves him.” [#259, CCC]. By the term “divine economy,” the Church simply means God’s plan for salvation for the human person.

The words spoken by Jesus in today’s Gospel of St. John reminds us of how we are so fundamentally dependent upon God for our very being. So often, given our human nature, it is easy to fall into the temptation to see any talent or gift as coming from some special or unique aspect of our

personalities. Self-satisfaction and self-aggrandizement can become how we see ourselves in relation to others and the world. What helps to guard us against falling into this trap is to pray, to continually look to the source of all our being, God, and to see whatever gifts and successes we enjoy as God’s gifts to us.

Jesus himself always explicitly stated that the truth he spoke came from God and that such a truth would be revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. This interconnectedness between the three persons of the Trinity connotes a mutual dependence and surrender of the self so that the other may be revealed. There is a complete giving of self: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit express a unity that is unbreakable and which offers to us an example of what it means to be fully alive, to be all that God desires of us. Proverbs expresses this truth: “The Lord possessed me, the beginning of his ways…”. This term

“possessed” connotes being overcome or overtaken. God possesses us, makes us complete by His love, expressed in the Incarnation, His Son; the Holy Spirit completes that

possession by infusing us, guiding us, with grace as we trod this earthly pilgrimage until we are united in the fullness of glory in Heaven.

We pray that the “Trinitarian motif” will guide us in our community life, helping us to be more authentically Christian.

May our motivations be rooted in a genuine call to “service to others.” We are truly blessed here at St. Pius to be a

community of faith guided by sacrifice manifested in so many ways. The generosity expressed in financial support,

enthusiastic giving of our many talents in parish activities which strengthen and embolden our family of faith. As we enter these summer months, may we take this time to take stock of all that has taken place and refresh and renew us for all that the Lord has in store for our future.

Archbishop Cordileone has announced the appointment of a new parochial vicar come July 1st. We welcome the priestly ministry of Father Antonio DeGuzman. I look forward to working collaboratively with him in service of our parish family. I would also like to thank Father Maurice for his time with us and wish him well as he pursues further studies as the request of his local bishop.

“Siendo una obra a la vez común y personal, toda la economía divina da a conocer tanto lo que es propio de las personas divinas como su única naturaleza divina. Por tanto, toda la vida cristiana es comunión con cada una de las personas divinas, sin separarlas en modo alguno. Todo el que glorifica al Padre, lo hace por el Hijo en el Espíritu Santo; todo el que sigue a Cristo lo hace porque el Padre lo atrae y el Espíritu lo mueve”. [#259, CCC]. Por el término “economía divina”, la Iglesia simplemente se refiere al plan de salvación de Dios para la persona humana.

Las palabras pronunciadas por Jesús en el Evangelio de San Juan de hoy nos recuerdan cuán fundamentalmente

dependemos de Dios para nuestro propio ser. Muy a menudo, dada nuestra naturaleza humana, es fácil caer en la tentación de ver cualquier talento o don como proveniente de algún aspecto especial o único de nuestra personalidad. La

autosatisfacción y el autoengrandecimiento pueden convertirse en cómo nos vemos a nosotros mismos en relación con los demás y el mundo. Lo que nos ayuda a protegernos de caer en esta trampa es orar, mirar continuamente a la fuente de todo nuestro ser, Dios, y ver los dones y éxitos que disfrutamos como dones de Dios para nosotros.

Jesús mismo siempre declaró explícitamente que la verdad que decía venía de Dios y que tal verdad nos sería revelada por el Espíritu Santo. Esta interconexión entre las tres personas de la Trinidad implica una dependencia mutua y una entrega del yo para que el otro se revele. Hay una entrega completa de sí mismo: el Padre, el Hijo, el Espíritu Santo expresa una unidad que es inquebrantable y que nos ofrece un ejemplo de lo que significa estar plenamente vivos, ser todo lo que Dios quiere de nosotros. Proverbios expresa esta verdad: “El Señor me poseyó, el principio de sus caminos…”. Este término

“poseído” connota ser superado o superado. Dios nos posee, nos completa por su amor, expresado en la Encarnación, su Hijo; el Espíritu Santo completa esa posesión al infundirnos, guiándonos, con gracia mientras recorremos esta

peregrinación terrenal hasta que estemos unidos en la plenitud de la gloria en el Cielo.

Oramos para que el “motivo trinitario” nos guíe en nuestra vida comunitaria, ayudándonos a ser más auténticamente cristianos. Que nuestras motivaciones estén enraizadas en una genuina llamada al “servicio a los demás”. Somos

verdaderamente bendecidos aquí en St. Pius por ser una comunidad de fe guiada por el sacrificio manifestado de tantas maneras. La generosidad expresada en apoyo financiero, entrega entusiasta de nuestros muchos talentos en actividades parroquiales que fortalecen y animan a nuestra familia de fe. Al entrar en estos meses de verano, aprovechemos este tiempo para hacer un balance de todo lo que ha sucedido y

refrescarnos y renovarnos por todo lo que el Señor tiene reservado para nuestro futuro.

El arzobispo Cordileone ha anunciado el nombramiento de un nuevo vicario parroquial el 1 de julio. Saludamos el ministerio sacerdotal del Padre Antonio DeGuzman. Espero trabajar en colaboración con él al servicio de nuestra familia parroquial.

También me gustaría agradecer al Padre Maurice por su tiempo con nosotros y desearle lo mejor en sus estudios adicionales a pedido de su obispo local.



Sunday Collections

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 (annual goal) $505,000.00 July 1, 2021 - June 5, 2022 (goal to date) $475,294.08 July 1, 2020 - June 5, 2022 (actual rec'd)* $423,572.86 Sunday Collection - June 5, 2022

Collection for our Parish $ 5,489.00

*includes electronic contributions to May 31, 2022

2022 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal Campaign $113,069.00 2022 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (received) $ 49,864.00 Campaign Goal less payments received $ 63,205.00

We welcome Fr. Samuel Musiimenta, a representative from the Diocese of Fort Portal (located in the western region of Uganda), who

will be speaking at the weekend Masses.

In the Fort Portal Catholic Diocese, elephantiasis is an overwhelming health issue and plans are underway to build a hospital to help the people

afflicted with the disease.

Please open your hearts and your wallets to help Fort Portal residents receive treatment for this

debilitating problem.

Thank you for your generosity.

2nd Collection this weekend June 11 & 12 Fort Portal Catholic Diocese

2022 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal

“As I have done for you, you should do also.”

~ John 13:15 We are $63,205 away from our Campaign of $113,069.

Thank you to those who have already given and if you have yet to give, please go to sfarch.org/AAA and donate now! Every amount helps!

Each year the Archbishop asks our support for the Archdiocese of San Francisco through the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (AAA). The gifts received through the Appeal are able to support ministries, programs and services at a level that an individual donor or individual parish would not be able to by itself. You can find the complete list of the Appeal's benefits

on the Archdiocesan web site sfarch.org/AAA.


parish teens community life


The Return of the St. Pius Festival!

Friday, September 30 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm Saturday, October 1 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Sunday, October 2 11:30 am to 5:00 pm with

Mass at 10:30 am

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Festival!

Bringing back the Games, Rides, Live Music, Car Show, Raffle and more!

Car Show: Saturday, October 1st

Do you own a classic car and want to participate?

Applications being accepted at pius.org/festival.

For more information contact StPiusCarShow@gmail.com.

The Festival is not possible without the help of many volunteers/parishioners.

For more information on how you can help, please reach out to the festival planners at festival@pius.org.

St. Pius


Congratulations to the 8th grade students who received 2022 scholarships from our St. Pius Parish Community!

Recipient of the St. Pius Men’s Club Ernie Falk Scholarship:

Jayden Avelar who will attend St. Francis High School Recipients of the St. Pius Women's Club Scholarship:

Rebecca Welte who will attend Notre Dame High School Recipient of the St. Pius Saint Cup Scholarship:

Dominic Oteiza who will attend St. Francis High School Best of luck to all our 2022 graduates!

St. Pius Teen Club

8th Grade graduates & High Schoolers - Come for Mass, come for fun!

Save the Dates!

Sunday, June 26th - Giant's Game*

Saturday, September 17th - ON FiRE Norcal Jam @ Six Flag's*

During the school year, the Teen Club gets together twice a month to enjoy Mass, dinner and an activity. We have great things planned for next year, this year we've visited the

Winchester Mystery House, had a couple of pool parties, mini golfed, bowled, watched some movies and hosted a poker tournament.

During the summer months, we plan to meet June 26, July 10 & August 7 while still seeing each other at Mass on Sundays at 5:00 pm.

*Visit pius.org/teenclub for information on upcoming events.


faith formation

St. Pius Children's Faith Formation 2022-2023

Registration Open Sacramental Preparation - First Holy Communion

Preparation for First Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist is a one year program open to current 2nd graders and above St. Pius parishioners who have been registered and participating in our parish for at least 6 months.

St. Pius School 2nd graders receive preparation in the classroom.

Ongoing Faith Formation

You, as parents and guardians, are the primary faith educator of your child, as it is within the family that children come to know God's love. St. Pius is here to support you and your family in your child's ongoing faith development because the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is not the end of their Faith Journey. In this way, they will

be better prepared to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

This program is for children grades 3-7 who have already received First Holy Eucharist.

Sacramental Preparation - Confirmation

Confirmation is the last of three sacraments of initiation that one receives. The sacrament is closely linked to Baptism in that it confirms one's faith and bestows the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Confirmation program is a one year program open to current 8th - 12th grade St. Pius parishioners who have been registered and participating in our parish for at least 6 months.

St. Pius School 8th graders receive preparation in the classroom.

For information and registration for all above programs, please visit pius.org/cff.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

For children ages 3 through 1st Grade. Every Sunday during 9:30 am Mass.

Drop your child(ren) off at the Parish Center by 9:20 am, attend Mass, and return afterwards for pick up. No registration necessary.



Our parish has a FORMED subscription.

To set up your free account visit pius.formed.org


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